10 Signs of a Low-Value Man and How to Overcome Adversity

In society today, low-value men are everywhere, but you don’t see them.

They’re invisible.

Low-value men are on the bus with you, at work with you, or the grocery store with you, but they’re hard to find. Despite existing, low-value men are invisible in the modern world.

They have little to no value on the greater society around them.

Low-value men might have jobs, but they don’t make money. They might have friends, but they have no connection in their lives. They might even go to the gym, but they still look undesirable.

Low-value men hate themselves and project this hatred onto the world around them.

It’s a pathetic existence that these low-value men live. They’re leeches sucking away the happiness of people around them.

Are you afraid that there are low-value men in your life? Worse still – are you afraid that this could be you?

You should be.

Here are ten traits of a low-value man and how to overcome the adversity of being with and living with low-value men.

Get ready for some heavy hitters. This isn’t the “nicest” article I’ve ever written.

1. Low-Value Men Look Undesirable

I’m not saying you need to look like a movie star or a professional athlete – unless you’re trying to attract women who typically date movie stars and professional athletes – but you need to take your appearance seriously.

Wear nice clothes. Workout regularly. Groom. Eat healthily.

Find ways to decrease your anxiety so that when people look at you, they see someone they want to be around, not a nervous wreck.

Look like someone ready to take on the world.

Low-value men don’t do this.

2. Low-Value Men Are Impatient

Anything worth getting in life takes time.

A healthy relationship with an attractive woman takes time to be built. A successful business takes time. A healthy mind or body takes time to earn.

Low-value men lack the patience to achieve things that are worth pursuing. This is why they remain low-value.

If you struggle with your value and your self-esteem, the most important attribute to develop is not muscles, not success, and not your ego.

The most important attribute to develop is patience.

3. Low-Value Men Are Needy

If you can’t exist alone, you are a low-value person.

It’s ironic because when you’re needy, you feel that you need people around you all the time to survive.

Solitude teaches you that you don’t need anyone, and learning that you don’t need anyone helps you develop the confidence to become someone of higher value.

As your value increases, more people will want to be around you.

Confidence developed from solitude also attracts better people into your life.

4. Low-Value Men Can’t Control Their Emotions

I’m not saying don’t have emotions.

You’re human, I get it. I have emotions too.

However, if your emotional impulses dictate your behavior, you probably won’t like your life’s direction.

This advice seems to go against modern advice to “feel your feelings,” but it’s quite progressive. Feel your feelings, but don’t let your feelings decide what you should do.

Use your wisdom.

If I ate chocolate cake every time I felt it, I’d be 400-freakin’-pounds. That’s why I don’t do that.

Control your emotions and your impulses.

“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

5. Low-Value Men Think the World Revolves Around Them

Low-value men aren’t usually narcissists, but they often act like narcissists.

As you struggle to build value for yourself, it’s easy to become resentful when you experience failure and adversity. Developing a “victim mentality” is easy because things aren’t going your way.

It takes time, but eventually, you must realize that your victim mentality is your arrogance in disguise.

Why should the world care about you? What makes you more special than anyone else? Why are you so entitled?

These are hard questions to answer. Apart from your mom or dad, most people don’t love you just for existing.

You must provide value. You will struggle in this world until you do.

Then, you’ll struggle some more. That’s life.

Fulfillment is what happens when you take ownership of that struggle.

6. Low-Value Men Have No Drive

Many people seem to think that “low-value men” are emotionally damaged, unable to cope with the basic realities of life, and spend all their time scrolling Reddit and planning the next doomsday.

This is the “incel,” a form of the lowest-value men.

But incels are often still driven.

Their drive is completely misplaced (and twisted and evil), they’re angry at everyone, and they cause more harm to themselves than anyone else, but they have drive.

Anger is a form of drive.

Some men have had the drive drugged out of them by porn, fast food, social media, and other “cheap dopamine” sources.

This, I would argue, is an equally scary fate.

These men don’t have any drive to do anything. These men exist until death comes for them.

Having no drive to improve your life is perhaps one of the lowest-value behaviors you can adopt – especially if you don’t like where you’re.

Learn how to be a happy person who loves the process.

7. Low-Value Men Peaked In High School (Or Think As If They Did)

I knew a guy once who was an outstanding wrestler – in high school.

He made the varsity team several years in a row, won matches, and was admired by many of his teammates.

Was he a state champion? No. Was he the greatest ever? No.

However, he had what many people wanted. He had status.

Unfortunately, he let this get to his head. He let that success that he had early in his life allow him to become complacent for the rest of his life.

When he retired from wrestling, he stopped pushing himself in every area of his life.

His grades slipped. He barely graduated high school. He went to community college. Then he dropped out.

His life fell apart on him.

He’s never recovered to this day, and it’s all because he became complacent.

