Sexual Market Value: What it Is and How Men Can Increase Their SMV

Confidence, physique, looks — what exactly determines a man’s ability to attract women? 

Is Sexual Market Value (SMV for short) determined at birth, or can it be changed? 

And what about other factors, like socio-economic status or age? 

How do these peripheral traits influence a man’s SMV? Is there a clear-cut formula for gauging a man’s SMV, or is it an abstract concept?

Today, I’ll be answering all those questions — and more — so that you can embrace your full potential and attract more high-quality women into your life. 

Can SMV Really Be Changed?

The first thing you need to understand is that specific characteristics are given to you at birth, which determine how sexually attractive you are to the opposite sex. 

If you’re six-foot-two with high cheekbones and a defined jawline, you’ll have an instant advantage over many other men. 

That said, a man who knows how to amplify and optimize his god-given traits will have infinitely more success than a man who doesn’t. 

One of the many perks of being a man is that there are many different ways to be considered “attractive.” 

Some women like the nerdy, intellectual type. Some women favor a man with an athletic body. And there are even those who want the “dad bod.” 

Men look at women’s individual traits when determining whether they deem a woman to be attractive or not. If a woman checks off enough boxes on a man’s list, the man will consider that woman attractive. 

While women also do this, they also tend to look at the entire package when considering what a man can offer her. 

So, if you want to raise your SMV, do your best to consider the overall package that you bring to the table and what you can offer a woman. 

In other words, what can she get from you that she can’t get from another guy?

Here are nine things you should focus on to create a comprehensive package that will make you more attractive to the opposite sex. 

1. Create An Irresistible Face By Maximizing Your Strengths

One of the most important factors determining a man’s SMV is his face. Faces are the first thing people notice and what initially grabs our attention. 

Now, if you’ve never considered yourself a “good-looking guy” or think your appearance is average at best, all is definitely not lost. 

Researchers from the University of Bristol have found that clear skin is one of the most important factors determining a man’s attractiveness to women — even more than masculine facial features. 

Of course, it’s no secret that many men completely neglect their skincare. If this sounds like you, it’s time to devote some time and energy to your pores. 

It may be difficult for a man to change his bone structure or facial features without expensive and painful plastic surgery, but clearing up your skin is usually a matter of effort. 

Beyond that, symmetry is king in determining a man’s overall attractiveness. Experiment with different haircuts or beard styles and do what you can to create a more symmetrical facial appearance. 

Again, certain things will be out of your control, but certain things are not. For example, some men have had great success with facial exercises like mewing. 

If you approach the situation with a fixed mindset, you will never see an improvement. Conversely, if you tackle your perceived shortcomings with a growth mindset, there’s no limit on what you can’t achieve. 

2. Sculpt A Body That Speaks Volumes 

One of the easiest things any man can do to raise his SMV is to improve his physical fitness. Scientifically, women are attracted to men that they perceive as being physically fit. 

As I mentioned earlier, what defines physical fitness can vary. Generally, broad shoulders and a narrow waist — the v-shape — are the body types that women find the most attractive. 

But it is not the only option available to you. As I mentioned, some women even prefer the “dad bod,” but I feel this needs some clarification. When a woman says she likes this body type, she usually means it in a way to describe a big, burly man with strong arms and hands. Think of guys like David Harbour, for example. 

One thing women certainly do not like is a man who is not physically fit and who neglects his body. How you get into shape is largely up to you, but you need to make it a point to get into shape. 

Want to be lean and mean? Hit the track, and start doing some pullups and pushups. Want to be muscular like Arnold? Get a gym membership and start pumping some iron. Do you prefer that big and burly physique? Fine. But invest in some dumbbells to add some bulk. 

The point is to do something that shows a priority to physical fitness. I’m not here to tell you that you have to look a certain way, but I will tell you that you need to pay attention to your physical fitness to attract more high-quality women into your life. 

3. Master The Art Of Intimacy 

If you want to enhance your SMV, become a master of intimacy and devote time and energy to learning how to give women what they want in the bedroom. 

