The Complete Guide to Masculinity Training for Personal Empowerment

Most men nowadays are dim shadows of what they could be. Struggling to find purpose in a convenience-driven world and afraid of stepping on society’s increasingly sensitive toes, men are quickly forgetting how to be men.

Assertion has given way to passivity, confidence to shame, and the pillars that once held up healthy masculinity are beginning to crumble. They leave in their wake a deadly catastrophe.

Because the truth is…a world without men – true men – will cease to exist.

A world without true men is a world without strong fathers, loyal husbands, and leaders to reinforce society and guide us into a more promising future.

A world without men who know their place and are equipped with vision and purpose is a world where:

  • 78.7% of suicides belong to men.
  • 1 in 4 children grow up in a home without a father.
  • 11.5% of boys and men over the age of 12 have a substance abuse disorder (twice that of women).

A world without strong men is becoming the world we live in today and it’s time for this to end. It’s time for men to step up, embrace true masculinity, and take the reigns of their life back into their own hands. It’s time for men to look themselves in the mirror, confront the beast that faces them, and set out to destroy it.

Throughout my ten-plus years as a men’s coach, I’ve come to recognize that it is not the transformation that most men struggle with, but that initial glance in the mirror…that first vulnerable recognition to yourself and others that you are screwed up.

So if you, like so many men…

  • Don’t have a clear life direction
  • Don’t know why you are needed
  • Feel lonely or abandoned

…it’s time to open your eyes and get help.

That’s where masculinity training comes in. This article is an introduction to masculinity coaching: what it is, how it helps men, and why it could be a game-changer for you.

What is Masculinity Training?

The term masculinity has been thrown around with a casualness that has caused some confusion as to its actual meaning.

The toxic world of pick-up artists and wannabe influencers equates masculinity with the three B’s of manhood: beards, beers, and babes (four perhaps: bench presses). They preach a dangerous doctrine of “self-discovery” through conquest, claiming that your self-esteem will magically go up if you can just convince the world (particularly the female world) of your importance.

Modern society’s definition isn’t much different. To them, masculinity is a blanket term for anything “over-manly”. Masculinity causes domestic violence. Masculinity causes rape. Masculinity causes war. They throw all men into one basket and reject them altogether.

Confused, misinterpreted, and rejected, the majority of modern men choose to tip-toe around their “masculine” traits, or opt to ignore them entirely.

The goal of masculinity training is to clear up the confusion around the term, educate and equip men, and reintroduce the world to true masculinity.

Here at knowledge for men, we adhere to the strong belief that men are and will always be masculine. Furthermore, it is only by embracing our masculine nature and living and loving our identity as men, that we can powerfully impact the world.

Here is what masculinity training isn’t and is…

What it isn’t…

  • A step-by-step guide to becoming a man: To be clear, nothing about masculinity training happens without your full commitment. There is no growth, no personal empowerment, nothing without your work. Too many men expect their lives to sort themselves out once they apply the right ingredients. That’s not how it works. You can have all the ingredients in the world, but if you don’t mix them in the right way to make a cake, you won’t ever get a cake.
  • A pick-up artist’s handbook: It’s almost impossible to exist in the men’s self-improvement industry without getting mistaken for pick-up artists. Masculinity training will not teach you how to pick up women or trick people into thinking you’re anything you’re not. We will help you grow your self-confidence and help you turn into the man you want to be which will naturally attract high-quality people into your life (including women), but we will not help you “get” women.
  • A promise for a better future: Here at knowledge for men, we don’t guarantee results because you get what you give. If you don’t put your blood, sweat, and tears into becoming a better man and maximizing your experience on this Earth, then you’ll never reap the rewards.

