The 9 Best Couple’s Coaches to Improve Your Relationship With Your Partner

Have you ever been in a nearly perfect relationship, but you lost it?

Have you ever been in love with someone and pushed them away because you couldn’t love them the way they needed to be loved? Have you ever grown to hate someone you love because you aren’t the right man for them right now?

Most people today are too quick to give up on love. They push away good things before they have a chance to really see how good they are.

It’s one of the greatest tragedies of modern dating: we give up before we ask for help.

But I don’t want that to be you, and none of the best couples coaches out there want that for you either.

Today, we’re going to meet and learn about some of the best relationship coaches out there today.

You’re going to learn about all the help that is available to you and your partner to save what could be a beautiful relationship.

1. Andrew Ferebee – Knowledge For Men

If you’re a man who is feeling lost and powerless in a relationship, you need to check out my program at Knowledge For Men.

I’m a relationship coach, men’s coach, and self-improvement guide with more than a decade of experience in the world of helping men take their personal development, health, and relationships to the next level. To a level where they can thrive.

What you should know is that my coaching program is challenging.

It’s not a program where you can baby yourself and escape without struggle, hard work, or even questioning yourself.

However, if you accept the difficulty of the challenge, accept support from me and my team of world-class coaches, and join our community with open arms, Knowledge For Men’s relationship coaching might be perfect for you.

Here are a couple of reasons why I love telling people about our program:

You Learn Real World Advice From Real Men

I don’t tell people to do things that I haven’t done myself. My team is the same way.

I don’t offer coaching advice on relationships while having a terrible one myself. I don’t offer self-improvement advice while being self-destructive myself.

I live in accordance with my values, and so do the other men who coach in my program. We hold our coaches to an extremely high standard of behavior, and complaining, quitting, and excuse-making are not tolerated in this program. This is a program for people who want to change and live better lives, and the only way to really do that is to put in the work and respect the difficulty of the task in front of you.

You need discipline, an open mind, and the capacity and desire to work really hard at the most important things in your life: yourself, your mind, and your relationship.

By doing this, you open yourself up to my second favorite part of the coaching program.

You Will Connect With Men Who Want the Same Thing As You

This is a big one because the main reason why people give up during pursuits of self-improvement or better relationships is that they don’t have other people on the path with them.

They don’t have people who want the same things as them, and because of that, they start to feel isolated in their desire to be better. Their actions start to become disconnected from their desires.

They just do things over and over again hoping that they will see tangible results in their real life, but there’s no connection, no community, and no sense of urgency. Their work toward improvement becomes mindless and meaningless.

With Knowledge For Men, you’ll join a community of men who are all obsessed with and invested in improving their lives and their relationships. We lift each other up, work together, and put in the time to help each other grow. It’s a team.

We want you to be better, you want yourself to be better, and after some time in the program, you’ll become invested in seeing your band of brothers succeed as well.

The community aspect of Knowledge For Men is what sets us apart from the other relationship coaching programs out there.

Click here to learn about what people are saying about Knowledge For Men.

2. Steve and Dan – Good Guys 2 Great Men

Steve Horsmon and Dan Dore are the founders of Good Guys 2 Great Men, a Colorado-based relationship coaching program that aims to help men who are struggling in their personal lives and relationships with women.

Their coaching program is experience-based, based on years of people pleasing, failure, and the development of what they call “man skills” – essential skills to help a man improve his relationship ability.

Their goal is to transform men into the men that they love to be so that they can attract the people that they love to be with – and the women that they love to be with.

Steve and Dan’s coaching goals are personal, but they also work to connect couples. One of their programs to pay attention to if you are struggling in a relationship is the “Diffuse the Divorce Bomb” course.

As many men today are in a crisis of masculinity, having personal coaches for relationships who are men with experience in personal development can be a huge help in taking the next step.

