Alpha Male Coaching: How to Maximize Your Alpha Game and Unleash Your Potential

Have you ever wondered what sets successful men apart from burger flippers?

Bill Gates become a world-changing phenom with Microsoft and not just another tech geek slaving away in the soul-sucking cubicles of Seattle. Gandhi had the power to sway the minds of all of humanity and irreversibly alter modern political philosophy. Michael Jordan became the most famous basketball player of all time and not some random guy shooting hoops in his backyard and tearing up the pickup court on Tuesday nights.

Luck, wealth, intelligence, and genetics–while all of these surely play a factor in the fortunes of life, one force directs the lives of all men more than any other: the alpha mentality.

The alpha mentality is the refusal to back down when faced with failure time and time again, the adherence to your own moral code despite relentless ridicule and mockery, the bravery to face the storms of life, and the stamina to endure them.

Alpha mindset is what sets apart the world shakers from the burger flippers. Alpha males stand above the rest of manhood–courageous, unmoving, revered, and often disliked.

If you have lost faith in the term “alpha” or are ready to give up on masculinity altogether, this article is for you.

What is Alpha Male Coaching?

Alpha-male coaching is a type of men’s coaching that helps men maximize their professional, romantic, and overall lives by mastering new ways of thinking and adopting new practical habits.

You may be thinking, “This just sounds like any other type of men’s coaching.”

While most forms of traditional men’s coaching share many of the same components, where alpha male coaching differs from the others is its target clientele. Alpha male coaches work specifically with men whose lack of confidence is holding them back in every area of life, not just one specifically.

These are not men who are looking only for an edge in business or some great tips to spice up their romantic lives and get them on more dates. They are not looking for counseling or help to deal with a specific issue in their life.

These are men who have recognized that their “backseat” approach to life is inhibiting their progress in every area of their lives and are looking for overall guidance so they can go through their entire life with a fresh mindset–the alpha mindset. They have had enough and are ready for breakthroughs in their life and relationships.

Redefining “Alpha”: What is an “Alpha Male”?

The term “alpha” has been cast in some very dark light in recent years.

Pickup artists dangle it about in their swamps of seedy clientele, hoping to pique some interest and get a bite. Wannabe tough guys add it to their list of self-glorifying adjectives to scare off less-tough tough guys and win the attention they desperately crave. And gym bros wield it about in the gym like a great dumbbell, smashing it into anyone who lifts less (or whose tank top covers more than just their lower torso and nipples).

With this definition of “alpha” quickly clawing its way to the forefront of the colloquial dictionary, it’s time to set things straight.

To put all these falsities to rest and be rid of this term’s unfortunate reputation, let us begin by describing a few traits that do not exclude you from the “alpha” camp.

Just because you…

  • Are intellectual and spend hours a day reading
  • Are emotionally sensitive and cry easily and frequently
  • Are highly expressive (use your hands and tone to communicate)
  • Have a high-pitched voice
  • Are an artist of any sort
  • Prefer other activities to sports
  • Don’t like to hunt
  • Don’t like to yell
  • Have luscious, flowing locks

… doesn’t mean you can’t be “alpha”.

Alpha males aren’t born, they’re made. While intelligence, luck, and looks seem to be somewhat determined at birth, alpha traits are not. Alpha traits are for you to develop and learn.

Being an alpha male isn’t about making the most money, sleeping with the most girls, or benching the most plates.

It’s about living a better life–a fuller, richer, more enjoyable life. It’s about breaking the chains of a confining society and making what you want of your life. Pursuing what and who you want to pursue without fear of failure.

Being an alpha male is about balance: it’s about being assertive but gentle and kind. It’s about sticking to your morals no matter the situation, but being understanding as well. It’s about being confident in everything you do, but not arrogant. It’s about being proud of yourself while acknowledging and dealing with your weaknesses.

That is what it means to be an alpha male.

4 Signs you Need Alpha Male Coaching

Masculinity is dying and the alpha male is with it. The world needs strong men more than ever now.

