The Dangerous Downward Spiral: How OnlyFans Drains Men’s Sexual Marketplace Value and Slowly Thwarts their Dreams of a Fulfilling Life

While conducting research for this article series, I experienced something unexpected. It all started innocently enough – I had dated or was dating several women who were OnlyFans models, and my curiosity led me to create an anonymous account to see what they were publishing if they were telling me the truth and how far they were willing to go to increase their earnings.

But what I never anticipated was how I would fall victim to the pull of the platform myself. Despite being intimate with these women in real life, I found myself constantly checking in on their profiles, even while eating meals, in traffic or waiting to pick them up for a date. It became a rush, like a drug, that I couldn’t resist to see their next post.

Slowly I became more interested in the virtual version of her on OnlyFans even though I had full access to the real version of her in person. 

But like any drug, the high started to wear off, and I became more and more desensitized to their content. I found myself exploring beyond the models I knew personally for more, and before long, OnlyFans had a vice grip on my attention and energy. Despite my best efforts to exert discipline and willpower, the platform always won.

Eventually, I had to delete the app entirely, but the bitter taste of the experience lingered. As someone who has spent over a decade in the personal development field and has a purpose-filled and exciting life, it was alarming to realize that OnlyFans had the power to capture even my attention and alter my behavior.

If a platform like OnlyFans can have this kind of impact on someone like me, who was regularly intimate with these models, what does it mean for the rest of the male population? What about those who lack direction and fulfillment in their lives or struggle with women and relationships?

It’s a sobering thought that OnlyFans has the potential to alter the course of an entire generation of men, especially for those blind to what’s happening.

Behind the Mask: Exploring the Reality of Men Who Join OnlyFans

The fact that 500,000 users per day (mostly men in relationships) sign up for OnlyFans only serves to illustrate the situation most men find themselves in.

The average man today severely lacks authentic connection, intimacy, and quality sex. And this isn’t just impacting single men but even true for men who are married or in committed long term relationships. 

As I began to date or meet more women who were models on OnlyFans, I noticed a disturbing trend. 

Many men that I knew of or looked up to––men who are married with children––were following them on social media channels and paying for their content on OnlyFans! 

And when I addressed this with the creators I was dating, they shared in my surprise. 

Many of them claimed that up to 80% of the men who followed them, messaged them, and paid for their exclusive content weren’t down in the dumps, 40-year-old virgins who’d never seen a naked woman in real life. 

They were successful, well adjusted, law abiding men with seemingly happy families and stable careers. 

Interestingly enough, many of these women shared that the married and “successful” guys were often the ones sending the dirtiest messages and requesting the most outrageous sexual content. 

And this stuck out to me. 

Because for the past few years, I (like most) dismissed OnlyFans as a lowest-common-denominator platform. 

A place where the lowest of the low congregate to artificially meet needs they aren’t willing or able to meet through other means. 

But I quickly realized that this wasn’t the case at all, which only increased my interest to dive deeper into the rabbit hole to learn more.

The vast majority of the 500,000 daily new sign-ups on OnlyFans are not men who are low status, unattractive or are aimless in life.

In other words, OnlyFans is exerting its influence on the very fabric of society – particularly the middle and upper-middle classes at an alarmingly fast rate.

So what gives? 

Based on my experience coaching nearly a thousand men over the past decade, I believe the pattern is simple. 

Yes, many of these men are outwardly successful.

However, when faced with personal challenges, a readily available and heavily marketed “solution” is conveniently accessible through their preferred social media channels.

It provides an escape from the hard work and pain required to fix the often overwhelming problems they’re experiencing.

From a first principles standpoint, none of these things are new. 

Every generation of men had access to a sexual vice they’d turn to when they wanted to escape the pain of their “real life.” 

Whether it was a mistress in the city, strip club or visiting a prostitute––many men fell prey to the allure of quick hits and escapism. 

But with OnlyFans, the differences are massive. 

Unlike a prostitute, strip club or mistress, it’s inexpensive, accessible from anywhere, and easier to defend on a moral level (even if the defense is ultimately vacuous).  

Paying $10 a month to see nudes and chat with a 19 year old on the internet underneath an alias is far easier, more accessible, and less expensive than men’s historical alternatives.