Far too many men get lazy in the bedroom. Far too many men refuse to put in the basic effort to satisfy their partners. 

The truth is overall health and well-being are directly related to performance. That’s why investing time and energy to care for yourself is so important. 

Of course, knowing what you’re doing in a physical sense is a large part of it, but there’s more to sex and intimacy than just the physical action. 

Understating the emotional connection, mastering communication, and learning the little nuances of pleasure can help set you apart from the rest of the crowd. 

Just as you would invest time in improving your physical appearance or fitness, invest in learning and practicing intimacy skills. 

Aside from the obvious physical benefits, knowing that you’re good in bed can do wonders for your self-confidence. So whatever you have to do to build that confidence, do it. 

Read, join an online group, or even consider talking to experts if necessary. Remember that the most important person to talk to is your partner; you may be surprised how you can enhance intimacy simply by creating a conversation around it. 

You want to create a deep, meaningful connection that goes beyond the physical. Be considerate of your partner and adapt to meet her needs. Of course, your satisfaction is important, but make it a point to deliver what she craves, as well. 

4. Use Personal Grooming To Refine Your Edge  

No matter how you cut it, women respond to a well-groomed man. And the art of personal grooming holds way more power over your sexual market value than you might imagine. 

You must remember that being well-groomed isn’t just about the aesthetic — it speaks volumes about your personality. 

It tells a woman that you pay attention to detail, take pride in your appearance, and have a unique approach to life. 

When men think of personal grooming, they tend to think of their facial hair or hairstyling and stop there. But really, there’s much more to it than that. 

Do you want to know what women look at most when they’re first scoping you out? How clean your fingernails are. How your breath smells. How your body smells. 

If you have all the pieces in place, you’ll create an aura of sophistication and attractiveness that will be irresistible. Miss one or all of these things, and it’s a huge turnoff. 

As mentioned earlier, skincare is a fundamental yet often overlooked aspect of male grooming. Dry, flaky skin or dandruff is unacceptable, so invest in a skincare routine that resolves these issues. 

Then there’s haircare. You want to pick a style that compliments your face and create a routine of regular haircuts. Not only does this tell your partner that you want to look good for her, but it’s a clear indicator of self-respect. 

Obviously, oral hygiene is non-negotiable. Your pearly whites may be what first grabs her eye, but if your breath leaves her gasping for air, you have a serious problem. 

And always remember the power of scent. Find a cologne that fits your personality and boosts your appeal. And remember, you don’t want to overdo it; the key is subtlety.  

5. Use Your Personal Attire To Amplify Attraction 

What you wear reflects your personality, status, and sexual market value. Understanding the art of attire is crucial for making a solid first impression and optimizing your attractiveness. 

First and foremost, get clothes that actually fit you. No matter what your body type, clothes that fit correctly can significantly enhance your physical appearance. 

When your clothes fit, they accentuate your best features while downplaying the areas you’re less confident about. That doesn’t mean your clothes must be tight or uncomfortable, but they should not be oversized or baggy. 

Remember, what you wear should be a natural extension of your personality. Never wear anything that feels unnatural to you, but at the same time, don’t be afraid to try new things. 

If your wardrobe is causing self-confidence issues, it may be time to donate your existing clothing and bring in some fresh garments. Have you been wearing the same things since college? Maybe it’s time to try something new. 

Try shopping in a store you’ve never been to before. Try experimenting with different colors that complement your skin tone. You might be surprised how these little changes can elevate your look. 

As always, authenticity is the key. Own your look in a way that allows you to exude self-confidence in every step you take. 

Take care to dress appropriately for whatever the occasion may be. Whether you’re having a casual day out with your girlfriend or attending a more formal event, you should always look your best. 

6. Master The Silent Art Of Alpha Male Body Language 

You could be the smoothest talker on the planet, but if your body language doesn’t back up the words coming out of your mouth, you’ll always fall flat. 

Men who master body language can convey confidence and charisma without opening their mouths. Standing tall with your shoulders back and your head held high tells the people around you that you have confidence and presence. 

