Romantic Gestures to Win Her Back–the Dos and Don’ts

romantic gestures to win her back

So, she’s gone, and you want her back. You’re a miserable mess and ready to make amends and start things over. You see where you went wrong, know what you will do better next time, and you’re willing to do anything to get her back in your arms. But what can you do? Movies and … Read more

Should You Date Multiple Women?

should you date multiple women?

Dating multiple beautiful women at once seems like every guy’s dream. Growing up, we all see the movies where the billionaire playboy extraordinaire gets out of his Ferrari and walks into the party, one model around each arm. We’ve all wanted to feel like Bruce Wayne or maybe even Barney Stinson from “How I Met … Read more

What to Do When You Think You’re Not Good Enough for Her

what to do when you are not good enough for her

The dating game is challenging. Finding an intelligent woman and dating her is only the first piece of the puzzle. Once you’ve got her on your hook, you must ensure you live up to her expectations. Sadly, I’ve seen all-too-many men fall at this first hurdle.  It can happen anytime: You might have been dating … Read more

How to Overcome Shyness Around Girls: 7 Ways That Work

overcome shyness around girls

The plight of the ‘shy guy’ is rough. It doesn’t matter how good-looking, successful, or intelligent you are. If you have difficulty talking to women, your romantic life will be nonexistent. Shy guys lack the self-confidence even to strike up that first conversation.  You might find yourself standing in the middle of a busy bar … Read more

8 Ways to Let Go of Someone You Love and Move On

let go of someone you love

You thought you were going to be with her forever. It felt like a perfect relationship, your true “happily ever after.” You were torn apart when she left and decided to go her way. All you can do is think about her, wish for her to come back, and wonder how you can live without … Read more

10 Easy Ways to Make Your Girlfriend Feel Special

make your girlfriend feel special

Every human wants to feel special. We fill our lives with little acknowledgments of specialness and celebrations of importance to ensure that each of us feels this sense of unique belonging. We give each other names to distinguish our specialness from that of another. We celebrate the day of our birth each year to recognize … Read more

Relationship Compatibility: What It Is, How to Know If You Are Compatible and Build Great Chemistry

relationship compatibility to build great chemistry

So, you think you’ve met your dream girl? She’s everything you’ve ever wanted – and more. She’s pretty, smart, funny, kind, emotionally intelligent… and great in bed. She’s everything you’ve ever wanted. But… There’s always a but. In reality, it doesn’t feel right. The relationship feels incomplete. It feels wrong. Maybe, you and your “perfect … Read more

10 Best Self-Love Books for Men That Can Transform Your Life

self-love books for men

Being a man in the modern world is confusing at times. With the mainstream media constantly chipping away at the male image while the “love yourself” movement insists that you are perfect just the way you are, knowing the best way to live and how (or if) you can be better has never been more … Read more

Feeling Alone In Your Relationship? Here are 9 Ways You Can Overcome Loneliness

learn how to overcome loneliness when you're feeling alone in a relationship

You’ve met the girl and fallen in love, and now, you think you’re going to run off into the sunset and have the life you imagine because you grew up watching Disney movies. Right? Probably not. You’re probably at that point in the relationship where there’s a disconnect. You’re not on the same page anymore. … Read more

8 Reasons Why You Compare Yourself to Others and How You Can Stop

how to stop comparing yourself

Modern society is a social trap – we’re not limited by famine, disease, or a lack of technology, we’re limited by our minds. We’re limited by the way we interact with each other. Instead of being hungry or sick, we’re depressed and anxious. This is our trap! The root of all of this suffering is … Read more

How to Find and Date Intelligent Women

how to find and date intelligent women

Intelligence is one of the most attractive attributes in a woman that most men look for. An intelligent woman enriches your life with engaging conversation, stimulating new ideas, and the mysterious charm that accompanies anything that we cannot fully understand. Women have varying degrees of complexity and depth that distinguish the “good” from the “just … Read more

Feeling Disconnected in a Relationship? Signs and How to Fix It

learn how to fix emotional disconnect with your partner

When you first met her, you felt a spark that came over you. She became your best friend, your closest lover, and so much more. As time passed, things continued to be great… until they weren’t. Somewhere along the line, you started to feel like there is a disconnect between the two of you. Is … Read more

How to Balance Work with Dating and Relationships

balance work with dating and relationships

You don’t want to be the man working late nights trying to make ends meet, and one day, you find out your girlfriend does not want a relationship with your anymore. It’s true, work has been particularly heavy-handed with the hours, but you didn’t expect this to happen. When confronted, she points out that you’ve … Read more

Why Men Are Afraid of Commitment and What to Do About It

why men afraid of commitment issues

For many men, committing to a serious relationship is one of the most challenging decisions in life. This isn’t without reason. So much of what we consider valuable hangs on this decision–your future, her future, and your state of happiness. A poorly chosen partner can wreak years of havoc on your life and leave you … Read more

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