9 Ways Divorce Changes A Man And How to Navigate The New You

Few things in life can be as debilitating as a divorce. At the same time, divorce can also be an incredibly liberating experience. Even more fascinating is the fact that it can be both these things at the same time. 

If you’ve just gotten divorced, you may feel a mix of anger, sadness, regret, relief, hope, and excitement for the future. 

Of course, this is only natural. Most rational people do not get married with the belief that their marriage will fail. (Some do, but that’s another issue entirely.) 

If you’ve been blindsided by your loving relationship disintegrating right before your eyes, you may feel hopeless about the future.

The key to navigating a divorce is understanding 1) Where your emotions come from and 2) How to process them effectively. Today, I’ll cover both of these things so you can successfully navigate this transition and grow into a stronger man. 

Remember that this situation — like many life situations — depends on your mindset. If you approach your divorce with the belief that it will be the most traumatic experience of your life, then it will be. Oppositely, if you believe that it will be a pivotal moment for personal growth, it will be. 

Divorce can be a stepping stone to living a happier, more fulfilling life. As hard as it may be to realize, it may be the start of the best chapter of your life. The only question is, how will you process your emotions and overcome these changes? 

With that said, let’s look at nine ways divorce can change you and how to effectively navigate the new you. 

1. Your Health May Change 

No matter how you cut it, a divorce will probably be one of the more stressful experiences in your life. You must remember that there are good and bad ways to handle stress. 

If you walk down to the bar every night after work, downing six beers and eating a cheeseburger for dinner, it’s only a matter of time before things catch up with you. 

But suppose you channel your stress and anger into something productive, like running, meditating, or going to the gym. In that case, you can easily offset some of the negative psychological stress of a divorce. 

With everything going on, it might seem impossible to live a healthy lifestyle. You may be in the middle of finding a new place to live. You may be battling for visitation rights or custody of your children. You may spend most of your free time talking to your attorney. 

It’s tough; I get it. But you must learn to rise to the occasion and overcome. 

Make the hard choice. For example, next time you want to reach for the bottle opener, knock out some pushups instead. 

Every series of events starts with a single action. One beer turns into two. Two turns into four. Four turns into six, and so on and so on. But if you choose to do something healthy instead, that can start a chain reaction that will change your life for the better. 

2. You May Struggle To Find Someone New 

Regardless of how bad your marriage was, you may find it difficult to move on and find someone new. As humans, we tend to get comfortable in our surroundings. So even if you despised your ex-wife, you may have grown comfortable living with her.  

Now that you can date again, you feel weird about it. You’re not exactly clinging to your ex-wife, but for some reason, it feels wrong to start dating again. 

Usually, this problem resolves itself over time, but that isn’t always the case. Once again, this is where being a grounded man and having mental strength comes into play. 

It’s easy to wallow in your own misery. It’s easy to let self-doubt and insecurities creep into your head and cripple you. Just remember you are choosing to do this. 

What do you do when the alarm clock goes off in the morning to tell you to go to work? Do you turn it off, crawl under the covers, and stay home? Of course not. You get out of bed and head to work. 

Despite every bone in your body telling you to go back to sleep, you’ve conditioned yourself to do the hard thing. You’ve taught yourself to get up, go out there, and bring a paycheck home. 

Well, you’re dealing with the same thing now. The only difference is that you haven’t had years of conditioning to help you do the right thing. 

Take the first step today. Go out there and try to find someone new. Make a dating profile. Let your friends, family members, and coworkers know that you’re now single. Spend some time in a crowded cafe and try to strike up a conversation with a woman. Take action. 

3. You Might Struggle Financially 

When you get divorced, the lawyer’s fees alone can be expensive, but it usually doesn’t stop there. The court may order you to pay alimony or child support and force you to split all your assets. 

Add this all up, and you may go from feeling wealthy to poor in a matter of weeks. Facing your new financial reality requires a strategic approach to ensure a stable future for yourself. Consider the following: 

  • Create A New Budget

If you were married for several years, your financial decisions were operating on autopilot. Like it or not, that’s over now. Sit down, create a budget sheet, and determine your priorities to survive and live comfortably. 

  • Manage Your Debt (If You Have Any)

If you’ve accumulated debt — from the divorce or poor personal choices — you must develop a plan to manage it. Financial advisors can be well worth the money to help you create a plan that is sustainable for the long term. 

  • Plan For The Future 

After a divorce, everything changes. If you and your ex-wife had plans for managing retirement funds, covering college expenses for your children, or other long-term financial goals, it’s time to revisit these plans based on your new circumstances. 

