The 9 Best Marriage Coaches For Men

Marriage is one of the most important relationships that you will have in your life.

Perhaps the only relationships that even compare are those with a parent and a child. Other than that, marriage is it. It’s the pinnacle of relationships.

Don’t you want to have a good one? Do you know how to have a good one?

The problem is that many men, despite having wives they’ve been with for years, don’t know how to have good marriages. They don’t know how to have a relationship that is built to last years, let alone decades. There’s a reason why 50% of marriages end in divorce, and it’s not because of a lack of love, it’s because of a lack of knowledge of the important details that help marriages last.

That’s where coaching comes into play.

If you want to have a good marriage but don’t actually have the tools to get it done, you need to find someone who you can work with to build the skills, learn how marriages work, and how to have a good one yourself.

Here are 9 of the best marriage coaches out there today that you can work with.

1. Andrew Ferebee – Knowledge for Men

For more than a decade, I have coached men in all stages of life on many different aspects of life.

Everything from personal development to relationships to marriage itself, I have a wealth of experience in the art of coaching, but more importantly, coaching men. I am also a published author, podcast host, and blogger.

My site, Knowledge For Men, has been called “Vice News for Men” and I frequently posts content on different things that can help men improve their lives, relationships, dating strategies, and marriages.

But besides just content, what I am really known for is my coaching. Specifically – relationship and marriage coaching.

Here are a few ways that my coaching might be able to help you improve your marriage.

Becoming a Better Man

A big part of my coaching program is that it’s not just about making you a man who has good relationships that “work”, it’s also about becoming a better, stronger, more grounded man.

A man who has a strong set of core values. Good social and leadership skills. Empathy. Resilience. Listening skills. Good communication skills.

These skills are imperative for becoming the kind of man who is able not only to have a good marriage but also the kind of man who is able to lead a good life. A strong and principled life.

This is essential for men who are trying to build a good marriage.

Community and Accountability

In addition to teaching you a lot of really valuable lessons about life, love, and masculinity, KFM’s coaching program also aims to help men stay accountable by creating a community for them.

It’s not just a class, it’s a band of brothers. It’s a team. It’s a group of men who are focused on becoming better men, better husbands, and happier.

Belonging to a community of like-minded men is one of the best ways to improve your sense of self, your confidence, and your ability to stick with the coaching program as you face the struggles that come with trying to transform yourself.

This is perhaps what makes KFM different from all of these other coaches — a sense of accountability.

You can follow this link to learn more about Andrew’s program

2. All-Star Marriage Coaching

Johnathon Hines is the leader of the All-Star Marriage Coaching program, one of the top coaching programs out there today for men that helps them improve, save, and thrive in their marriages.

Johnathon’s program is dubbed as a “compassionate and supportive approach”, one that aims to help couples improve their relationship with each other not just through speaking to one another, but listening to one another.

He wants his clients to support each other through the painful process of not feeling loved in a relationship.

In addition to working with clients, Johnathon is in a successful marriage himself and actively works to follow his coaching principles in his own life.

His clients are very satisfied with his work:

“Johnathan helped us rediscover the love and connection we once had. He provided us with the tools and guidance we needed to communicate effectively and work through our issues. We are now happier than ever and owe it all to Johnathan’s expertise and support.” – Greg & Cindy, ASMC clients

All-Star Marriage Coaching has locations in both Kansas and Oklahoma, and clients have the option for couples coaching, men’s coaching, women’s coaching, and public speaking events.

3. Shannon Cyr

Shannon Cyr is one of the top relationship and marriage coaches for men in the industry today.

She has a bulk of experience in working with men, is in a successful marriage herself, and also runs an active blog on the subject of men’s coaching. If you’re not a reader, you can also watch her blogs in video format on YouTube here.

Her content is based mostly on her experience working with her male clients. She’s a marriage coach for men. There aren’t a ton of coaches like this out there, and there are very few marriage coaches for men who are women.

