The Power of Walking Away From a Woman and Why It’s Necessary

man walking away from his relationship

Young men are trained to be warriors. From the time we’re born, we’re told to never give up, never surrender, and to fight for what we love at all costs. All costs – even if it means sacrificing everything we believe in. We’re taught to sacrifice our well-being for our partners, family members, and our … Read more

What Causes Lack Of Motivation And Energy In Men (And How To Fix It)

man without energy and motivation

A lack of motivation and energy can quickly become a crippling and vicious cycle. Even when the source of our low drive isn’t our fault, we start to see ourselves as “lazy” and “unmotivated.” This perceived lack of motivation turns to guilt. This guilt exhausts us even further and creates a flywheel of failure where … Read more

How Coaching and Counseling Can Help Fix Motivation Problems in Men 

motivated man running and happy

Experiencing the occasional drag of low motivation is a normal part of the human experience. No matter how energetic a person is or how exciting their lives are, we all have days when we’d rather hide under the sheets than get up and pursue our goals. But when our lack of motivation becomes chronic–going on … Read more

How Social Skills Coaching Can Help You Deal with Social Awkwardness and Have Better Conversations

social skill coaching for men

If you’re struggling to build the network, friend group, and romantic life you want, working with a social skill coach could be the missing link. In the longest-running study ever conducted, Harvard University concluded that one’s relationships–not material possessions, financial success, or even physical health–have the greatest impact on their happiness and quality of life. … Read more

9 Masculinity Traits That Change Boys Into Men

masculinity traits that separate men from the boys

Masculinity is at a crossroads. And now, more than ever before, men are confused by what it means to be a real man. Hundreds of years ago, this wasn’t something society bothered to question. Before the concepts of gender identity, toxic masculinity, and male dominance entered the conversation, masculinity was easily defined. A man’s ability … Read more

Intimacy Exercises to Reignite Passion and Build Stronger Relationships

intimate couples

Intimacy defines romantic relationships. As a man, the truest connection you will ever know is with your partner. She will be the first person you tell when you get a promotion. She’s the one you confide in when times get tough. She’s the person that you trust to see the most real and most honest … Read more

How Confidence Coaching Can Help You Boost Self-esteem, Build Confidence, and Improve Relationships

confident man

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, self-worth, or self doubt you might be wondering if confidence coaching can help you reclaim your sense of power and the “fire in the belly” that you once had. Through a combination of conversation and exercises, confidence coaches help their clients develop greater self-awareness, learn new skills, and set … Read more

How to Use Emotional Vulnerability to Build a Successful, Long-Lasting Relationship

emotionally vulnerable man

No man is an island. Emotional vulnerability is the key to relationship success. We’ve all done it. Building a figurative moat and massive wall around yourself might protect you in the short term but it’s a real error. I’ve been there myself—I used to believe that hiding my vulnerabilities from the world would keep me … Read more

How to Deal with Confrontation, Avoid Anxiety, and Be a Stronger Man

man dealing with confrontation

With the exception of sociopaths few people enjoy confrontation. It’s uncomfortable. It causes tension and anxiety. And it’s at direct odds with how our brains are wired through evolution. Outside of life or death situations, we evolved to avoid confronting anyone or anything. Back in hunter-gatherer days, confrontation carried a fatal potential. The conflict between … Read more

Dating an Emotionally Immature Woman: What It’s Like and What To Do About It

dating emotionally immature woman

Emotional immaturity is a disease… It kills romantic relationships. When you’re dating an emotionally immature woman, your romance will be a fast-burning adrenaline rush. Yes, she will run hot from the moment you meet her — desiring your time, energy, and physical attention. She will be like no woman you’ve ever met before now. Don’t … Read more

What to Do When You Don’t Trust Your Partner

trust your partner

It can be hard to trust your partner, especially for men. Finding the so-called ‘one’ and sticking with them—through good times and bad—might be your ideal. However, the truth of the matter is that some guys are luckier than others in love. Yes, you might meet a solid person who will stand by your side … Read more

How to Stop Being Jealous In a Relationship

jealousy in relationship

Jealousy is one of the most complicated emotions that human beings can experience. You’ve definitely felt the discomfort that jealousy can cause. You’ve seen your friends “overreact” to situations with their relationships. You’ve felt that overwhelming surge of jealousy when your colleague gets a promotion that you wanted. You’ve scrolled through pictures of celebrities on … Read more

The Setup by Dan Bilzerian Book Review

Inside Dan Bilzerian’s new book, The Setup he takes you on a rollercoaster ride through his early childhood, Navy Seal BUDS class, two hell weeks, extreme poker gambling, and endless sex and drug fueled debauchery inside mega yachts, private jets and supermodels around the world. I will walk you through the Setup book’s core contents, … Read more

Knowledge For Men Reviews

Reclaim Masculine Power, Create a High Quality Romantic Relationship and Become the Strongest Version of Yourself Knowledge For Men offers a coaching program after conducting 400+ interviews with experts and coaching 1000s of men over the last decade to transforms ordinary men into leaders of men like clockwork, the type of high value men who … Read more

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