And just as importantly, it’s easier for men to justify their behavior to themselves and––if they’re caught––their partner. 

They aren’t really physically cheating, right? They’re just subscribing to a content creator’s channel, private messaging her and watching a few adult videos. 

This combination of accessibility, affordability, and defensibility creates the perfect storm for men who are feeling defeated, isolated, and beaten down by the realities of their day to day lives. 

Because OnlyFans––whether intentionally or not––preys on men’s biological hardwiring and core needs for respect, connection, intimacy and sex.

During times of vulnerability, such as after a breakup, during a tumultuous period in their marriage, or when experiencing sexual rejection or career stagnation, men may turn to OnlyFans for solace. In such moments, OnlyFans offers an effortless and artificial means to fulfill their needs for connection and pleasure.

Ultimately, there is no long-term benefit for the user of OnlyFans. The so-called connection and intimacy are nothing but illusions, and the direct message they receive is not actually from the person they crave. The reality is, it’s still pornography and solitary masturbation – a hollow experience that leaves one feeling empty.

In essence, all that’s being purchased is dopamine – no more, no less. It’s no different than an addiction to drugs.

Only the drug dealer lives in your pocket at all times, messages you for more private content and charges nominal sums for your quick fix for a low monthly subscription, and the “substance” you’re buying is completely legal. 

To compound matters, once you’ve added your credit card information to OnlyFans, you’re just one click away from accessing the content of a 19-year-old – an instant gratification that’s hard to resist.

The process is seamless, effortless, and lightning-fast – talk to her, click the buy button, see her nudes, and get the rush. The process is so effortless that it doesn’t even feel like you’re spending money, which can be dangerous.

As a result, many men are hesitant to acknowledge or unaware that OnlyFans is having a significant impact on their lives.

How OnlyFans Impacts Your Sexual Marketplace Value: (Your “SAT Score” in the Relationship Game) 

Let’s skip the politically correct, “You should love me for who I am” spiel. 

Whether we like it or not, every human on the planet has a sexual marketplace value.

It’s the sum of multiple variables that are constantly being assessed by others to answer two simple questions: 

“Is this person a viable sexual partner?”

“After sex, am I going to win with this person?”

Even though we may weigh those variables differently, they’re very real. And they have a very tangible impact on your life––not just your relationships. 

At the most basic level, your sexual marketplace value can be broken down into three primary categories: 

  • Social Status (How others perceive you and who you’ve attracted into your life) 
  • Pre-Selection (Other quality women are attracted to you) 
  • Resources (Personality, physical looks, financial assets, network, etc) 

Although I could write an entire book for men exploring these concepts in greater detail and how to master them (and I did), for the purposes of this article, all you need to understand is this: 

Every action you take either increases your sexual marketplace value or decreases it. There is no neutrality. 

When you work on yourself, your body, your career or business, your network, your mind, your mission, your spirit and your healthy masculine traits––you increase your sexual value in the marketplace. 

When you distract yourself with vices, sedate your pain instead of addressing it, choose comfort over growth, and settle for less than you’re capable of––you decrease your value. 

A man who understands and embraces this truth unlocks a level of power few men will have the joy of experiencing. 

Because he’s able to harness his sexual energy inward to grow rather than expelling out his life force because he’s horny that hour. 

In a “normal” world, having a low sexual marketplace value is nothing more than a mechanism to trigger positive change in life. 

When a man isn’t having the sexual opportunities he desires, he’s driven to improve, to achieve, and to build a bigger life. 

But we no longer live in a normal world. 

We live in a world where men can numb out their pain and artificially meet their needs with the click of a button.

Onlyfans give men a platform to sedate the discomfort they feel and waste their sexual energy on artificial connection and instant gratification instead of using it as fuel for personal transformation. 

And this is true no matter where your sexual marketplace value is right now. 

If you’re single and struggle to meet women, Onlyfans gives you a cop out to avoid facing rejection and developing your social and dating skills. 

If you’re in a relationship or married, Onlyfans gives you a fallback when your relationship is stressful, isn’t working and when challenges arise. 