Children are growing up fatherless, wives are sleeping alone, and everything that we have worked so hard for in this world is being turned on its head. We need men and we need strong men.

We need alpha males who will help foster and maintain a healthy future.

If any of the following four apply to you, you could use alpha male coaching.

1. You’re a “Nice Guy”

We’ve all heard it said at least a few dozen times: nice guys finish last.

Beyond being a catchy (and confusing) saying, what exactly does this mean and does it hold any truth?

“Nice guys finish last” simply means that the nice guys of society–the smilers and nodders, side-line sitters, people-pleasers of the world–will ultimately finish last in life.

What is last? The last is empty, unhurt, unfulfilled, and unloved.

A nice guy is someone who does not feel assured of their own value and importance in life, so they feel they must earn it by acting like a good human.

Here is how to tell if you are a nice guy:

  • You’re confused why girls always reject you despite your polite approach
  • You never get in any arguments and you find you agree with everything anybody says
  • Nobody dislikes you
  • Your professional career is stagnant (no promotions, no raises, no bonuses)
  • You say yes to everything

If any or all of these traits apply to you, alpha male coaching will be life-changing for you. If you want to ever achieve your dreams or live a fulfilling life, you have to stop being a “nice guy”.

2. Your Romantic Life is Dead

A lackluster romantic life is one of the most draining things in life. You feel you’re doing everything right, but somehow everything seems to be going completely wrong.

If you…

  1. Feel unconfident or insecure around women and have trouble getting dates or approaching beautiful women.
  2. Feel a divide in your current relationship (marriage or dating) and don’t know how to move forward.

…you likely need to get a better grip on your masculinity and acquire some alpha traits.

The gender equality movement has gone too far and romantic relationships are suffering. Women want real men but they’re afraid to say it and men want to be real men but they’re afraid to be them.

What started as a message of “men and women need to be equal” has turned into a message of

“men and women are exactly the same” and an insistence that we behave so.

The truth is, women want a strong, assertive man. They want a man who is confident in himself and his decisions and willing to state his opinions without feeling ashamed.

3. You Lack Confidence

A lack of confidence is one of the clearest signs that you could benefit from an alpha male coach.

Most men fail to realize just how much of life is determined by confidence. From the job you get to the woman you get, confidence drives success in life.

To become the man you want to be, your mind and body must be fortified with confidence.

By confidence, however, I don’t only mean how you carry yourself, what clothes you wear, and how you come across to the world. The majority of confidence (and the most important confidence) is the confidence you have in yourself. Most days, Adam Sandler wanders the world dressed like a homeless dad and he’s a great example of an alpha male.

The confidence you have in your decisions, your goals, and your abilities to follow your own moral code–this is the confidence that alpha male coaching will instill in you.

4. You aren’t Living Your Own Life

Do you ever feel as if your life is controlled by others? As if the opinions and expectations of the people who surround you are the main guiding forces in your life?

If you don’t go to this specific university, what will your parents think? If you don’t get this job, what will your girlfriend’s parents think? If you don’t go to that party, what will your friends think?

At times, it can feel as if you have no say in your own life.

If you feel this is true in your life, alpha male coaching will be a big help in turning around your “yes-man” mindset and helping you set goals that are for yourself.

Alpha males choose who they listen to and who they ignore based on a genuine yearning for wisdom and healthy guidance rather than a desperate need for acceptance.

Unlock your Alpha: What Alpha Male Coaching Will Do for You

To understand what it means to be an alpha male and begin the transformation of our mindset and personality, we must step out of the philosophical and into the practical. To change ourselves, we must gain control of our lives.

As in all types of coaching, there is a fine line between what an alpha male coach can do for you and what you must do for yourself. A coach can provide you with insight, advice, and the tools necessary to change yourself, but you have to be the one putting them to use.

You have to be the man in the deep, dark hole, facing what’s down there and emerging victorious. Keep that in mind as you continue on into these four things that alpha male coaching will do for you.