This is important, especially if you like having that female perspective when it comes to improving things between you and your wife.

She talks about how to talk about complicated things with your partner, but she also talks about how to build up the courage to have those hard conversations that you might run into in a marriage. 

She also has a master’s degree in psychology and has worked with countless men to improve their relationships.

Shannon is based in Dallas, Texas.

4. David Frey – High-Value Husbands

David Frey is the founder of “High-Value Husbands” and the author of 301 Ways to Be a High-Value Husband.

David worked in marketing for about 20 years and then transitioned to marriage coaching after being diagnosed with a genetic disease that him realize that there was no use in wasting his life not pursuing his passion.

The Houston-based marriage coach now has thousands of followers on Twitter not because of his marketing advice, but because of his marriage knowledge. He’s a great coach with a lot of life experience and knowledge of relationships. He wants to help men live their full truth and communicate better with their wives.

“David Frey did all husbands a big favor when he compiled these 301 ways to be a more loving, thoughtful, and valued spouse. My copy has all sorts of highlights and notes. Thank you David for this great resource!” – Mike, a fan of David’s book

David relies on foundational principles for better relationships – trust, honesty, and open communication.

It’s through these principles that he’s able to help his clients to have better relationships and stronger marriages.

5. The Undaunted Man

The Undaunted Man is run by Geoff Laughton and Mark Johnson out of Erie, Colorado, and they have been in business for nearly a decade.

The coaching program run by these 2 men offers coaching for executives, relationship coaching, and spiritual mentorship. It’s designed for anyone who’s in a rut and needs a bit of support and help to get out.

What I really like about this program is that it also offers a community aspect – similar to Knowledge For Men. It’s not just 1-1 appointments, you can also choose to join a support group with other men who are in the same boat as you are.

Mark and John are also pretty blunt about what they expect from the people who choose to work with them. It’s a no-nonsense group designed for men who are dedicated to improving themselves and advancing their journey.

Their coaching program (called “The Evolving Man”) is also affordable and focused – it’s not too exclusive, but they have proven a track record of good results.

“The men leading The Evolving Man will teach you what it really means to fuel your soul. When I first came to the group a few years ago, I was directionless and disconnected from my inner self. I have since learned what it means to truly expose, choose, and create a life path. I couldn’t have done it without this group.” – a client of The Undaunted Man

6. Mark and Jill Savage

Jill Savage is the author of 14 books, 2 of which are co-authored with her husband, Mark.

In addition to writing, the couple also runs several intensive coaching programs that are either individualized or tailored to couples. They’re a Christian couple that focuses on practical advice that people of all backgrounds can benefit from.

One aspect of the Savage’s coaching program that is extremely self-aware is that they aren’t opposed to their clients seeking out marriage counseling in addition to their coaching program. It’s not an all-or-nothing experience. It’s supposed to be one of the many things that you can do in order to have a better marriage.

In addition to working with couples online and in-person, the Normal, Illinois-based couple also holds a retreat for their clients, called “Marriage 2.0”. This retreat is basically a weekend getaway with your significant other designed to help you rekindle the lost love you have with your significant other. It includes 6 meals, 15 hours of coaching, and a lovely weekend with your significant other at a country farmhouse in the Midwest.

Mark and Jill have been married for 38 years – they say that 28 of these years have been happy. They’re determined to help their clients have happy marriages.

Here’s what people are saying about Mark and Jill’s coaching on Facebook:

“Practical down-to-earth advice on topics they know inside and out.” – Beth Hanson

7. Real Man Revolution – Bob Gerace

The Real Man Revolution is led by Bob Gerace, and it’s one of the premier marriage coaching programs for men available today.

Bob Gerace is a relationship and intimacy expert, life coach, and the head of The Real Man Revolution.

Like the Savage’s, listed above, Bob’s coaching program is faith-based and designed to help men rebuild their marriages by having strong values and effective principles and most importantly by helping men become the man that their wife needs. Bob’s coaching operates from a place of 

But what makes Bob’s coaching special is that he’s so sure that it works that he’s willing to give away a taste of his coaching program for free.

