Is It Really Okay To Reconnect With Your Old Love Who Is Still Married? 

reconnect with your old love

Life is full of regrets. It’s very common for men to find themselves hung up on past love and struggle to let go.  And when the opportunity to connect with a forever lover presents itself, it is often a complicated issue — especially if your former lover is now married.  To be perfectly clear, connecting with … Read more

The Do’s and Dont’s of Approaching Women at the Gym

approach women at the gym

The gym isn’t just for working out; it’s also a great place to meet women. You might have experienced that moment during a workout when you catch an attractive woman making eye contact with you. Maybe it’s not the first time you’ve noticed the same girl, and she seems to be sending clear signals of … Read more

How Hookup Culture Drains Men of their Power, Value, and Worth

hookup culture

The night is young, and the city pulsates with a promise that speaks directly to the primal core of man’s desires. The quest for the night is simple yet profound – the search for validation, be it fleeting or long lasting, powered by the adrenaline of attraction and the allure of pleasure. The parties, festivals, … Read more

The Gentleman’s Guide to Authentic Friendships with Women

authentic friendship with women

It’s a question that’s practically as old as time itself: Can men and women be “just friends”?  Have you ever encountered a woman in your life who you were not romantically attracted to but wanted to have a platonic relationship with? Maybe you struggled to communicate this and didn’t want her to get the wrong … Read more

11 Ways to Become A Man Every Woman Wants

become a man every woman wants

What makes a man a good partner? What makes a woman desire one man over another? Is it his hair, his muscles, or the shape of his face? Is it all about looks, or are there other factors at play?  Is it the car he drives? The amount of money he has in his bank … Read more

7 Ways to Overcome Digital Dating Burnout and Rekindle In-Person Sparks

overcome digital dating burnout

Digital dating can be great, but it can also take a lot out of you. It’s not uncommon to experience digital dating ‘burnout’ that leaves you feeling like the whole thing is pointless.  It’s important to remember that dating sites are businesses first and foremost. As much as these sites would like you to believe … Read more

9 Modern Dating Myths Every Man Should Ignore

modern dating myths

Nowadays, everyone you meet seems to want to give you dating advice. If you’re a man, the advice may come from your best friend, brother, or even your dad.  Oppositely, you might take a different approach and seek advice from a female point of view. And this makes sense — after all, what better way to … Read more

The Samurai Mindset: How to Always Be At Your Best

samurai mindset

How often are you at your best? If you’re like most men, the answer is rarely, or even never. In an age rampant with digital addiction, unregulated dopamine release, and a wide range of acceptable excuses for outright immaturity and irresponsibility, very few men are EVER performing even remotely close to their best. You can … Read more

Sheep vs. Wolf vs. Sheepdog: Which Mentality Dominates Your Life?

the sheepdog mentality

A majority of men have a sheep mentality. They are followers whose actions and beliefs are reflections of the majority. Their lives are societal constructions, and they like it that way because to go your way is to embrace a life of difficulty and uncertainty. A few men are wolves. They detest passivity and peace … Read more

Stop Chasing Excellence Forever (If You Want Love, Sex and Romance)

stop chasing success

A couple of months ago, this man came to me, upset about his results. He’d been swimming in the blood-red waters of the manosphere, swearing by the teachings of guys like Tate, Cooper, and Tomasi. To the untrained eye, it looked like it had done the job. The Guy was in good shape, a six-pack … Read more

Feeling Judged by Women? Best Strategies to Build Confidence and Charisma

feeling judged by women

When you approach a woman, do you feel like she’s judging you? Do you see her eyeing you up and down, drawing conclusions about you before you even open your mouth?  Does this make you feel self-conscious and cause you to stumble with your approach? Do you walk up with a quiet, cool confidence, only … Read more

Fake Love Signs: 13 Signs She Is Pretending to Love You

fake love signs

Have you ever experienced “fake love”? Perhaps the only thing more devastating than fake love is realizing later on that you’ve experienced it and weren’t able to figure it out sooner. You thought you were really in love, but in reality, she was playing you like a flute. You were head over heels for her, … Read more

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