What it is…

  • A place for HUNGRY men to grow: One guarantee we can make is that if you come hungry, you will leave fulfilled. If you come with an open mind, a vulnerable heart, and an eager spirit, you will leave with all you need to take the world.
  • A place to overcome self-sabotaging mindsets: The chains that withhold most men from reaching their full potential are in their minds. They are the limiting mindsets, self-sabotaging beliefs, and fears often instilled in them at a very young age. Their parents doubt their abilities, an ex-girlfriend’s abusive ways–all of these things leave lasting wounds that require intentional attention.
  • One-on-one training with accomplished coaches and grounded men: One of the biggest mistakes that men make nowadays is trying to take the world by themselves. With limitless resources and no lack of men who have gone before, there really is no reason for men to try to tackle their hardest struggles alone. Why suffer when other men have already found ways around the suffering?

The 5 Pillars of Masculinity Training

Men are simple beings in most regards–it doesn’t take much to make us happy.

In the same way, masculinity training isn’t really such a complex practice. More often than not, if you as a man can get the basics in your life right, the rest falls into place.

Let me ask you a question: what is it each day that gives you the most happiness? I’m not asking for the moment that gave you the most joy, but what generally grounds you each day.

If you’re like most men, it has nothing to do with the car you drive, how big your T.V. is, or how many zeros sit in your bank account. It is much more connected to your healthy relationships with your family, your personal health, and perhaps most importantly, what you add to the world each day.

Men repeatedly make the critical error of running their lives by society’s guidebook and never asking themselves what actually makes them happy.

Masculinity coaching isn’t about teaching you anything, but helping you unveil your insides to yourself.

Establishing direction and purpose

How does it feel when your alarm goes off each morning?

I’ll spare you the whole “put the alarm clock out of business” spiel, and ask you another question: how do you want to feel when the alarm goes off each morning? What is realistic to you and are you at this point?

If you’re like most men I’ve worked with, the sound of the alarm in the morning is the toll of a dooming bell calling you to the eternal death that is your job.

The necessity of passion and purpose is drifting out of sight as the modern world descends into ease and meaningless pleasure.

Everything that once took work and came with deserved satisfaction is now within arms reach:

  • Once upon a time, you had to earn beautiful women with hard work, character, and charisma…now they lay waiting for you in excess, a few swipes or clicks away.
  • Once upon a time, dopamine was a reward earned by hard work…now it waits eagerly to be consumed on screens and in food.
  • Once upon a time, relationships were things maintained by time and intention…now a few texts a week and maybe even a call suffice for friendship.

Men are forgetting a key aspect of masculinity and their mental and physical well-being are taking a toll. Men are forgetting that we are, by nature, beings who require purpose.

Harry’s Masculinity Report, a comprehensive study of 5,000 American men between the ages of 18 and 95 showed that…

“The strongest predictor of a positive mindset in men – by far – is satisfying employment. Hard work is the cornerstone of a contented man that all else is built upon.”

Lose sight of this fact and you lose sight of true masculinity. Men nowadays chase money and this general idea of “more’ without having an idea of what it will get them.

Redefining romance

The romantic world is broken and men (perhaps spurred by society) have played a large part in its downfall.

The modern man has abandoned masculinity and lost the attention of women. Fearing masculinity’s exaggerated characteristics–the violence, aggression, and abuse–men have jumped ship on the concept as a whole and chosen the path of the “nice guy”.

The nice guy is the nodding, people-pleasing sheep that society idolizes while at the same time rejecting and casting to the bottom of the social hierarchy. A nice guy is the standard-less man who is just happy to be with a woman.

Men nowadays ask what can I get rather than asking what do I want. They settle for what’s easy and accessible rather than learning how to become a man who attracts high-quality women.

They exude nice-guy energy and are then befuddled when they are rejected. “But I was so perfect!” they think to themselves. Women don’t want perfect–they want raw.

Gone is passion and harnessed aggression that once defined men. Men fear aggression, so they flee from assertion as well. They fear arrogance, so they leave confidence behind.

“You should be a monster, an absolute monster, and then you should learn how to control it. It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.”