After trying out his free marriage training, you then have the option to get involved in Bob’s 8-week marriage program that is designed to help you save your marriage – even if your wife has already contacted a lawyer.

Sounds like a good deal, right? But does it work?

Here’s what one of Bob’s clients has to say about his coaching program:

“I got more insight in that first 90 minutes than I’d been able to figure out in the entire history of our 13-year marriage.” – Joseph, Bob’s client

8. The Powerful Man

“The Powerful Man” online coaching focuses on helping married businessmen rebuild their relationships and their personal lives.

A lot of men manage to become successful, have thriving careers, and even attract and marry beautiful women. However, where they struggle is in keeping that marriage alive. In keeping their wife in love with them.

The Powerful Man is run by Tim Matthews and Doug Holt, and this coaching program focuses on helping men to improve themselves by making them stronger, more assertive, and, of course, more “powerful”.

The Powerful Man also has a popular podcast and a popular Instagram page, with well over 15k followers and people constantly tuning in for audio snippets of their content.

One program of note that The Powerful Men offer is “The Alpha Reset” – a 4-day retreat in the wilderness where the coaches help men on the brink of divorce become strong enough to do the one thing they need most:

Save their marriage.

Here’s a review of one of TPM’s clients:

“This program changed my marriage. My wife was pretty close to checking out. I was trying to please her, but she wanted her man to be his own person like he was when they got married. I found myself again, I take care of myself, and I now have created a safe place for my wife. I’m so excited for my empty nester years with my wife. I’m so excited to pass along what I have learned in this program to my sons. Thank you Franco, Doug, and Tim for all that you all have taught me.” – Anonymous, happily married client on Trustpilot

9. Pinnacle of Man

Pinnacle of Man is the last coaching group on this list, but they’re actually one of the most qualified marriage coaching groups out there.

Their program has been featured in Psychology Today, Psych Central, and CBS. They’re well-known in the marriage coaching space, and their results-driven coaching program helps a lot of men every year to improve their relationships and save their marriages.

But be careful – this isn’t “therapy”. The Pinnacle of Man coaching program looks to help you save your marriage by focusing on learning from the past and improving for the future. About being better. About working hard.

Their team features licensed marriage therapists, Harvard-trained psychologists, and more.

Here’s what their clients are saying about their program

“This was 1000x better than therapy.” – Kevin, POM client

Revitalize Your Marriage with Expert Coaching

Navigating marriage is undeniably challenging. With a startling 50% of marriages ending in divorce, it’s clear that maintaining this pivotal relationship is no small feat. The statistic is daunting, but it underscores a vital truth: many marriages struggle, and many married individuals feel alone in their difficulties.

However, recognizing the need for help is the first step toward change. Whether you’re experiencing challenges in your marriage or simply aiming to strengthen your bond, professional guidance can make all the difference.

This is where our exclusive coaching program comes into play, tailored specifically for men who are serious about transforming their relationships. Led by a dedicated team of experienced coaches, our program goes beyond typical advice. We help you break free from passive behaviors, forge stronger, more meaningful relationships, and emerge as a more confident, grounded man.

You won’t just receive coaching; you’ll gain an entire community of support. Our program connects you with a brotherhood of like-minded men, all committed to personal growth and relationship success. We tackle real issues, from communication and intimacy to maintaining your individuality within the marriage. No drama, no games—just honest, constructive growth.

Are you ready to commit to your marriage’s success?

Start by watching the video below to see how we’ve helped countless men strengthen their marriages. Schedule a consultation with one of our coaches to dive deep into your personal challenges and goals.

This conversation will be a turning point, providing you with a clear, personalized plan to enhance your relationship and personal growth.

Watch the video now and take the first step towards a fulfilling, enduring marriage. Together, we’ll determine if joining Knowledge for Men is the right decision for you. Let’s begin this journey of transformation together.

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