Before long, it creates a vicious cycle that consumes the man:

Experience pain or discomfort → Numb Out with Onlyfans

As time goes on, even the slightest discomfort or annoyance during the day can drive a man towards OnlyFans in search of pleasure. This creates a negative feedback loop that only exacerbates the problem by providing temporary relief instead of addressing the underlying issues.

And, when you use OnlyFans to numb the pain, it doesn’t simply disappear – it merely dulls the sensation, making it easier to ignore in the moment.

It’s like breaking your arm and relying on painkillers instead of setting the bone. 

Sure, you might feel fine for a little while. But the second the drug wears off, the pain comes back worse than before. 

The bottom line is this: 

Women will always want the man they believe to be their best option (just as men want the women they believe to be their best option). 

And when a man falls into the trap of perpetuating a cycle of distraction and numbing his pain through OnlyFans, he stunts his growth, diminishes his sexual worth, and becomes less likely to reach his full potential or attract high-quality partners.

What makes this even more insidious is that the process typically occurs slowly and unconsciously, often under the guise of a harmless distraction – a feature that makes OnlyFans all the more dangerous and elusive.

The Tragic Progression of the Male OnlyFans User: From Passive Observers to Desperate Consumers

Most men who find themselves trapped in an addiction to OnlyFans didn’t get there by choice. 

It was a slow burn. And they didn’t realize they were on fire until it was too late. 

At first, they were just scrolling through social media, hunting for something to laugh at, joking with friends, and posting their updates.

Then, a stunning young model popped up in their discovery feed. 

She was hot, scantily clad, and obviously had an amazing personality (how can you not be a great girl with a thong like that?) 

So they start following her and visiting her account every time they log into social media. 


They notice that she has an OnlyFans account, where they can see more “exclusive” content.

At first, they resist the pull. 

Something doesn’t feel right. They don’t want to be one of those guys who’s basically paying to look at adult content. It’s probably a scam.

So they leave and move on with their day. 

But after a few more cycles of “Click, feel bad, exit” all it takes is a stressful event to happen during the day that makes that sign up button look more enticing. 

“What the hell” they think. I’m not going to pay for her content. It’s just a free subscription. And so they create an Onlyfans account and subscribe to her free content. 

So now, anytime they login to social, a quick visit to Onlyfans is now accessible in the models bio just a short click away. 

And it goes on like this for days, maybe even weeks. 

Until eventually, they’ve gone through all of her free content (not by coincidence by the model right?). And they realize that they need to pay to see anything that’s worth seeing. 

Because most men have a natural aversion toward paying for sexual content, they leave the platform for a while. 

But with the pull of social media and the stressors of daily life, it’s only a matter of time before the platform draws them right back in. 

Then one day, they decide to sign up for the creator’s lowest tier subscription. 

They really like her. She’s hot. She lives an interesting life. And damn––they really want to see “more”. 

Besides, it’s just $10. It’s not a big deal right? 

The cycle starts to pick up. 

Before long, they’ve consumed all of the paid content she has to offer and so they start messaging and starting a conversation with the model. 

To his amazement, she responds almost immediately and with greater enthusiasm than he has ever experienced before. (As I mentioned in a previous article, many of the most popular OnlyFans models outsource their chatting and promotions to third-party talent agencies, which means that users are often speaking to a male intermediary who is simultaneously chatting with numerous other customers and copying and pasting messages.)

Connection develops, a sense of intimacy is created. And now, he wants to “support her” even more. So he decides to purchase her pay per view content while continuing their conversations.

She’s SO happy. 

So happy in fact, that she asks for a dick pic so she can “rate him.” He obliges and pays for it. She swoons. And sends back a few pics of her own. 

Before long, he’s subscribed to multiple creators, carrying on multiple conversations with them and frittering away hours of his life every day spending hundreds of dollars a month on private conversations and pay per view content.

And until he wakes up to what’s actually happening, the cycle only accelerates and gets worse. 

The point? 

Most men don’t cave to the allure of OnlyFans on day one. 

It’s a slow process. Like a frog in boiling water.

Never realizing that his surroundings are getting hotter and hotter until eventually… his brain is cooked alive without so much as a second thought. 

If this sounds alarming, it’s because it is.