Here’s what some of their clients have said:

“I wasn’t sure what I was getting into when I called Steve.  I quickly found out that he is both the father and brother I never had.  His insight and wisdom is helping me to realize things I wish I knew when I was 20!  Why didn’t someone tell me then?  The compassion and concern he has for me and my goals is supportive and affirming.  My sense of manhood and confidence has reached a point to where I can find affirmation from within myself – not from my wife and what I thought I needed from her.  My marriage is taking a slow but sure turn for the better and I can see the relief in my wife as I become the man she’s always needed me to be.” – Travis M. – Texas

3. Dr. Wyatt Fisher

Dr. Wyatt Fisher holds a Masters and Doctorate in clinical psychology, and he is a licensed psychologist who specializes in marriage counseling and coaching. He is another Colorado-based relationship coach.

He admits that his coaching program (a 6-step program that builds what he believes is the strong foundation of a good marriage) isn’t easy, but he works from experience in his own relationship that has had ups and downs. His mission, he says, is to help couples have satisfying and joyful relationships that improve the quality of life for themselves, their children, and even their community.

And it’s true – a happy couple can change a community.

Additionally, Dr. Wyatt Fisher has seen a lot of failed relationships – even one in his own household (his parents) as a child.

If you’re looking for a coach who’s going to be heavily invested in helping you overcome the worst-case scenario of your relationship, Dr. Wyatt Fisher might be your man. He offers coaching, retreats, and a community for couples looking to rekindle their passion for each other.

Here’s what some of his clients have said about him:

“Overall, Amanda and I agreed: 5 stars.” – Andrew

4. Vincent Soo

Vincent Soo calls himself both a “relationships architect” and a “trauma alchemist”, but terms aside, he’s a coach who helps working professionals to heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, ADHD, and more.

But it’s more than just 1-on-1 attention. Vincent’s purpose as a coach is to help people improve their minds, souls, and relationships, and he does this from the perspective of someone who has struggled with his relationship.

The first year of his marriage, they almost didn’t make it.

Now? He’s been happily married for 27 years – nearly 28!

The Singaporean relationship coach has worked with couples in their 20s to their 50s always to help them overcome marital challenges and at times even extra-marital affairs. He coaches people to rekindle their connection with each other and to restore the love that they feared was lost.

He also has a Masters in Social Science, and nearly a dozen coaching certifications to boast.

“We could form a connection with Vincent right from our first meeting. Other than advising on relationship issues, he also helped us better understand ourselves individually. The sessions were always focused on actual issues which we experienced and Vincent was always sharp enough to ask the right questions and probe deeper.” – Yi Min

5. Stephen Labossiere

Stephen Labossiere is a relationship coach, author, and social media sensation who has captivated millions of viewers online with his content and posts about love, self-transformation, and relationships.

Stephen’s exclusive coaching program aims to help you solve root issues in your relationship, enhance your connection, experience greater peace and happiness, and improve your overall quality of life. His goal is to help you face the truth about your relationship head-on with honesty, empathy, and optimism.

Along with writing bestselling books and promoting his exclusive program to over 2 million people on Instagram (and 3 million on Facebook!), Stephen is also a speaker and blogger.

He’s a busy guy, and his clients appreciate his hard work.

“As someone who has studied the role of men and women in relationship in our society for many years, it has been a joy to get to know and work with Stephan. His knowledge and candid from the heart writings and speaking on the topic of relationships are a breath of fresh air and sure to take you and your relationships to a more authentic and loving way of being.” – Tom Preston

6. Dr. Dar Hawks

Dr. Dar Hawks holds a PhD in philosophy and metaphysics, and she offers an alternative approach to relationship coaching and development.

In addition to providing clients with guidance toward better relationships, the Arizona-based coach realizes that every relationship is unique and they all require a unique approach toward healing from what ails them.

Her program is based on implementing what she calls her Relationship Success Framework, where she aims to help you get to the following 6 phases of a healthy relationship:

  • 2 healthy individuals
  • Healthy relationship mindsets
  • Healthy relationship behaviors
  • Clean curious communication
  • Managing your energy
  • Quality time together

Using these frameworks and more, Dr. Dars helps her clients rebuild their relationships and maximize quality of life and fulfillment.

“Dar helped me in too many ways to count! As a mentor and friend, coach and partner, Dar has helped me become the coach and Spiritual Mentor that I am today, by gently taking me under her wing and showing me the gifts I already possessed.

