17: Dan Bacon: Be Awesome, Take Action and Get the Women You Want


Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert and the founder of The Modern Man, a company that has helped 1,000s of men achieve success with women. He is the author of The Flow and 10 additional video and audio programs about success with women. Dan’s teachings go against the popular myths that nice guys finish last with women and that you have to be tall, handsome or have a perfect gym body to be wanted by women.

Instead of trying to turn nice guys into something they’re not, he shows them how to become loved and wanted by women for being the good guy that they already are. Dan’s teachings give men the power choice and control in their dating life, so that they can either have sex and relationships with many women or settle down with their perfect woman for life.

Favorite Success Quote

“You’re awesome and you know it.” – Dan Bacon

Key Points

1. Success with Women Requires Real Confidence

To have true and lasting success with women requires real inner confidence.

Not just a false sense of “game”.

Women want a man who is confidence in himself, who is unaffected by their emotional storms, and who can take them by the hand and lead them to a whole new life.

But developing this confidence requires deep internal work, not just a bunch of rehearsed lines and gimmicks.

If you want to have true, rock solid confidence, then it starts on the inside.

It starts with your mindset, with your habits, and with your self image.

Developing this confidence is not an easy journey or even a simple one, but it will be worth it.

2. The Way You Think Affects How You Feel 

The quickest way to change how you feel is to change how you think.

The thoughts we allow to enter our head are what will determine our feelings, actions, and ultimately our results.

If you go into a business situation thinking “Damn I hope I can do this, I am really not the right person for the job” then it will show.

Your body language will be off, your tonality will falter, and your mind will quickly sabotage your success.

But if you go in thinking “You know what? I might not have the experience that they are looking for, but I am an effing beast! I will work as hard as I need to to make this work and they would be lucky to have me” this attitude will permeate every move you make and every word you say.

Change your thoughts and you will change your life.

3. Confidence with Women Builds Confidence in the Rest of Your Life 

One of the quickest ways to achieve your goals in the rest of your life is to achieve success with women.

It’s almost like success with women is your gateway drug to success.

As soon as you prove to yourself that you can overcome your anxiety and your bad patterns with women and become a sought after and high value man, your whole perspective on life will change.

The social skills you developed to improve your game will shine in your professional situations and you will get promoted at a much faster pace.

The confidence that you have with women will translate into confidence in the gym and at the workplace.

The thick skin that you develop from getting rejected by countless women will help you when you start your own business and make it easy for you to handle rejection from leads and clients.

If you can master your romantic life, and apply those skills to the rest of your life, everything will start to fall into place.

4. Women are Going to Test You 

Women are going to test you.

This is not a bad thing.

If a woman tests you it is because she wants to see you demonstrate the value and confidence that she perceives you to have.

She wants to see if you really have what it takes to handle a stressful situation with tact and grace.

She wants to know that you are as strong as you pretend to be.

The more confidently you can handle a woman’s sh!t tests, the more she will be attracted to you and the better your dating life will be.

5. Be Real and Authentic 

At the end of the day, the best thing that you can do to achieve success with women is to just be yourself.

Be real, be authentic, be yourself and don’t apologize for it.

If you change to try and please a woman, she will sense the in-congruence.

And when you change to please other people, you degrade your own power and lower your value in the eyes of the world and yourself.

And if someone is attracted to you because of a mask that you were wearing, they will never be a good fit for you and your life and you will quickly find yourself loathing that person and wishing that you had been honest from the start.

“Be yourself… everyone else is already taken” ~Oscar Wilde

Influential Books

The One Minute Manager by Ken Blanchard

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    Hey Andrew

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    You’re doing a great service for men here and it was a pleasure to help out. Go KnowledgeForMen!