And as we delve deeper into the true ramifications of OnlyFans, the reality becomes even more daunting for men.

The High Price of OnlyFans: How It Slowly Wreaks Havoc on Men’s Lives

1. The Stunting of Men’s Development During his Key Growth Years

A man’s biological desire for sex, validation, and respect from the opposite sex is one of the most powerful forces on the planet.

It has––quite literally––started wars, leveled mountains, invented new technologies, and built empires. 

In his landmark classic Think and Grow Rich, which has sold 100 million copies, author Napoleon Hill labeled “The transmutation of sexual energy” as the tenth step to riches.

The innate desire for connection, intimacy, and sexual fulfillment with an attractive woman is a fundamental and inescapable aspect of a man’s evolutionary makeup.

When you feel frustrated or dissatisfied with your sex life, it’s meant to serve as a motivating force, compelling you to grow, create, conquer, and ultimately become the kind of man who can triumph over adversity.

This, in turn, increases your sexual value, demonstrating to women that you are a capable leader who can provide for and protect a family – all of which makes you more appealing to them.

Your positive attributes translate into higher levels of sexual value in the eyes of women.

Therefore, the strong desire for sex is not a negative thing. In fact, it has been responsible for many of the technological advancements and achievements we enjoy today.

But what happens when you artificially meet this desire and remove the NEED for growth and creation to attract women? 

Stagnation, inaction, and apathy. 

Because human beings are, by their nature, smart yet lazy creatures. 

Don’t believe me?

If I offered you $1 million for ten years of work or one year of work, you’re going to choose one year every single time. 

From an evolutionary perspective, the less energy and effort we have to exert to achieve an outcome, the better. 

We already live in a world where the rise of freely accessible porn has reduced our men’s drive for real world sex––and thus the effort that men exert in other areas of their lives. 

In fact, a survey conducted by the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior suggests that our generation is having 40% less sex than we did just 30 years ago (and that’s data that was released before the pandemic hit). 

And this makes sense. 

Because let’s face it.. 

Becoming the type of man who’s able to attract and keep a quality woman requires a LOT of effort and pain.

It requires you to build a career, be fit, develop social skills, relationship skills, sexual skills and generally grow for the majority of your life…

So if you could get all of the rewards––or an artificial version of those rewards that’s highly convincing to your brain––without the effort and sacrifice… 

Why wouldn’t you? 

And that’s one of the biggest dangers of OnlyFans: 

It causes men to disengage from REAL LIFE and settle for an artificial substitute that requires no growth. 

Even worse implications for men? 

The average OnlyFans subscriber is male between the ages of 18 and 44. The PRIME growth and creation years for man. 

The years where a man should be laying the foundations for his future, building his career, relationships, social network, body, spirit and his mind. 

So that in his later years, he has the foundation necessary to experience more freedom, fulfillment, and joy. 

OnlyFans distracts men from growth during the time where he needs to focus on it most! 

Leading to a generation of “Lame Middle Age Men” who reach their 40s and 50s wondering how the hell things got so bad and living as a spectator.

What’s alarming is OnlyFans hasn’t existed long enough for us to see the long tail consequences of the platform on society. But with the “run of the mill vices” we’re all accustomed to, we’re already seeing this trend in action. 

Look at the masses of men today. Look at the lives they lead. Look at the standards they hold themselves to. 

The average man in the 21st century is overweight, living check to check, stuck in an uninspiring career, chronically distracting himself with vices to get through the day, has a lackluster sex life and is either chronically single or on track for a separation if nothing changes. 

What happens when we have a generation of men who aren’t just distracting themselves with porn, video games, and social media… 

But a platform that layers on two of the most foundational human needs––intimacy and connection. 

Frankly the prognosis is grim. 

And most men are headed on a one way path to destruction and sedation. 

But, hey… your favorite “creator” really likes you! You aren’t like other guys. She means it! 

That’s precisely the peril of OnlyFans.

It capitalizes on your innate desires and instincts, providing an artificial outlet that allows you to satisfy them without putting in the effort and hard work they once required.

Men are not hardwired to spend hours playing video games or binge-watching Netflix.

