The 11 Biggest Turn-Offs For a Woman In a Relationship

turn offs for a woman

Most men don’t know they’re turning a woman off until it’s too late. You don’t know you’ve had a bad date until you’re trying to contact her for a second, and she’s either nowhere to be found – or, if you’re lucky, letting you know that she’s not interested. Have you been that guy before? … Read more

Love & Healing: How to Start Dating After a Toxic Relationship?

dating after a toxic relationship

A toxic relationship can set you back years if you let it. Your self-esteem will be blown to bits, your mind will be in a perpetual state of confusion, and you’ll begin to doubt whether you have the strength or capacity to ever love again. You’ll feel hopeless–marooned on an island of despair with no … Read more

Alpha Male Coaching: How to Maximize Your Alpha Game and Unleash Your Potential

alpha male coaching

Have you ever wondered what sets successful men apart from burger flippers? Bill Gates become a world-changing phenom with Microsoft and not just another tech geek slaving away in the soul-sucking cubicles of Seattle. Gandhi had the power to sway the minds of all of humanity and irreversibly alter modern political philosophy. Michael Jordan became … Read more

12 Questions to Ask a Woman to Get to Know Her Better

questions to ask to a woman to get to know her better

Do you find yourself at a loss for words whenever you go on a first date? Starting a conversation can be difficult, especially when you know nothing about the woman sitting across from you.  At the same time, it can be a prime opportunity to open up and talk about damn near anything. Since you … Read more

Love Again: A Path For Men Dating After an Abusive Relationship

dating after an abusive relationship

Some breakups feel like dying. Breaking up alters your brain chemistry, and a bad one with an abusive person can leave you stranded and lost as to who you are. Even if you don’t feel your emotions deeply, you can still be dramatically altered after a breakup. You’ll feel pain deeper than normal, and as … Read more

The 15 Best Motivational Books For Men

motivational books for men

You shouldn’t adopt reading as a “hobby.” You should adopt reading as a way of life. Books are perhaps the single most powerful tool for developing a stronger mind, problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and anything else you feel you need. If it’s possible, there’s likely a book about it somewhere. Today, we’re looking at becoming more … Read more

Breaking Free From Control: 9 Ways to Handle a Controlling Partner In a Relationship

handling a controlling partner in a relationship

Dating a controlling person can be suffocating. It feels like everywhere you turn, you’re making a wrong move. Your autonomy has been replaced with slavery, and you’re expected to tailor your entire life to the needs of someone else. Worse still, controlling partners will tell you that what they’re doing (controlling you) is “love.” But … Read more

Creating An Authentic Introvert Dating Profile: Examples And Tips

creating an authentic introvert dating profile

Being an introvert and trying online dating is often likened to a doomed mission. Dating is an extrovert’s game. If you listen to standard dating advice, trying to create a dating profile means you have to be super tall, wealthy, and filled to the brim with popularity-enhancing photos. Believe it or not, online dating sites … Read more

How To Tell If You Aren’t Putting Enough Effort Into Your Relationship

putting enough effort into a relationship

We have all heard about men who married women who just walked out the door. In many cases, it came as a shock to the men who were left. They knew they weren’t putting in much effort, but they never thought it’d be bad enough to make the girl want to leave them. Regardless of … Read more

The 11 Most Important Questions to Ask Your Partner In a New Relationship

questions to ask in a new relationship

New relationships are confusing and often stressful, but they don’t have to be. The core problem is that most men spend the early months (or even years) of new relationships acting in the way they want to, based on how they feel they should act. They act based on what they think they know about … Read more

Finding Love Again: Dating in Your 40s After Divorce for Men

dating in your 40s after divorce

Divorce, especially after a long relationship, is soul-destroying to a man. It is the second most stressful thing someone can experience, only preceded by the death of a spouse or child. Regardless of whether you or she initiated the split and whether it was an inevitable conclusion or the divorce papers arrived on your desk … Read more

10 Signs Your Separated Wife Wants to Reconcile

separated wife wants to reconcile

No one wants a divorce. Divorce is one of the most mentally and emotionally painful experiences a man can go through. It crushes your soul, destroys your hopes for the future, and plunges you into a deep, dark pit of despair. You don’t want a divorce, but there seems to be no escape. You and … Read more

Transcending the Past: How NLP Coaching Can Help Men Create a Brighter Future

NLP Coaching for men

A man’s mind has the power to be his most fearsome enemy or his most loyal friend. Learn how to control it, and you claim mastery over your life and happiness. Let it own you; you’re nothing more than a rag-doll of feelings and emotions flung about in the heartless storms of life. The question … Read more

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