1. Put the “Nice Guy” to Bed and Destroy People-Pleasing Behavior

An alpha male coach will help you find ways to escape the trap of the “nice guy”.

Rather than spending your emotional energy on approval-winning tactics and people-pleasing behaviors, an alpha male coach will teach you to focus entirely on yourself.

Once you are proud of yourself and you recognize your own value, you’ll start carrying yourself differently and the world will begin to see you differently.

Here are just a few ways alpha male coaching will help you put the “nice guy” in the grave:

  • You will learn how to approach women and handle rejection: alpha males understand that approaching a woman involves no begging or “winning over”. It is an interaction between two equals in search of a potential connection. Rejection is nothing but a time-saver.
  • You’ll learn how to say no: alpha males recognize that your fulfillment in life is determined just as much by what you say no to as what you say yes to. Alphas aren’t afraid to disappoint a few people or receive a few scowls. These are the signs that you’re doing something right.
  • You’ll learn to develop your own beliefs: Beta males’ beliefs are wobbly constructions built on the values of those around them. Alpha males have their own beliefs because they know what they think is best in life, they know what they want, and they know how they plan to get it.

2. Become a World-Changing Leader

Alpha males are leaders. They are goal-driven, assertive, and understanding. They know what’s best and they know how to get it.

If you want to be a world-changing leader, you have to have alpha qualities.

You have to be able to stand up for what you believe in, turn your back on those who mean to do you harm or aren’t aligned with your vision, and recognize potential in other people.

Alpha-male coaching will help you become this powerful leader.

3. Get Rid of the Victim Mentality

The victim mentality drags so much of society into a thick mire of stagnation and mediocrity.

Life is hard. We all have good reason to grab a bag of potato chips and the T.V. remote, collapse on our couch, and binge Netflix until kingdom comes.

But why? What is life if all you do is curl up with your depression and heap of problems and let yourself go?

The victim mentality is the alpha male’s greatest enemy. An alpha takes control of every aspect of their life, refusing to let themselves sink into the mire of victimhood and regret.

Alpha male coaching teaches you how to move on from your past, escape chains that have bound you and your family, and go at life with passion.

4. Reignite your Romantic Life

Alpha male coaching will put that spark back in your romantic life by…

  • teaching you how to be assertive in the bedroom (women love this)
  • teaching you how to communicate your wishes clearly and without beating around the bush
  • helping you set clear boundaries in your relationship
  • helping you approach women without fear of “failure”
  • helping you make yourself into a man that women want attention from (hint: this usually means paying attention to yourself)

The stereotype suggests that alphas are trying to essentially trick women into coming to bed with them.

True alpha males don’t go out to “get laid” or “pull”. They seek genuine conversations, positive emotions, and lasting relationships.


Becoming an alpha male isn’t an overnight process and nor is it an easy development. You won’t wake up one day and suddenly be “alpha”, just as you won’t wake up with abs one day.

Likely, you already have some of the traits of an alpha male but are being held back by the ones that you lack.

Whatever the case, turning yourself into a full alpha male will completely transform your life and give you the potential to transform the world.

If you’re tired of your “nice guy” behaviors, your dead romantic life, and your low self-confidence, it’s time you got some alpha male coaching. Alpha-male coaching will help you uncover what it really means to be a man. You’ll learn how to set your own goals and have your own values, find valuable connections, and ultimately discover a more fulfilling way of living.

If this is something you need or are curious about, we have what you’re looking for. Here at knowledge for men, we have spent over ten years studying just what it takes to be a successful man in this world.

After hundreds of clients and thousands of interviews, we have constructed a bulletproof framework that has transformed many lost and broken men into vibrant alphas. We have at our disposal a dozen of the best coaches on the planet ready to take you on the journey of your life.

These aren’t just any men. These are guys just like you who have faced battles of their own and after failing time and time again, emerged victorious. These are highly trained professionals who know what it means to hurt and to cry and to feel broken to the point of defeat.

These men learned what it means to be alpha and they’re ready to help you do the same. Be warned, though. They can only do so much. Changing your life will ultimately be up to you.

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