But as heterosexual beings, they are hardwired to crave connection, intimacy, and sexual interaction with attractive, youthful women.

OnlyFans caters to these desires in abundance.

We already live in a society that offers numerous opportunities for instant gratification, where minimal effort is required to maintain a comfortable existence.

However, with the rise of OnlyFans, the problem has become even more widespread and severe.

2. Distracting Men from Fulfilling their Purpose 

The second challenge that arises from the rapid rise of OnlyFans is that it distracts men from their purpose. 

Because even if you are a high-value man… 

Even if you have an amazing career, a great relationship, a great body, and a thriving social circle

… OnlyFans makes it harder for you to realize the potential you’re capable of. 

On a neurological level, it leads to a rapid increase in dopamine desensitization.

Dopamine is meant to motivate us to take action and reward us when we act on that motivation. It’s the neurochemical that gets released when our brain believes we’ve taken action that’s aligned with our survival, sexual mating and success. 

When our brain is working correctly, we’re highly sensitive to dopamine. 

Every time we engage in activities such as going to the gym, accomplishing a task, having a meaningful conversation, engaging in sexual activity, or making progress in our lives, our brains release dopamine – a chemical that reinforces and encourages us to repeat those actions, leading to an overall improvement in our lives.

But just like social media, porn, and video games, OnlyFans hijacks our neurochemistry and gives us unearned dopamine without the effort. 

And over time, this becomes a dangerous game. 

Because as we engage in vices like OnlyFans more frequently, the dopamine rush that we get from “normal” daily tasks starts to dwindle. 

Why spend days, weeks, or even months working on a career project, learning a new hobby, or investing in your relationship with no immediate reward, when you can have an endless stream of provocative content and instant validation from attractive young women at the click of a button?

How long can you sustain focus on an important task when the Siren’s song of OnlyFans calls out from your pocket every few minutes through social media? 

If you think that Instagram or YouTube is distracting… you haven’t seen anything yet. 

Because, again, OnlyFans is designed to trigger massive dumps of dopamine through a combination of sexual content and artificial connection, something traditional adult websites and social media does not fully do.

As time goes on, a man’s sense of purpose in life often becomes centered around the things that bring him joy and pleasure. In the past, this joy and pleasure were obtained through hard work, skill-building, and achieving goals, which elevated a man’s sexual value in the marketplace.

However, in today’s world of endless instant gratification, the brain can no longer differentiate between the satisfaction obtained through hard work and the quick-hit pleasure of virtual gratification. This shift can impede a man’s growth and development, preventing him from reaching his full potential and ultimately decreasing his sexual value in the eyes of those he desires.

It’s understandable if this sounds like an overstatement.

But just think about the masses of modern men. 

Most men don’t have a purpose. They don’t have a clear direction in their life. Their like a leaf in the wind being blown around by the environment around them.

Instead of recognizing that a man’s natural purpose is to grow, explore, and embrace their unique hero’s journey fully.

Men will hide behind the excuse that “I don’t know my purpose”… And decide to settle for vices until they figure it out (which can last for decades).

This trend is visible in all aspects of life:

  • The man who has been through three divorces and works a job he detests, just to get through the day and drown his sorrows in alcohol.
  • The college dropout who shares a cramped apartment with five other people and works a dead-end low wage job, just so he can afford rent, pot and play video games online until the early hours of the morning.
  • The bitter, middle-aged man who has experienced countless failures and has given up on the idea of a better life, spends his days watching pornography featuring women young enough to be his daughter.

This is the harsh reality that many men face.

Prior vices missed the vital ingredients of connection and intimacy that humans crave. 

But now that men can artificially fulfill those needs, we are playing with human lives and fire.

3. The Bastardization of Intimacy

The third danger that OnlyFans poses to men’s development is that it provides cop outs for real-world relationships and bastardizes a man’s sense of connection with his intimate partner.

Let’s face it: 

Relationships are freaking hard work! 

Sharing your life with another person is never easy 100% of the time. And it requires constant and never ending communication, sacrifices and growth.

Even if you have the “perfect” partner, there will still be times when things are questionable. When you’re facing challenges you’ve never faced before. When you don’t know what to do or how to resolve a specific conflict or issue. 