-Jordan Peterson

Rediscovering this masculinity is the key to redefining romance and giving women something to chase again.

Rediscovering practical masculinity

The theoretical deterioration of masculinity in society has led to practical ramifications as well: particularly in terms of men’s physical and mental health.

When men are told that they aren’t meant to be assertive, be protective, or lead, they let slip the characteristics that typically embody assertive, protective leaders.

Society’s incessant shouting of damaging slogans like, “people come in all shapes and sizes”, and “just do you”, push this idea that what comes most naturally to us is best.

Great men aren’t made by doing what’s easy or “going with the flow”.

Masculinity coaching pushes positive masculinity by encouraging men to become better than they are now in every aspect of their lives. Masculinity coaching helps you make yourself a new man. This includes health, as a man cannot fully enjoy life without relative health.

Practical masculinity refers to:

  • Maintaining a proper diet…this doesn’t mean dieting necessarily
  • Keeping a good sleep schedule
  • Taking care of your physical fitness
  • Overcoming self-sabotaging habits like drinking, gambling, and porn

Overcoming victimhood

Modern men spend more time coming up with excuses as to why they aren’t where they want to be than they do actually working at their goals.

Let me make one thing clear so none of us feel alone: life is difficult.

Each of us has good reasons to feel down and do nothing. We are all victims–childhood trauma, relational abuse, depression, you name it.

There is a difference, however, between being a victim and embracing victimhood. You can be a victim, accept your circumstances and deal with them. Embracing victimhood, however, is letting your life revolve around the fact that you are a victim rather than climbing out of your pit.

Society is tailored to the victim and men are happy to play along. We eagerly point fingers at our pasts, ignoring our deteriorating lives and shattered relationships.

“But look at what I’ve been through!!!” we scream over the catastrophe that is our existence. Masculinity coaching is about putting victimhood to bed and stepping into true manhood.

Accountability: The power of a brotherhood

I’ve tried to overcome everything on my own from a young age. I’ve always been that guy. If I got myself into something, then by god I could get myself out.

There was an honor in it, I thought…a triumph in a victory that would be entirely my own. After years of envisioning these independent victories and hardly ever experiencing them, I learned that very little that is difficult can be gotten through alone.

After over a decade in the men’s self-improvement industry, I’ve had this proven to me over and over again. Lucky for me, I usually deal with men after their independence phase in their broken phase. Their walls have finally fallen away, their ears are open, and they are ready to move forward with guidance and accountability.

This is the most overlooked benefit of masculinity training: the constant support of other guys going through all the exact same things as you. There is a certain camaraderie that can only develop in the wake of hardship gone through together.

Awaken Your Spirit: Reclaim Your Life with Knowledge For Men

“Men lead lives of quiet desperation.” – H.D. Thoreau

Are you feeling a desperate yearning? A hunger for meaning, belonging, and a passion that fuels you rather than drains you? If these words strike a chord, it’s no coincidence you’re here. Like many men, you may feel lost in a world that seems increasingly disconnected from the very essence of what drives us.

At Knowledge for Men, we understand the profound need for direction and purpose. This isn’t just about masculinity training—it’s about igniting a transformative journey tailored to reignite your passion, redefine your relationships, and dismantle the victim mentality that may be holding you back.

Led by some of the world’s foremost men’s coaches, our platform is built on real experiences—successes and failures alike—that forge stronger, more resilient men. Here, you won’t just find a coach; you’ll find a community committed to walking beside you as you rediscover your path.

Remember, the true power of change lies within you. We are here to guide, but the first step? That’s yours to take. Are you ready to lift yourself out of bed with excitement for the day ahead? Ready to claim a life filled with passion and purpose?

Take that first step now. Dive deeper into how we can help by watching the video below, and consider scheduling a conversation with one of our coaches. We’re here to explore your goals, face your challenges, and help chart your course forward.

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