She helped me to grow and never judged my process as I struggled to gain skills that would lead to my success. Additionally, she gave me the tools I needed to make better choices in my personal life. With her help, I found a richer landscape to explore and I learned to set standards. And then…miracles of miracles, after searching for years, I was finally strong enough to allow myself to be loved unconditionally, and I met the love of my life!

This woman is amazing, an amazing friend, an amazing coach, and an amazing friend. Seek her out, you will never regret it!” – Starr Piercy

7. Jamie Bronstein

“The relationship expert” – AKA Jamie Bronstein holds her license in clinical social work and was named the #1 relationship coach in the USA in 2020 by Yahoo.

She offers relationship coaching for couples, people going through divorce, and even single people, and she’s also a published author and podcast host. For more than 20 years, the California native has been helping her clients heal from past traumas, tap into their innermost desires, and work toward their relationship goals.

She understands that there are peaks and valleys in the dating world, and her coaching is not just about helping you reach the peak, but also about helping you navigate the valleys.

She’s been featured in the New York Post, interviewed by NBC News, and even appeared in On Air with Ryan Seacrest.

“Jaime has impacted my life in such a positive way. Since working with her, I’m less anxious, less depressed, I’m more present and I’m really learning how to be my authentic self and put myself first. I truly can say that I really do feel like a better version of myself and I understand myself better since working with Jaime.” – Shannon, Jamie’s client

8. Bryan Reeves

Bryan Reeves calls himself a “life and relationship ninja”, and in his life and relationship coaching program, he wants you to join the clan.

After leaving the Air Force, having an existential crisis, and rebuilding his life after a devastating divorce, Bryan has all of the tools needed to help you learn how to connect with your inner spirit and the man you want to be to have the relationship that you deserve.

He works from personal experience and helps you overcome self-sabotage, limiting beliefs, and the pain of a failed relationship.

Bryan has the lived experience of both failed and successful relationships that many people crave when they look for relationship coaches online.

He’s done things right and he’s done them wrong, and he wants to help you learn the right way for you and your partner.

“I wish I would have done this 20 years ago. I feel I have the right tools to tackle whatever the day brings … whatever life brings.” – Ronnie, Bryan’s client

9. Beck Thompson

Beck Thompson is a dating and relationship coach, podcast host, and author of the international bestselling book The Conscious You.

She’s also the mastermind behind The Relationship Circle, a relationship coaching program that helps men and women alike to improve their connection, embrace honesty, and develop the ability to laugh in the face of life’s greatest adversities.

She’s a communicative, respectful, and fun-loving coach who won’t just give you the hard stuff and make you figure it out, but rather will help find the joy in your relationship that you might feel has been lost.

Beck, like all of the coaches on this list, has her own perspective that helps her connect with clients and rekindle their passion.

Here’s what some of her clients have said about her work:

“I’ve had more progress working with Beck than I have had with any other form of self-development including psychology. Not only more progress but in a lot quicker timeframe too! This has been such an enjoyable & productive experience!” – Maddison H


Trying to find the perfect relationship coach is a challenge.

However, before the internet, it was nearly impossible. Men struggled to find people who could help them become the best that they could be, and it became easier to just abandon love than to fight for it.

They were alone, lost, and drawing at straws for how to improve themselves and their relationships.

But times have changed, and there’s never been a better time to be a man looking to take steps in your life, relationship, and personal journey.

That’s why I want to tell you about my exclusive coaching program, led by me and my team of experienced men’s coaches.

See, this program isn’t only going to help you break free from nice guy behaviors, build quality romantic relationships, and become a stronger Grounded Man. It’s also going to provide you with support from both myself and my elite community of men. Our coaches provide informed professional advice on how to play hard to get, among other important relationship principles.

We’re going to help you learn how to get to know people without being desperate, clingy, or weak.

No drama, no games, just growth. This will be the last self-development group you’ll ever need.

With this program, you’ll be tapped into your own “band of brothers” and you’ll also have access to the best training course for men in existence today, as well as weekly calls with my team of inspiring and determined coaches. There are no boys, no complainers, or dabblers, this program is for serious men only.

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