In a “normal” world, the desire for connection, intimacy, and sex drives you to find a solution. 

Because you don’t want to lose the positive experiences and benefits you receive from your relationship, you quickly learn to develop new relationship skills, make compromises, and put in the work to make things work so you can continue to experience the positive benefits of a loving partner.

But with the rise of OnlyFans… this drive is diminished. 

Why sit down with your partner for a difficult 3-hour conversation that leads to no sex for a week when you can open up OnlyFans and get instant gratification, pleasure and validation? 

And what happens when your partner finds out about all of the models you follow and message with intimately 1 on 1? 

It isn’t like porn where it’s a connectionless video that you just click out of to never view again.

You’re talking with this woman (or at least you think you are). You’re sending messages, sharing fantasies, and carrying on intimate conversations in ways that your partner never thought you would.

It’s far closer to infidelity or emotional cheating than most men care to admit. 

And because of how accessible, biological hardwiring and addicting it is, more and more relationships stand to get damaged by the growth of the platform.

500,000 new users a day and growing to remind you!

We already live in a society where divorce is the rule not the exception. Where families break apart as quickly as they’re built. Where fathers are absent from their children’s lives and emotionally unavailable for their partners. 

So what happens as OnlyFans spreads into the phones of men like a global pandemic? 

The Obsolescence of Modern Men: How OnlyFans is Shaping the Future of Masculine Identity

Men already feel displaced. 

The important rise of feminism in the last 5 decades have left men confused about their place in society, their value and what it means to be a man. 

Even before OnlyFans, women increasingly no longer needed men to provide for or protect them as they can pay their own bills and have a phone with 911 on it. The number of women coming out Bi or lesbian has doubled in the last decade to further reduce male value (source)

Men are left wondering if we’re even needed at all and what role they should play in the future.

And OnlyFans is accelerating this trend. 

1. How OnlyFans Tricks Men Into Bank Rolling their Own Demise 

The men who support models on OnlyFans are, quite literally, funding the decrease of their own value as men. 

Just think about the points I’ve shared.

OnlyFans distracts men from their purpose, desensitizes them to reward, leaves them demotivated, and stunts their desire for change and personal growth. 

Now consider the fact that, if you subscribe to creators on OnlyFans… 

Men are paying to make this happen and helping it grow! 

They would not exist if the money was not there. Not only that, but you’re basically bankrolling the ability for these creators to create such a wide gap between men and women that you’ll make it more difficult to cross.

Just think about it… 

If a woman is earning $30,000 per month on OnlyFans and receiving constant admiration and validation from thousands of men for her every move, what does that mean for your status as a man? How can you expect to offer any meaningful value in such a scenario?

And if you’re already in a relationship? 

What happens when your wife or girlfriend realizes that she can make more money than you? That she could actually live out the 4 hour workweek and be traveling the world better than Tim ever imagined.

What happens when things get hard and she decides that it’s easier to post nudes, play with toys or have sex on camera than it is to work through the frustrating challenges the two of you have… and make even more than both of your combined incomes?

You wouldn’t think this could happen to you but many men are finding out the hard way.

The fact is, there are men reading this who have wives or girlfriends who have friends who are on OnlyFans and are aware of all the money being made on it with minimal effort and it has lifted their eyebrows.

2. The Castration of Modern Men: OnlyFans’ Role in Weakening Masculinity

We are creating a world of weak men who avoid adversity.

Men who hide, sedate, and numb from challenges at every turn. 

The problem is… 

Pain is a necessary ingredient of self development and growth. 

Long term sustainable pleasure, on the other hand, must be earned. 

But with the rise of OnlyFans, man’s ability to mask his pain only increases. 

But pain is a tool that can benefit man. It’s a signal that something isn’t working and that you should take action to change. You should harness that power to go out and create change with relentless action.

Numbing yourself to the pain is a surefire way to live a life of regret soon enough.

It might seem innocent at first. It’s just “one creator.” Besides, you really like her, right? 

But just like a drug, it’s a slippery slope. 

It starts out small and subtle. It doesn’t seem like a big deal. You’re just having fun and checking Onlyfans models, then you get bored of the same ones and start discovering new ones. 