  • Keep A Positive Mindset 

Like anything else, mindset is the key. You can either wallow over the fact that your wife got half your assets, or resolve to go out there and triple what you now have. Maintain a positive attitude and use the situation to fuel your financial growth going forward. 

4. You Will See Your Children Less 

It’s rare for a father to be given custody of the children after a divorce. Even if you’re more financially stable and can provide a better environment for your children, your ex-wife will almost certainly retain custody of your kids. 

When a father is separated from his children, it can take a real toll on him. A married man’s immediate family often makes up his primary social circle. When that is suddenly taken away, he can feel isolated and alone. 

It is also common for children to grow resentful and angry toward their father after a divorce. Even if you did nothing to be labeled as a “bad parent,” your ex may twist the truth to turn the children against you. 

You’ll need to adapt to seeing your children less and accept that your relationship with them might change. 

First off, make the most of the time you’re given with them. In this new situation, it’s a matter of quality over quantity. You need to focus on activities that allow you to bond and create new memories together.  

Second, keep communication open, and don’t bad-mouth your ex-wife. Even if you know for a fact that she’s been talking ill about you, two wrongs don’t make a right. All you will do is further confuse your children and increase their emotional burden. 

Third, keep yourself engaged in their lives. You might be unable to look over their shoulders to help them with their math homework, but you can still show you’re actively interested in their lives. Never underestimate the power of a simple phone or video call. 

5. Your Social Circle Will Expand 

A man’s social circle will usually expand after a divorce. In the absence of a marital relationship, many men seek new friendships or rekindle old ones. 

Without the commitments that come with marriage, you may have more time to pursue your interests and connect with like-minded individuals. Use this to your advantage. 

Go out there. Try new things. Meet new people. Live your life on your own terms. 

If you use this time to expand your social connections, you may develop more profound, meaningful connections than ever before (potentially even romantic ones). And besides that, you may learn a thing or two about yourself. 

If you embrace the growth mindset — the belief that we are constantly expanding and changing — you will attract others with that mindset into your life. If you walk around believing that everything in life is fixed, that nothing or no one ever changes, nothing will. 

Just because you’ve made past mistakes doesn’t mean you will continue to do so in the future. Just because you’ve dated a specific “type” of woman doesn’t mean you actually have a certain “type.” 

Your post-divorce life may be the best opportunity to try new things. Meet new people, try dating different women, and see where life takes you. 

6. Your Social Circle Might Also Shrink 

At the same time, there will probably be many people you’ll never see again after your divorce. Even though most people would rather not take sides in a divorce, it’s inevitable that some will. 

For example, even if you’re friendly with certain members of your ex-wife’s family, you’ll probably never see those people again. Mutual friends might stop contacting you, even if they don’t harbor any ill will toward you. 

These things just happen, and you must do your best never to take them personally. 

And it probably goes without saying, but you may have limited (or no) contact with your ex-wife after the divorce proceedings. Usually, this is for the best. 

Some men find it difficult to let their exes go and cling to the hope of getting back together. 

Yes, couples split and get back together all the time, but marriage is a totally different ballgame. Divorce is a messy situation, one that often leaves both parties with lifelong animosity. 

Nothing is impossible, but you should not count on reconciliation. Learn to accept your losses and move on. 

7. You Will Become Tougher Emotionally 

As I’ve said several times, how your divorce affects you depends entirely on you. That said, one way or the other, you’ll almost certainly emerge from this ordeal as a hardened man — which can be a good or bad thing. 

If you allow the divorce to eat away at you, you’ll put up an emotional wall around you and refuse to let anyone else in. You’ll resolve never to love again and live out the rest of the days on your own. 

At the same time, you can harden yourself emotionally without blocking out the world. You can become more confident, more fit, and more financially independent. You can learn to love again without the fear of loss. 

As odd as it may seem, many men become better partners after a divorce. They learn much about themselves and realize they’re much stronger than they realized. 

If you can become a man who hopes for the best but is prepared for the worst, it’s easier to open up to someone new. 

You can walk around with a chip on your shoulder, thinking that every woman out there will be as bad as your ex-wife, but that doesn’t make you a strong, grounded man; it makes you weak. 

Allowing your emotions to dictate your behavior is natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s right. Real strength comes from controlling your feelings and using them to your advantage. 

8. Your Perspective On Life Will Change

The only real thing that makes marriage different from any other romantic relationship is the level of commitment. When you take your vows, you’re openly stating that you’re entering a lifelong partnership with another person. 

