The Top 5 Irresistible Male Traits that Drive Women Crazy

Did you know that there are 5 special traits that can instantly build attraction with any woman?

Read them here and learn how to easily put them into action.

There are certain things about certain men that women love. In fact, they can’t control it. Have you ever seen women going absolutely goo-goo eyes over a particular guy, while you are thinking ‘What’s so special about him?’

Chances are he had one or more of these traits. The thing is, even one of these traits properly developed would have more women falling at your feet than you can ever want. That’s why when you combine them together you literally become irresistible to women.

Some guys refer to this as ‘GOD Mode’… because you are invincible.

The world is yours.

Want to know how?

1 – Confidence is the fastest way to build attraction with anyone.

Confidence is the number one trait to quickly and easily bring women into your life. It is the single greatest lifehack that you could ever use to build attraction with any woman. If you just had this one trait going for you and that is all then you would still be pulling woman left and right.

When you have confidence you are the be all and end all of a woman’s eyes. Men without self-confidence are practically invisible when a real man with strong confidence is in their presence.

The best part is confidence is the easiest trait to develop of the 5 traits we will discuss today. So the most powerful one that builds the most attraction is actually the easiest to get! If that fact itself doesn’t make you confident then try these:

1 – Do an appreciating audit. Write down a list of 10, 20, 50 or 100 things you really appreciate and are grateful for in your life. Now do you see really how awesome your life really is?

2 – Do a past-comparison. Take a few major areas of your life and compare yourself now to who you were 1 week, 1 month, 1 year or 5 years ago. Isn’t it obvious how much you’ve grown and just how much better you are now?

3 – Increase your physical ability. This is the easiest way to feel better about yourself, build confidence and increase attractiveness. Just get out there and do anything that makes you fit and strong – running, bikes, pushups, martial arts, weights, sport, yoga, dancing, anything! C’mon get out and get fit!

4 – Get off your own back! It’s crazy just how much some of us berate ourselves, put ourselves down and make ourselves feel worthless all in the otherwise unheard chatter of our own minds. If you are constantly talking to yourself negatively it’s no wonder you feel like crap. Be nice to yourself, talk to yourself positively and encourage yourself and you’ll see your confidence increase instantly.

Being too confident can be perceived as cockiness or arragance that’s why you need the perfect dose of…Charm.

2 – Prince Charming to the Rescue!

Being charming is an amazing trait to have and it literally makes women weak at the knees and wet all over… due to sweat of course 😉 It’s that special something that makes a woman feel like she is oh-so important and that you are a true gentleman.

Think about it… the word gentleman is in essence describing a rough male that is charming and has become gentle, pleasing, affable etc. This doesn’t mean that he has lost his brute strength, dominance and ability to rip-through-tear-down-and-kick-ass (that’s a technical term). All it means is that he has learned to control himself and present in a positive social way.

This is what women want.

Gone are the days of the rough neck dirty smelly working man. That’s olden times stuff. It’s about being smart, sophisticated, well groomed and living a life worth living. Not to mention, we have iPhones, Facebook and we even live in climate-controlled environments. If you’re not charming you are missing out on this easy way to build attraction with the ladies.

Charming takes practice but here are some super basic starters to get you going quick:

 1 – Manners! Please, thankyou, mam, sir… always a charmer!

2 – Compliments. But don’t just make throw away compliments.

Here’s a simple way to give great compliments that work every time:

I like (“thing ”) /because/ (“reason”) {pause] (“question”)

If you failed algebra like I did, just copy these:

– I like your hair because it’s long and wavy, where did you get it done?

– That’s a nice dress. I really like the blue pattern. Is it new?

– Thanks for suggesting that restaurant Annie because that steak I had was one of the best I’ve tasted. Did you find it yourself or where you recommended it?

3 – Chivalry.

CHIVALY IS BACK. Being chivalrous is definitely still in. Actually it never went away and women still find it very attractive whenever a man is being chivalrous. The problem is this last generation has completely forgotten about the lost art of chivalry which means more power to you. Whenever you do it then you will stand out above the masses. Opening doors, pulling chairs out, all that stuff… Just don’t overdo it now because it can come off as too pleasing and needy.

Yet, you’ll never be the best charmer if you don’t understand how to…Listen.

3 – Listen to Become the Most Interesting Man in the World!