But as time passes and you slide further down the greased chute, it slowly begins to consume more of your time, energy and money.

You start to look forward to it more and more than the hobbies, activities and people in your life, especially when stressed out.

3. OnlyFans: A Costly Obsession with No Long-Term Gains

Even if all other arguments I’ve made so far have fallen on deaf ears, I hope this one won’t. 

All moral and social implications aside, the brutal truth about OnlyFans is this: 

It’s all cost, no long term benefit. 

You’re paying creators and the platform with your time, energy, attention, money and potential… in exchange for what? 

A conversation with Ashleyxoxo?

There’s no real connection. No growth. No lasting relationship. 

What you get from the platform is a quick hit of dopamine and a vice that you’ll have to work on quitting years from now. So why wait until it becomes a habitual problem.

A life where you’re constantly checking into the platform, unable to be present, enjoy the real world, work, and the people around you. 

A life where you’re more excited about the girls on OnlyFans than the women you see with your own two eyes in life. 

A life where your potential, power, and purpose are diminished––if not extinguished––in exchange for an artificial digital connection that in many cases is not even the model, but an outsourced chatter. All of this leads to one final question:

How Does OnlyFans Change the Landscape of Modern Dating and Relationships For Men?

If OnlyFans only had one million users, this would be little more than an interesting hypothetical case study. 

But it doesn’t. 

More than 170,000,000 people use the platform every month––more than the entire male population of the US.

What’s more? 

This growth happened in under five years. 

Meaning that we haven’t even begun to see the impact that OnlyFans––and its impact on both men and women––will have in the coming years. 

The company is generating billions of dollars, growth will only compound with time. 

By reinvesting into more marketing, more addictive user experiences, and new technologies, we can safely assume that OnlyFans is not only here to stay––but that it’s going to be a part of our lives.

It’s similar to the creation of the nuclear bomb. Once it’s been introduced to the world, there’s no going back.

Which leads to the question: 

What does the rise of OnlyFans mean for the future of men and modern dating and relationships? 

Although time will tell the full extent of its impact, there are three major trends I expect to see in the coming years: 

1. The Polarization of the Sexes: How OnlyFans is Contributing to Gender Division

The rise of modern feminism, while originally fueled by a desire for equality, has inadvertently widened the gap between men and women. What started with good intentions has become something entirely different.

In recent years, this movement has often resulted in pitting men and women against each other, ignoring the gender dynamics that existed, and shaming those who desire a more traditional relationship. This has left many feeling marginalized and accused of being misogynistic.

So what happens as more women are able to earn far more than their male counterparts? 

What happens as more men begin to accept this artificial relationship substitute instead of meeting women in the real world, growing as men or investing in their existing relationships? 

With time, this trend leads to further division between the genders. 

The easy money from OnlyFans will draw in more women as they share their exotic lives on social media for validation of their decision. Their earnings will create a sense of entitlement and superiority that may lead them to forgo dating entirely in favor of quick flings, using men for their resources to advance their status with no intent of monogamy.

And their constant exposure to lewd sexual behavior from the men who follow them on Onlyfans will leave them feeling jaded and resentful toward men in the real world (think: Police officers can develop a cynical worldview because of chronic overexposure to the most violent and immoral individuals in society). 

As more women are empowered to earn more than their male counterparts, the perceived value of men decreases. And as more men turn to artificial substitutes for genuine relationships, tensions between the genders escalate.

The result? A society where men and women are more divided than ever before, with each side feeling like they need the other less and less. And while OnlyFans may offer a quick fix of dopamine and pleasure, the long-term effects on our society and our relationships are nothing short of terrifying.

2. OnlyFans and the Slow Disintegration of the Traditional Family Unit

According to multiple studies (here, here, and here), the vast majority of OnlyFans users are married men, (which surprised me as I assumed it was mostly single men who lacked female companionship).

In tandem, other studies have shown that more than 76% of women consider their partner having an OnlyFans account as an act of betrayal. 

Meaning that somewhere in the range of 100,000,000 are engaging in a virtual form of infidelity––likely on a daily basis without their partner knowing.

The implications of these findings can’t be overstated enough.

