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life coaching for men

How Life Coaching Can Help Men Discover and Become the Strongest Versions of Themselves

Life coaching is one of the most powerful “secret weapons” high-performing men use to go from “good” to “great” and unlock their full potential in every area of life. And inside of the chaos and confusion of modern life, it’s more important now than ever before for men to get the raw masculine support and […]

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man without energy and motivation

What Causes Lack Of Motivation And Energy In Men (And How To Fix It)

A lack of motivation and energy can quickly become a crippling and vicious cycle. Even when the source of our low drive isn’t our fault, we start to see ourselves as “lazy” and “unmotivated.” This perceived lack of motivation turns to guilt. This guilt exhausts us even further and creates a flywheel of failure where […]

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motivated man running and happy

How Coaching and Counseling Can Help Fix Motivation Problems in Men 

Experiencing the occasional drag of low motivation is a normal part of the human experience. No matter how energetic a person is or how exciting their lives are, we all have days when we’d rather hide under the sheets than get up and pursue our goals. But when our lack of motivation becomes chronic–going on […]

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social skill coaching for men

How Social Skills Coaching Can Help You Deal with Social Awkwardness and Have Better Conversations

If you’re struggling to build the network, friend group, and romantic life you want, working with a social skill coach could be the missing link. In the longest-running study ever conducted, Harvard University concluded that one’s relationships–not material possessions, financial success, or even physical health–have the greatest impact on their happiness and quality of life. […]

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confident man

How Confidence Coaching Can Help You Boost Self-esteem, Build Confidence, and Improve Relationships

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, self-worth, or self doubt you might be wondering if confidence coaching can help you reclaim your sense of power and the “fire in the belly” that you once had. Through a combination of conversation and exercises, confidence coaches help their clients develop greater self-awareness, learn new skills, and set […]

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man dealing with confrontation

How to Deal with Confrontation, Avoid Anxiety, and Be a Stronger Man

With the exception of sociopaths few people enjoy confrontation. It’s uncomfortable. It causes tension and anxiety. And it’s at direct odds with how our brains are wired through evolution. Outside of life or death situations, we evolved to avoid confronting anyone or anything. Back in hunter-gatherer days, confrontation carried a fatal potential. The conflict between […]

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ruminating man who is depressed

How to Stop Ruminating, Quit Obsessing Over Mistakes and Move On with Your Life

Are you living in your head? How much of your day is spent stuck in the past, thinking about your mistakes and what you should of, would of and could of done? I’ve got tough news for you. You will never reach your full potential until you quit living in the past and focus on […]

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self-love makes you a happy man

The Ultimate Guide to Practicing Self-Love for Men

We are strong. We are tough. We do cool stuff, fix what’s broken, and move on rather than lamenting over our feelings. We hide our emotions in order to move mountains and get the job done. We are Men! It’s great to be a man and strive for greatness in our lives – but sometimes […]

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how to be an assertive man

How to Be Assertive and Quit Being a Pushover

Few things will have a greater impact on a man’s life than learning how to be assertive and take a stand for himself, his needs, and his desires. But in a society designed to mass-produce pathological pushovers, this is a journey easier talked about than taken. The modern world has brainwashed men into believing that […]

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traits of a high-value man

Traits of a High-Value Man and How to Become One

Call them the Alpha, the boss, or the main character of the story… Yes, a high-value man is the epitome of masculinity, leadership, charm, and sophistication. He is loved by women, revered by men, and moves gallantly through the challenges of life with courage and pride. You get the picture, right? He’s the man who […]

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midlife crisis in men

Midlife Crisis in Men: The Definitive Survival Guide

A midlife crisis feels like getting hit by a ton of bricks. One day, you get up from your desk and look out of the windows of your work. And, just like that, you realize that you are stuck with your life, years have gone by and you don’t have a purpose that calls you. […]

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tai lopez quotes

The 10 Best Tai Lopez Quotes that Will Help You Achieve the “Good Life”

Skyrocketed from obscurity to authority in the wake of his now-viral ad “Here in my garage”, Tai Lopez is arguably one of the best known and most controversial educators and marketers on the planet. Between his lavish lifestyle, impressive business acumen, and remarkable Rolodex, Tai has become a virtual mentor to millions around the world […]

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The 27+ Best Biographies for Men to Read that Will Inspire and Motivate You to Become Your Strongest Self

Biographies, unlike self-help books, offer an almost unrestricted look into the lives of our world’s most prolific men and women and give us the rare opportunity to see how they actually thought and behaved…not just their theories and “ideas” about living a good life. In my own journey, I’ve found biographies to be one of the most […]

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dropping out of college image

How to Dropout Of College and Succeed?

The state of modern education is changing. Only 50 years ago, a college degree was all but mandatory for success in the professional world. But today, with the rising cost of college tuition (which will amount to nearly $100,000 for an average 4-year degree from an in-state university) and the proliferation of free learning platforms […]

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tim ferriss quotes

The 11 Best Tim Ferris Quotes to Help You Escape the Rat Race, Join the New Rich, and Live the Good Life 

Few individuals have been more instrumental to the rise of “lifestyle design” and digital entrepreneurship than Tim Ferriss. If you were to ask 100 entrepreneurs (or 400+ as I have) to name the three most influential books that guided their journey, at least 80% of them would name The 4-Hour Work Week. And, since the […]

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