You cannot allow yourself to accept where you are. It’s not just about the drive, it’s about expectations.

Set expectations for yourself that make you a little uncomfortable.

I don’t care if you were the football team’s star quarterback or if you took the prettiest cheerleader to prom.

No one peaks in high school unless they decide to.

8. Low-Value Men Live Vicariously Through Other People

There’s an entire multi-billion dollar market of people who watch other people play video games.

Think about that for a second.

There’s a lot of money in trying to live vicariously through other people.

But if the video games thing is weird to you, think about movies. Think about your favorite TV show.

Think about the content you consume daily.

We all have to consume, but we also live in a time when we can choose what we consume.

Are you choosing to consume content that makes your life better, or are you consuming content that makes your life worse? If you value your time, low-value content doesn’t just stall your progress – it harms it.

Content that is you just living through others is not what you want to be consuming.

Consume ideas that enrich your mind. Ignore everything else.

Do not live vicariously through others.

9. Low-Value Men Have a Purpose, But Their Purpose Sucks

Not all purposes are created equal.

If your purpose is scoring chicks, making money, and doing everything you can to exploit the people around you for personal gain, this negatively affects your value as a man.

High-value men create positivity in their community. They make their lives and the people around them’s lives better.

This, in turn, makes them attract women, make money, and get what they need to live flourishing lives. This is “the power of the universe.” It sounds like hippie mumbo jumbo, but it’s true.

You attract what you put out.

10. Low-Value Men Have Too Much Pride

There’s nothing wrong with loving sports, music, or your country, but too much pride will destroy your life.

Happy, secure people do not live their lives guided by their egos. They live their lives, and their ego is along for the ride.

The more you allow your ego to dictate the flow of your life, the greater your anxiety and unhappiness will be.

As your anxiety and unhappiness decrease, so does your value. It’s not enough to be successful, you must also be happy.

It’s not enough to be happy, you must also be peaceful.

This peace is extremely attractive.

If you can blend ambition and drive with peace and happiness, your value will be immeasurable.

How to Overcome Adversity and Become a High-Value Man?

So by now, we know what makes a low-value man.

You’ve probably noticed that you have a few qualities you need to improve on, and you’re wondering what’s next.

How do you become a high-value man when the odds are stacked against you? How do you become a high-value man when it’s so freakin’ hard?

Here are three steps to becoming a high-value man:

1. First, Accept Yourself Where You Are

It’s natural to want to be better, especially if you felt personally attacked by some of the low-value traits that we talked about earlier.

However, you must still be realistic. You must understand where you are to get to where you want to be.

You’ll be miserable if you’re comparing yourself to the guy with a beautiful wife and three successful companies and just started trying to get your life together.

You’re going to hate yourself, and you’re going to get frustrated.

This is the antithesis of what you want, and you’ll give up on your pursuit of being a high-value man before you even get going.

That leads me to the next point.

2. Take Baby Steps Up the Mountain

Hard work pays off, but it probably won’t pay off tomorrow.

Or next week.

Or next month (but you’ll start to see progress!).

Next year? Now we’re talking.

In 5 years? You could be a completely different person by then.

Most people overestimate how much they can accomplish in a day, but underestimate how much they can achieve in a year.

Most people struggle to maintain healthy habits for a few days or weeks. Most people quit long before they see any results that will give them even the slightest indication that they’re heading in the right direction.

Don’t do that.

Put your head down, do the work, and stay consistent.

Work on yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Develop healthy habits (a good diet, going to the gym, going outside every day), and stay consistent. Read books. Write in a journal.

The results from playing the long game will blow you away.

3. Get Rid of the Losers In Your Life

This one’s going to hurt a bit.

If you struggle to build value despite your best efforts, likely, you are not the only one holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Are other people physically stopping you from improving yourself? Probably not, however, there’s more to it than this.

People afraid to change their lives will be threatened by people who are doing what they can’t. They’ll push back against your desire to be great.

They’ll do this through subtle messages of disapproval, enabling your bad habits, or even directly rooting against you in your journey to improve your value.

So what do you do?

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to let some people go.

Your growth will inspire some people – these are people to keep around – but if they aren’t with you, they’re either indifferent to your growth or against it.

Do you really want these types of people in your life?


Low-value men are miserable, and that makes their value plummet even lower on the social hierarchy.

So all-in-all, what’s the best way to become a high-value man?

It’s not getting six-pack abs, dating a beautiful girl, or starting a successful company. These things will help you in some areas of your life, but they won’t truly increase your social value.

The true way to become a high-value man is to become the kind of person that people want to be around.

High-value men are masters of relationships. They’re focused, kind, driven, and most importantly, they’re happy, peaceful people.

The problem is, it can be hard to make yourself into a high-value man by yourself. Most people don’t have the time, discipline, or experience to self-teach themselves to a higher value.

They need help.

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