With divorce rates hovering around 50% and nearly 25% of children living in a home with only a single parent (source), our society is already facing a familial crisis and the traditional family structure is in grave question.

Studies have shown that parental separation dramatically increases incidences of low academic performance, criminal behavior, and substance abuse in children––and thus encourages that behavior into adulthood and passes this lifestyle onto their future children.

So what happens when hundreds of millions of men are virtually “cheating” on their partners through Onlyfans? And what happens when this number doubles or triples in the next few years?

When the masses of married men and fathers––who are supposed to be the leaders of their families––opt for a shallow and vacuous form of “connection” and instant gratification instead of pouring their energy into their wives and children? 

Divorce rates will rise. Children will suffer. And the mental health and stability of an entire generation may decline as a result. 

Again, we’re already seeing this trend in action. 

Depression, drug abuse, and gun violence are reaching historic highs. 

But what happens when we project this trend into the future and consider the impact of OnlyFans being accessible on every man’s phone in an already troubled society?

The picture gets grimmer by the month. 

3. OnlyFans: The Trojan Horse to Topple Masculine Power

The struggle of men and masculinity predates OnlyFans. 

It’s been happening for decades, yet people are finally noticing.

More than ever before in history, men are lonely, depressed, and struggling to make sense of their place and role in society. 

Yet most men don’t do anything about this. 

They silently gravitate toward the easy fix of pleasure: video games, porn, social media, mindless entertainment or drugs and alcohol.

And OnlyFans fits perfectly into this puzzle, exacerbating an already-existing crisis in masculinity.

All of the vices men consume to distract themselves from their existential angst funnel directly into OnlyFans. 

The result is a flywheel of castration that many will never escape. 

Where their masculine power is slowly leached away, a little bit at a time, until they become a hollow shell of the man they once were.

It goes like this:

They login to Instagram to see what their friends are doing… And boom a half naked girl pops up (offering to show them the “real thing” on OnlyFans). 

They pull up Twitter to see what their favorite influencers are saying… And boom a fully nude woman smiles back at them, inviting them to see her exclusive videos for a small fee. 

They pull up Twitch to play video games with friends and blow off some steam… And as they look closer boom they’re playing with a half naked girl in a Cosplay outfit promoting her OnlyFans. 

And this cycle continues on every major platform where men congregate. 

From dating apps to YouTube to Reddit to even Quora.

The pull of OnlyFans is inescapable. It piles vice on top of vice on top of vice, with each one more pleasurable.

Hell, even if a man decides to abandon the internet altogether and go out into the “real world” to talk to an attractive woman…

It has always been a challenge for men to develop the necessary social skills to attract women. However, in the future, the task will become even more daunting.  With the rise of OnlyFans, attractive women will have more opportunities to make significant amounts of money, making them less likely to respond positively to men who lack wealth, status and fitness. He may get her phone number but the likelihood of her showing up to a date is unlikely.

Men will face even greater competition from affluent and high status males who are also vying for the attention of these women since they are accessible online to the world.

And so the man caves and decides that if he can’t attract her, then out of frustration he’ll find her on OnlyFans and subscribe.

The ugly truth is… 

Most men will not escape from this vicious cycle. 

But the ones who do understand ONE thing. 

They cannot solve a problem at the level of the symptoms. They must dig deep to find the root cause. 

The only solution to the OnlyFans pandemic is to reclaim your masculine power and take a stand for the future YOU want for yourself.

There is hope.

The Hero Rises: A Call to Men to Reclaim Their Power and Forge a New Future

Do you want to live in a society where a 19 year old girl with a camera makes more than an ivy league Neurosurgeon (because you’re paying her)? 

Do you want to live in a society where the divide between men and women widens by the year?

Where families are torn apart? Where women are virtually selling themselves without their family knowing? Where it’s harder than ever before for a man to reach his potential and live the life he wants? 

If your answer is “no” then know this: 

It’s only going to get worse. 

In the future, it will be damn near impossible to succeed for the man who doesn’t grow and develop himself now. 

Do not get trapped like the masses of men, which actually benefits those who do wake up to this since there will be fewer high value men in the future. 

If this has resonated and you know there’s another level of life you could reach… 

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