Alpha Male Coaching: How to Maximize Your Alpha Game and Unleash Your Potential

alpha male coaching

Have you ever wondered what sets successful men apart from burger flippers? Bill Gates become a world-changing phenom with Microsoft and not just another tech geek slaving away in the soul-sucking cubicles of Seattle. Gandhi had the power to sway the minds of all of humanity and irreversibly alter modern political philosophy. Michael Jordan became … Read more

10 Best Ways to Become the Man You Want to Be

be the man you want to be

Most men never reach their potential. They fall short of who they want to be and live mediocre lives. Even the “best” of us — the ones standing at 6’4, walking around with washboard abs, a beautiful girlfriend by their side, working high-paying jobs, and meeting all the typical standards for “a good life” — … Read more

Redefining Manhood: The Best Books on Masculinity for Men of All Ages

man reading masculinity books

The world of men is in disarray–it doesn’t take a genius to see it. Wives are sleeping alone at night. Children are growing up without fathers. Family, as we have known it for so long, is falling apart. And for what reason? Men don’t know how to be men anymore. They don’t know their place … Read more

8 Proven Ways to Increase Masculinity and Become Irresistible to Women

increase masculinity and become Irresistible

Your masculine energy is one of the most powerful things you can tap into as a man. As men, we are expected to live by some code. We are supposed to be strong, bold, and kind; most of all, we’re supposed to lead the people around us. As men, you’re supposed to be, well, masculine. … Read more

Signs of Fragile Masculinity, How It Ruins Relationships and How to Deal With It

fragile masculinity ruins relationships

Fragile masculinity destroys men’s lives. Some people think that the opposite of ruthless, aggressive, “toxic masculinity” is healthy masculinity, but it’s not. The opposite of toxic masculinity is weak, fragile masculinity. Though fragile masculinity is less frequently discussed than toxic masculinity, I’d argue that the effects of fragile masculinity are actually more difficult to overcome … Read more

Signs of Toxic Masculinity and How it Ruins Relationships

toxic masculinity ruins relationships

High-quality relationships don’t happen accidentally — they take hard work and energy. If you’re in the wake of loads of failed relationships, ask yourself if you are the problem. Chances are, you may not realize that you’re displaying signs of toxic masculinity.  Toxic masculinity has the power to shake the foundations of even the most solid … Read more

9 Masculinity Traits That Change Boys Into Men

masculinity traits that separate men from the boys

Masculinity is at a crossroads; now, more than ever, men are confused by what it means to be a real man. Traditionally, masculinity wasn’t something society bothered to question. Before the concepts of gender identity, toxic masculinity, and male dominance entered the conversation, masculinity was easily defined. A man’s ability to protect, provide, and procreate … Read more

The Setup by Dan Bilzerian Book Review

Inside Dan Bilzerian’s new book, The Setup he takes you on a rollercoaster ride through his early childhood, Navy Seal BUDS class, two hell weeks, extreme poker gambling, and endless sex and drug fueled debauchery inside mega yachts, private jets and supermodels around the world. I will walk you through the Setup book’s core contents, … Read more

Knowledge For Men Reviews

Reclaim Masculine Power, Create a High Quality Romantic Relationship and Become the Strongest Version of Yourself Knowledge For Men offers a coaching program after conducting 400+ interviews with experts and coaching 1000s of men over the last decade to transforms ordinary men into leaders of men like clockwork, the type of high value men who … Read more

Alpha vs Beta vs Sigma Male: Understanding the Different Male Personality Types

alpha male personality

Am I an alpha male? A beta male? A sigma male? A bazinga male? Few areas of the “manosphere” garner more attention or ridicule than the concept of the male personality type. Specifically, the idea that a man’s way of being in the world can be reduced to little more than some Twitter-fueled version of … Read more

How To Be Dominant in a Relationship And Improve Your Love Life

how to be a dominant man

Modern man is faced with a difficult conundrum: We want to be dominant in our relationships but, for many guys, the fear of ‘masculine toxicity’ holds us back. The old-school male role in relationships has become obsolete. We are no longer the breadwinners, the protectors, the men of the house. The rise of feminism has … Read more

11 Joe Rogan Quotes to Help You Conquer Your Life and Be the Hero of Your Own Movie

best joe rogan quotes

When I first launched the Knowledge for Men podcast back in 2013, before people even knew what a podcast was, Joe Rogan was one of the primary “virtual mentors” who influenced my journey and style. Founded in 2009, Joe’s own podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the longest-running podcasts in history. When he … Read more

How to Last Longer in Bed Naturally and Beat Premature Ejaculation for Good

male masturbation techniques

If you’re anything like most men, you never received a real “sex education.” Sure… Your high school health teacher probably scared you into believing that one kiss would result in Herpes or AIDS… …And you probably discovered plenty of positions and fantasies from frequent porn use as a young man. But chances are, you never … Read more

The Antidote to Chaos: 13 Jordan Peterson Quotes that Will Make You a Better Man

jordan peterson quotes to change your life

Considered by many to be the modern man’s “Virtual Father”, Dr. Jordan Peterson jumped into the public light almost overnight. His opinions on feminism, free speech, masculinity, and philosophy have garnered both praise and ridicule and turned the formerly quiet Professor of Psychology from the University of Toronto into one of the most divisive characters … Read more

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