The truth is that women love talking. They can talk until the cows come home, that of which I’m sure you already know.

The secret is that that there is only one thing women love more than talking… that is talking about themselves!

In sales you quickly learn to be ‘Interested not Interesting’.

In other words, you build attraction by paying more attention to her and active listening. It is not about you, your job, your car, your social status. Throw all of that junk out the door until she asks you, then and only then are you permitted to boast about yourself. Let the conversation be 75% her and 25% you.

That means that you should spend most of your time listening – being interested in the other person – instead of talking – that is making yourself seem interesting.

Even though women listen to you a part of them isn’t happy they aren’t getting to talk about themselves.

Never underestimate a woman’s self-centeredness, ego and vainness!

If you listen and listen well by giving your full and undivided attention your woman will absolutely love it!

You don’t have to be a quiet sitting duck, by all means make small comments and ask questions to probe further into what she’s talking about.

The more you help her explore her own feelings and experience the more she will love you.

And before you know it you’ve been listing for an hour, asking a few questions here and there and she’ll rave that you are ‘Such a good talker!’… LOL. After she has been talking for quite some time and you find her saying, “my gosh you are the most interesting person ever”, then you have arrived at being a great listener. Pat yourself on the back because she will always want to “talk” with you now.

But you’re not there yet, a woman will never take you seriously if she doesn’t trust you.

4 – Trustworthy aka Faithfulness creates ever lasting attraction

It’s no secret that deep down women want a trustworthy and faithful partner. It’s at the core of their existence because they perceive you leaving as their world ending.

Because of men’s natural inclination for polygamy – and because women know just how much crap they themselves pull to reel guys

into their lure – women have a very real natural inbuilt fear that you are going to leave.

And they absolutely love it if deep down they’ll know you’ll always be there.

That’s why most (read most) women are so hung up on marriage. One major thing they want to know is that you will never leave them,

and they know that a trustworthy man that gives his word and commitment will never leave them.

But you don’t have to marry your women to make her feel this. You can display acts of trustworthiness and faithfulness all the time.

Instead of checking out that tight blond with massive tits in a bikini walking past you, as difficult as it will be, keep your eyes on her (and don’t try to steal a look either).

Even if you think she doesn’t notice you your woman knows and feels you are being faithful to her.

Similarly, keep your promises, be where you’ll say you’ll be when you’ll say you’ll be there, and do what you say you’ll do. If she’s nagging you it’s probably because you said you would do something and haven’t done it yet.

That makes her feel like when you said ‘I would never think of another women’ you were also lying.

5 – Talent and Passion is just Downright Sexy..

To round out the list, there is nothing more sexy and attractive to a woman than a man who is totally passionate and or talented about something. And no you cannot be passionate about playing World of WarCraft…

When a man is talented at something his energy gets engrossed in that thing, and living with such purpose is the number one thing that makes a man attractive to women.

Similarly, when a man is passionate about something he is pushing or focussing all his energy to that thing, again, being on purpose!

You don’t have to be a World Champion at your particular endeavour, if you are simply interested in it to a point where it becomes engrossing and you feel yourself and your energy being lifted when you do it that is enough.

Passion can be created by mixing intense emotions of desire, excitement, interest, curiosity, fun, playfulness, enjoyment etc with whatever task.

Talents are more innate born gifts. If you aren’t sure of your talents then go and find them. Taking action on this and becoming passionate about finding your talents could be the one single thing that makes a particular girl see you in a different way and start becoming attracted to you.

Use all 5 traits and women will be chasing you..literally.

The traits I’ve revealed today are top 5 irresistible traits that woman absolutely love. Cultivate even one of them in your life and watch your attractiveness soar. Women will chase you because in all honesty how many men do you know who cultivate even one of the five?

Start mixing them together and you’ll be amazed at how many women start getting weak at the knees for you. You’ll often find yourself saying “hmm which woman should I go out with today”.

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  1. Anjoleen San Nicolas June 11, 2013 at 1:47 am #

    This is awesome. Before you can ask someone what they want in a relationship you have to ask yourself what you want. I really like the “Do an appreciating audit” part. One of the biggest things that has helped me overcome sadness is to remember all the good things in my life and if Im gonna let one loss control my thoughts then I am just down right silly! 🙂