What Women Want in a Man: 5 Traits That Will Make Her Obsess Over You

Have you ever asked yourself…

What do women want in a man?

What drives women crazy?

What do women find attractive?

What will make her obsess over you?

If so, then you’re in the right place.

Over the past decade, I’ve spent thousands of hours trying to “crack the code” to what women want in a man.

After hundreds of dates, dozens of relationships, and hundreds of interviews with the world’s leading experts on psychology, attraction, and dating, I’ve discovered that there are five simple traits that spark attraction and create connection faster than anything else.

And in this quick article, I’m going to lay out exactly what drives women crazy and what will make her obsess over you.

If you’ve ever seen women going absolutely goo-goo eyes over a particular guy, and asked yourself ‘What’s so special about him?’

…Chances are he possessed one or more of these traits.

And by the time you’re done with this article, you can too.

Let’s dive in.

1. How to Make a Girl Go Crazy For Your: The #1 FASTEST Way to Spark Attraction and Create Connection with Anyone

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If you want to know how to be more attractive to women, there’s one answer that stands out above the rest.


Increasing your confidence as a man–your true confidence–is the fastest way to authentically attract more high-quality women into your life.

The reason is simple.

When trying to answer the question, “What do women look for in a man”, it’s helpful to step back and look at how our biology and psychology impact our sexual and romantic desires.

We are evolutionarily hard-wired to seek out partners who have traits that are ideal for survival and reproductive success.

Men look for women who are attractive, youthful, healthy, and appear to be suitable for bearing children.

Women want men who are strong, intelligent, and emotionally mature enough to protect and provide for her and her children.

It’s important to remember that all of this is happening subconsciously. Most men and women aren’t aware of the evolutionary mechanisms working in their brain and they don’t go out thinking, “Oh yeah! He/she looks like the perfect person to reproduce with!” But this hardwiring is there whether we acknowledge it or not.

And one of the most important traits that women want in a man is confidence.

A man who is confident in himself and his abilities has likely put in years of hard work. He knows what he’s capable of and he’s overcome adversity. He knows that he can handle any situation that life (or his woman) throws at him and he carries himself as such.

Confidence is the first key to attraction. If you don’t believe in yourself, why would any woman believe in you?

Although I’ve written an extensive guide that will help you increase your confidence (which you can check out here), there are a few simple ways that you can be more confident with women starting today.


1. Do an “Appreciating Audit”: Write down a list of 50+ things that you really appreciate and are grateful for in your life. Think about all of the amazing things about yourself and your life and all of the reasons that women would want to be with you (and that their life would improve because you are in it).

2. Complete a “Past Comparison”: Think back on your life over the past few months and years and compare that to where you are today. Think about how much you’ve grown, what you’ve learned, how much adversity you’ve overcome, and how you’ve become a better man. The fastest way to increase your confidence is to think back to times when you were not confident and acknowledge the change and growth you experienced.

3. Improve Your Physical Abilities: This is one of the fastest ways to be more attractive to women. When you commit yourself to an intense exercise program and transform your body, not only will you be more physically attractive to women, but you will develop core confidence in yourself and your abilities by taking complete control of your body and carving yourself into a greek god.

4. Give Yourself a Break: Most men lack confidence because of the stories they tell themselves. They beat themselves up and suffer from a healthy dose of self-loathing. To be more confident, start by changing the narrative in your own head. Stop nitpicking your flaws and focus on your strengths. Stop comparing yourself to others and start comparing yourself to where you were years ago. Realize that you need to be your greatest cheerleader and cut the negative bullshit from your self-talk. This alone will transform how you feel about yourself and how women react to you.

Use these steps (in conjunction with my guide) to improve your confidence.

But remember, being overly confident can be just as bad as lacking confidence.

Which is why you need a healthy dose of charm…

2. Tap Into Your Inner Prince Charming to Make Her Obsess Over You

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What women want in a man, more than anything else, is to find a real-life Prince Charming.

Confidence is important and it’s the first step to sparking attraction and driving her crazy.

But, in and of itself, it’s not enough.

Women want a man who is charming. A man who is strong, resilient, and tough with others, but gentle, funny, and endearing with her.

Without confidence, charm makes you nothing more than a clown. However, when combined with confidence and strength, a healthy dose of charm can tip the scales and make her obsess over you.

Here are a few simple ways you can become more charming today:

1. Manners: As simple as it sounds, high-quality women are attracted to polite and refined men. Please, thank you, sir, and mam go a long way and show women that you have a soft side and care about the feelings and emotions of others.

2. Compliments: Don’t take it to the extreme and become a pandering nice guy, but authentic compliments go a long way with women. Whenever you meet a woman for the first time, be sure to compliment something about her appearance or character that you like. Something like, “That’s a beautiful dress…did you wear that just for me?” or, “I love seeing you smile…it lights up the entire room” will work wonders and make her feel like the most beautiful woman in the room.