Not only is good posture good for your physical well-being, but it also makes you appear more commanding, assertive, and inherently more attractive. 

There’s a certain aura that a man exudes when he is the leader of the pack. For example, you look at the lineup of a professional sports team, and you’ll be able to find the captain just by how he carries himself. 

Then, there’s eye contact. The right amount of eye contact communicates interest and will keep people engaged with every word coming out of your mouth. 

Facial expressions also play a vital role in non-verbal communication. Always be mindful of your facial cues because these are the things that people often notice first. 

People will often find you more approachable and likable if you have a warm, open expression. If you have a stern, stoic expression, some people may find it challenging to engage with you. 

Spacial awareness and gestures are also crucial. If you can respect a woman’s personal space without shying away from appropriate closeness, you’ll put her at ease while creating a more profound sense of intimacy. 

7. Utilize Strategic Positioning To Optimize Your SMV

If you’re putting yourself on the market to attract high-quality women into your life, finding the right environment to meet women who are naturally inclined to find you attractive is crucial. 

If you’re a bodybuilder who spends three hours at the gym daily, trying to attract women who regularly attend poetry readings might be challenging. 

Oppositely, if you’re a bookworm who can’t bench press 50lbs, you shouldn’t search for dates at the gym. 

Put yourself in the places where your ideal partners hang out. Are you unsure where that is, or are you consistently striking out in your usual spots? Try to branch out and find new platforms to showcase what you can offer. 

Attend a networking event, a friend’s party, or a local meetup group. Consider exploring new hobbies or interests that can expand your horizons and introduce you to like-minded women. 

Attend a cooking or dance class if that strikes your fancy. Volunteer for a cause you believe in. As long as you have a genuine interest in the subject, you really can’t go wrong. 

And always remember to leverage your existing social circle. You’d be surprised how many new people you can meet just by scrolling through your contacts list. 

Always put yourself in a position where your sexual market value is on full display. Put yourself where women are interested in what you have to offer. 

8. Use Financial Independence to Develop New Passion

Many men think that the more zeros they have at the end of their bank account, the more marketable they will be with the opposite sex. 

To be honest, wealth is not something that should not be overlooked. Simply put, women are more likely to be interested in you if you have a lot of money. 

But at the same time, financial independence is an equally attractive trait to possess. Women crave security, and by showcasing financial independence (not necessarily loads of wealth), you put your SMV on full display. 

The key to financial independence is investing in yourself. Ask any wealthy individual what sets them apart from the average person, and they will tell you it all comes down to using money to generate more money. 

Make it a point to spend money on things that make you money in return. 

Invest in your career or your skills. Instead of taking a hands-off attitude regarding your job, learn something new that can lead to a promotion or a higher-paying salary. 

The point is you want to show that you’re driven, passionate, and capable of getting what you want. Show that you’re a man who takes the initiative and can create a comfortable, safe lifestyle for his partner. 

9. Build Emotional Intelligence 

Emotional intelligence is the key to any successful relationship — romantic or otherwise. It’s seeing things from the other person’s perspective and expressing understanding through empathy. 

Because even if you’re the most attractive, fit, well-to-do bachelor out there, it will mean little if you can’t connect to women on a deeper emotional level. 

Emotional intelligence relates to things like communication, conflict resolution, and adapting to a relationship’s changing dynamics. These are the things that make or break a relationship. 

Self-awareness is the foundation of emotional intelligence. If you can understand your own emotions, triggers, and responses, you can regulate them. You can control them. You can use them to your advantage. 

Unfortunately, most people cannot do this. They go through life oblivious that their emotions, not logic, are in control. The select few who are grounded and self-aware can maintain their composure under any circumstances. 

And when you are self-aware, your partner will feed off this energy. Remember, the only ones who dictate how your relationship will play out are you and your partner. As one-half of the equation, you influence these relationship dynamics tremendously. 

An emotionally intelligent man is an attractive man. Remember, physical traits can only take a relationship so far. Work on developing your emotional intelligence skills, not only to become a more attractive partner but to be a more understanding individual. 

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