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11 Joe Rogan Quotes to Help You Conquer Your Life and Be the Hero of Your Own Movie

When I first launched the Knowledge for Men podcast back in 2013, before people even knew what a podcast was, Joe Rogan was one of the primary “virtual mentors” who influenced my journey and style. Founded in 2009, Joe’s own podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the longest-running podcasts in history. When he […]

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How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally and Beat Premature Ejaculation for Good

If you’re anything like most men, you never received a real “sex education.” Sure… Your high school health teacher probably scared you into believing that one kiss would result in Herpes or AIDS… …And you probably discovered plenty of positions and fantasies from frequent porn use as a young man. But chances are, you never […]

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The Antidote to Chaos: 13 Jordan Peterson Quotes that Will Make You a Better Man

Considered by many to be the modern man’s “Virtual Father”, Dr. Jordan Peterson jumped into the public light almost overnight. His opinions on feminism, free speech, masculinity, and philosophy have garnered both praise and ridicule and turned the formerly quiet Professor of Psychology from the University of Toronto into one of the most divisive characters […]

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7 Ways To Be More Masculine and Manly in a Hyper Feminine World

We live in a world caught between two extremes. In one breath, we eschew and vilify masculinity and traditionally “manly” virtues, labeling them as “toxic” and detrimental to society. Yet in another, we revel in them. Subconsciously pining for a resurgence in traditional masculinity. We are enamored with the classically masculine archetypes that proliferate in […]

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How to Move on From an Ex Girlfriend and Get Over a Girl You Loved

I couldn’t breathe. My knuckles were white as I clenched the steering wheel of my beat-up Honda with all of the strength I could muster. “How could she do this to me!” I screamed. “I loved her so much…can’t she see how much this hurts?” Earlier that day I’d met up with my girlfriend for […]

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What is Oneitis and How To Eliminate This Toxic Mindset? Play in new window | DownloadTell me if this sounds familiar… You’re out with your circle of friends, enjoying food and drinks after a long day at work and chatting about the economy, politics, sports, and ex-lovers. Then…you see her. Standing across the bar, sporting a tight blue dress that perfectly accentuates every curve […]

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Mankind Project Review: Is the New Warrior Training Worth It (Or Is It an Outdated New Age Movement?)

Long before Knowledge for Men, The Game, the Red Pill, or any of the other modern men’s movements, a single organization emerged with a mission to train and empower men to live their best lives. The ManKind Project. Founded in 1985 by Rich Tosi, Bill Kauth, and Ron Hering, ManKind Project and their New Warrior Training […]

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What it REALLY Means to Be a Beta Male (And Why Beta Male Behavior is Detrimental to Society)

Almost everything you’ve ever heard about what it means to be a “beta male” is dead wrong. Beta males are not always… The unsocial and shy introverts that no one wants to talk to. Scrawny gamers and “loser” nerds who can’t talk to women. Lazy, unambitious, and financially destitute men who flip burgers at McDonald’s. […]

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How to Stay Grounded in the Midst of Chaos (7 Dead Simple Strategies)

The most defining moments of your life will be dictated by one thing… Your ability to stay grounded in the midst of chaos.  When your life is spiraling out of control…when nothing is working and it feels like the universe is conspiring against you, it’s easy to fall into a dark pit. To be controlled […]

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How to Be an Alpha Male: The 15 Habits You Must Develop to Be More Alpha

Want to learn how to be an alpha male? How to be more masculine? How to be the man you’ve always wanted to be? Then you’re in the right place. In this article, I’m going to unveil the 15 habits of alpha males that you must develop to unlock your full potential as a man and live […]

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9 Alpha Male Traits You MUST Develop to Become Your Best Self and Live a Legendary Life

What does it mean to be an alpha male? What are the key traits that separate alpha males from the betas? How can you develop your alpha personality and eradicate the toxic beta male traits from your life? In this guide, I’m going to set the record straight and break the false narratives of what […]

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I Hate My Life: Simple Strategies to End Hopelessness and Self Loathing for Good

I Hate Myself and I Don’t Know Why or What To Do If you’re overwhelmed by feelings of self loathing and hopelessness, I have good news. You’re not alone and there’s nothing wrong with you. Despite the fake smiles and exaggerated lifestyles that proliferate your social media feeds, hating your life at times isn’t just […]

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The 27+ Best Joe Rogan Podcasts of All Time that You Must Listen To

Joe Rogan has become something of a household name with hosting the UFC fights and Netflix stand up comedy specials. But what started more than a decade ago as nothing more than a comedian getting high with friends and recording his authentic, unfiltered and thought provoking conversations has quickly become one of the most watched […]

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define existential crisis

The Ultimate Guide to Overcoming an Existential Crisis in Modern Society

The mass of men in modern society are in the throes of a deep existential crisis. It’s not hard to see how this plays out: 17.3 million Americans suffer from depression according to Depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide Two thirds of suicides are caused by depression 40 million American adults suffer […]

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Ben Feder: One Man’s Journey from the Boardroom to Bali and Back Play in new window | DownloadBen Fedder is the former CEO of Take 2 Interactive, the video game company responsible for producing Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2k, Max Payne, and many others. He’s now is a senior executive at Tencent, the Chinese global conglomerate that owns WeChat and dominates China’s internet-related media and technology industries. […]

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