Divorce is the harsh realization that, despite those vows, nothing is truly permanent. And when you suffer through a divorce, it can cause a shift in your subconscious mind. 

Ultimately, this is a shift that should make you a stronger man. Divorce should act as a wake-up call that self-reliance is of utmost importance. Romantic love is one of the most amazing things in the world, but it cannot be the driving force behind your entire existence. 

Ultimately, you need to be the person who can find fulfillment and happiness within yourself, independent of any romantic relationship. 

If you built your entire existence around the needs of your (now failed) relationship, it’s time to prioritize what’s most important to you. Your needs and wants need to come first. 

A romantic relationship should add to a fulfilling life, not be your sole reason to exist. If you embrace this, your divorce can start a new chapter in your life. 

9. You May Feel Tremendous Guilt 

Usually, marriages don’t dissolve due to the actions of any one person. Nine times out of ten, both partners are responsible for the deterioration of the relationship. 

Nevertheless, you may feel regret or guilt about your role in all this. The only people who can say what went wrong in the relationship are you and your ex-wife. Unfortunately, you’re both well past the point of talking things out. 

The only option you have at this point is to look forward. The past may sting for a very long time, but it is essential to learn from it so you don’t repeat the same mistakes twice. 

Allow yourself to feel guilt, but never let yourself wallow in it. Things happen for a reason, and you need to accept the situation for what it is.  

For better or for worse, there’s no going back at this point. The only path is forward. When you learn to take control of your emotions, you learn to take control of your life. 

How To Navigate The New You 

Regardless of what you think, do, or say, you may feel deep hopelessness that sometimes feels inescapable. If you allow yourself to get caught in a whirlwind of negativity, it won’t be long until things run away from you. Here are a few tips to keep that from happening. 

Make It A Point To Socialize 

Create a routine around your social life. Watch Monday night football with the guys. Get a poker game going. Join local group activities that you’re interested in. Try speed dating. Join a professional men’s group. 

Whatever you do, make a conscious effort to be consistent with it. It will feel natural to fall into depressed solitude after a divorce, so you must make a conscious effort to counteract these feelings. 

Create A Healthy Routine  

If you’re not already hitting the gym regularly, this is the perfect time to start. In times like these, it’s too easy to cater to the comforts of junk food, booze, and mindless television. 

Eating healthy and working out can keep your body and mind in check during this rough patch. You’ll feel better, sleep better, and be able to think more clearly. 

Never Forget The Power Of Time 

If you’ve ever suffered heartbreak before, you know that time really does heal all wounds, and a failed marriage is no different. The only thing that changes is how much time you need to grieve. 

The time needed to get over a divorce will vary from man to man, but rest assured that things will start to feel better eventually. Remind yourself that you’ve been in a similar situation before, and if you could get over it then, you can get over it now. 

Get Professional Help 

And when all else fails, remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness. Hiring a professional coach or having a support group of like-minded men is one of the best things you can do to accelerate your personal growth. 


Ultimately, every man’s journey with divorce will be different. No two situations are exactly the same, but the opportunity for growth is always there. 

Whether you want to simply recover from divorce or rediscover who you are as a man, you don’t have to do it alone. Our coaching program can provide real-world guidance through this rough patch in your life. 

Regardless of what you’re struggling with — whether it is self-esteem issues, overwhelming emotions, financial struggles, adjusting to your new lifestyle, or re-entering the dating world — our team has the experience to get you through it. 

It may be hard to believe, but divorce can be a powerful catalyst for positive change with the right mindset and support group in place. Instead of going at it alone, why not tap into our collective wisdom and ease your burden? 

You don’t want to forget the past; you want to learn from it. You want to grow stronger from it. 

Just imagine how it would feel if this dark patch in your life turned into the best thing that ever happened to you. Imagine how it would feel to embrace your full potential and become a man who can finally realize his full potential. 

Just because your ex-wife failed to see your value doesn’t mean that other women won’t. Countless women out there would line up for the chance to date you. 

But it’s up to you to go out there and find them. When you put your self-worth on full display, it’s only a matter of time before you get a bite. 

If you’re struggling to navigate your divorce and feel like your life has been irreparably damaged, you’re not alone. Remember, divorce is what you make of it, so let us help you make it a turning point toward a better, stronger you. 

The journey will not be easy, and you will be challenged along the way, but the results can be life-changing. 

Do you have what it takes? To find out, click here to learn more. And if you do, I’ll see you on the other side. 

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