How to Be in a Good Relationship: Key Habits and Mindsets for Lasting Love

couple in a good relationship

Dating culture today is set up in a way that leads to bad relationships. In dating today, there are no values, no responsibility, and everything is chaos. Today’s dating culture is weak, and men and women are struggling to find lasting love like never before. With the fall of the relationship has come the rise … Read more

How to Deal with Anger in a Relationship: 9 Strategies for Maintaining Harmony and Love

deal with anger in relationship

Has your once-healthy relationship turned into a constant battle? Are you at the mercy of your anger and find that everything your partner does pisses you off?  Do minor disagreements about mundane activities snowball into massive arguments that are openly hostile and emotionally damaging for both of you? Do you find other aspects of your … Read more

Igniting the Fire: 9 Bold Strategies to Revive Passion in Your Sexless Marriage 

revive passion in sexless marriage

Are you languishing in a sexless marriage, feeling detached from your wife, and searching for the secret formula to reignite the smoldering embers of passion?  Have you tried countless strategies to restore your sex life, but every attempt has fallen flat? Are you exhausted by loneliness and sexual frustration, desperate for a breakthrough that revitalizes … Read more

7 Ways Accountability Groups Empower Men to Conquer Goals and Foster Growth

accountability groups for men

Everything that you want out of your life is on the other side of a lot of hard work, discipline, and time. If you can be disciplined, work hard, and stay committed to the process over a long period, the possibilities for what you can achieve are endless. But this simple truth is the reason … Read more

Relationship Red Flags: 10 Signs Your Girlfriend Likes Another Man

girlfriend likes another man

The pain of betrayal is sudden and everlasting. It can destroy a man like nothing else–throw you from the mountain of euphoric bliss to the valley of soul-sucking despair in a moment. This pain is inevitable if your girlfriend has developed feelings for another guy. However, the longer this betrayal passes by unrealized, the more … Read more

Feeling Trapped in a Relationship? Common Reasons and How to Overcome It

feeling trapped in a relationship

Feeling trapped in a relationship is exasperating and terrifying for men. It feels like sprinting on a treadmill that can’t stop: you’re exhausted and shattered beyond belief, but you’re afraid to find out what happens if you stop running. If this sounds like you, it’s time to sort things out. A connected, healthy relationship relies … Read more

10 Best Ways to Deal With Being Ignored by Someone You Love

ignored by someone you love

Being ignored by someone you love is as painful and confusing as an abrupt breakup. Despite what your heart may tell you, this silent treatment isn’t an accident. When someone you care about intentionally ignores you, it can be a type of emotional mistreatment aimed at getting a reaction from you. This might be an … Read more

10 Major Reasons Why a Woman Leaves Her Man: A Brutally Honest Guide

why women leaves her man

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. You’re in a happy relationship and think you have everything under control. You’re crazy about her, and she’s crazy about you. And you genuinely cannot remember the last time you were this happy in a relationship. You even begin to wonder if you found “the one.” At the … Read more

9 Double Standards in Relationships: How They Affect Men and How to Deal With Them

double standards in relationships

Do you feel your girlfriend or wife has double standards in your relationship? Are you expected to do certain things or act a certain way, yet these rules don’t seem to apply to her when the roles are reversed?  Double standards occur when one person has expectations of their partner but doesn’t believe these same … Read more

10 Reasons Why Women Like Older Men and Lessons for Younger Men to Learn

why women like older men

Men age like fine wine. It isn’t uncommon to see a man dating a woman who is 10, 20, or even 30 years younger than him.  While young guys might view these men with disdain or jealousy, a great deal can be learned by understanding why this dating dynamic is so common.  A man’s age … Read more

8 Reasons Why Men Lose Respect In Relationships

why men lose respect in a relationship

As relationships progress, many women don’t just lose attraction for the men that they’re dating. They lose respect for them. As time passes, they start to see the man they once loved as weak, submissive, passive, and even ugly. It destroys the romance in their lives. They become angry, discontent, and resentful of the man … Read more

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