3. Chivalry: Like manners and compliments, a healthy dose of chivalry goes a long way. The key to making it work, however, is to make it a part of who you are, not simply something you do to impress women. Open doors for everyone, pull out chairs for the women and elders whenever you go out to eat, help the old lady in the parking lot return her grocery cart. Become the type of man who serves others selflessly because that’s who he is and I promise it will be noticed.

While all of these are important, there’s one final component to the “Prince Charming Equation” that will help you learn how to be more attractive to women.

And it’s one of the most underrated skills on the planet….

3. What Do Women Find Attractive? A Man Who Knows How to Use His Mouth…

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In conversation that is.

Let me tell you something you already know…

People love talking. And they especially love talking about themselves.

And if you want to be more interesting, learn how to be more attractive to women, and make her obsess over you, then you must internalize this quote and use it in every interaction:

“To be more interesting, be more interested.” 

In other words, you build attraction by paying more attention to her and active listening. It is not about you, your job, your car, your social status. Throw all of that junk out the door until she asks you, then and only then are you permitted to boast about yourself. Let the conversation be 75% about her and 25% about you.

That means that you should spend most of your time listening – being interested in the other person – instead of talking – that is making yourself seem interesting.

Most men don’t know how to listen.

They will drone on for hours about themselves, their careers, their social status, the shit they bought, and the things they do.

They will cut women off mid-sentence and dominate the entire conversation.

But you know better.

By being genuinely interested in the woman in front of you and expressing authentic curiosity about who she is and what makes her tick, you will drive her crazy and make her wonder, “Where has this guy been all my life?”

She will be more attracted to you because you are giving her the space and validation to talk about herself. It feels good when other people take an interest in our lives and, by understanding the power of attentive listening you will instantly become one of the most attractive men in the room.

4. Understand the Power of Trust and Leverage it to Build Lasting Relationships

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What women want in a man…what they really want in a man is someone who possesses all of the characteristics we’ve discussed so far and can be trusted with their lives.

Without trust, attraction cannot occur.

Think about it…

If you were dating a girl who went out to party four nights a week and came home at 5 am, smelling like booze, and clearly on drugs, you would worry. You wouldn’t feel the same love and connection that you would with a woman who you trusted completely and who went out of her way to make sure that you felt confident and secure in your relationship.

Women are the same way.

They want a trustworthy and faithful partner who makes them feel safe and who is honest with them even when it’s hard.

When a woman trusts you and knows that you aren’t going out and sleeping with half the city when her back is turned she feels safe and loved.

And, assuming that she doesn’t have a horrible history with men that will require years of intense therapy (which is a red flag that you should run the other way), it’s actually pretty easy to prove your trustworthiness and create this connection.

When you say you’ll do something, do it.

Show up on time, do what you say you will do, and tell her “No” when you need to (part of trust is knowing that the other person isn’t lying or bullshitting to make you happy).

Have honest conversations with her about your views on monogamy and what you want in a relationship (yes, some women are ok with open relationships or curious about their sexuality and willing to invite other women into the bedroom…but you need to start this conversation).

Be authentic and speak your truth, even if it hurts.

She might not always like what you have to say, but if you keep your word and communicate your needs, thoughts, and desires honestly, she will feel a deep attraction that cannot be replicated.

5. The Ultimate “Sexiness” Hack Revealed

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The final, and most important answer to the question “What do women look for in a man” is PASSION.

Passion and commitment are sexy. (And no, passion for playing World of Warcraft doesn’t count).

When a man is talented at something his energy gets engrossed in that thing, and living with such purpose is the number one thing that makes a man attractive to women.

Similarly, when a man is passionate about something he is pushing or focussing all his energy to that thing, again, being on purpose!

You don’t have to be a World Champion at your particular endeavor if you are simply interested in it to a point where it becomes engrossing and you feel yourself and your energy being lifted when you do it…that is enough.

A man with passion is a man who is alive, a man who knows what he wants out of life and is willing to do what it takes to achieve it.

Passion is the difference between a “Life of quiet desperation” and a life fully lived.

Women, more than anything else, want a life of adventure. They want to live their lives to the fullest and they want someone with whom they can share that journey.

By developing your passions, pursuing your hobbies, and becoming a modern-day renaissance man, you will prove to her that you are the perfect companion for the journey of life.

Use all 5 traits and I promise, you CAN attract the woman of your dreams. 

The traits I’ve revealed today are top 5 irresistible traits that woman absolutely love. Cultivate even one of them in your life and I promise you will experience a transformation in the way women respond to you.

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