Feeling Trapped in a Relationship? Common Reasons and How to Overcome It

feeling trapped in a relationship

Feeling trapped in a relationship is exasperating and terrifying for men. It feels like sprinting on a treadmill that can’t stop: you’re exhausted and shattered beyond belief, but you’re afraid to find out what happens if you stop running. If this sounds like you, it’s time to sort things out. A connected, healthy relationship relies … Read more

10 Best Ways to Deal With Being Ignored by Someone You Love

ignored by someone you love

Being ignored by someone you love is as painful and confusing as an abrupt breakup. Despite what your heart may tell you, this silent treatment isn’t an accident. When someone you care about intentionally ignores you, it can be a type of emotional mistreatment aimed at getting a reaction from you. This might be an … Read more

10 Major Reasons Why a Woman Leaves Her Man: A Brutally Honest Guide

why women leaves her man

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. You’re in a happy relationship and think you have everything under control. You’re crazy about her, and she’s crazy about you. And you genuinely cannot remember the last time you were this happy in a relationship. You even begin to wonder if you found “the one.” At the … Read more

9 Double Standards in Relationships: How They Affect Men and How to Deal With Them

double standards in relationships

Do you feel your girlfriend or wife has double standards in your relationship? Are you expected to do certain things or act a certain way, yet these rules don’t seem to apply to her when the roles are reversed?  Double standards occur when one person has expectations of their partner but doesn’t believe these same … Read more

Battle of Emotions: Why Men Fight for Feelings and What They Can Do to Open Up

why men fight for feelings

It’s no secret that many men struggle to express their emotions. Whether this is due to societal norms or personal beliefs, expressing emotions can feel like a battle to many men.  The problem many men face is that their idea of being stoic and strong also means they must be unemotional. This is not true, … Read more

10 Reasons Why Women Like Older Men and Lessons for Younger Men to Learn

why women like older men

Men age like fine wine. It isn’t uncommon to see a man dating a woman who is 10, 20, or even 30 years younger than him.  While young guys might view these men with disdain or jealousy, a great deal can be learned by understanding why this dating dynamic is so common.  A man’s age … Read more

10 Signs of a Low-Value Man and How to Overcome Adversity

low value man

In society today, low-value men are everywhere, but you don’t see them. They’re invisible. Low-value men are on the bus with you, at work with you, or the grocery store with you, but they’re hard to find. Despite existing, low-value men are invisible in the modern world. They have little to no value on the … Read more

8 Reasons Why Men Lose Respect In Relationships

why men lose respect in a relationship

As relationships progress, many women don’t just lose attraction for the men that they’re dating. They lose respect for them. As time passes, they start to see the man they once loved as weak, submissive, passive, and even ugly. It destroys the romance in their lives. They become angry, discontent, and resentful of the man … Read more

The 11 Biggest Turn-Offs For a Woman In a Relationship

turn offs for a woman

Most men don’t know they’re turning a woman off until it’s too late. You don’t know you’ve had a bad date until you’re trying to contact her for a second, and she’s either nowhere to be found – or, if you’re lucky, letting you know that she’s not interested. Have you been that guy before? … Read more

Love & Healing: How to Start Dating After a Toxic Relationship?

dating after a toxic relationship

A toxic relationship can set you back years if you let it. Your self-esteem will be blown to bits, your mind will be in a perpetual state of confusion, and you’ll begin to doubt whether you have the strength or capacity to ever love again. You’ll feel hopeless–marooned on an island of despair with no … Read more

Alpha Male Coaching: How to Maximize Your Alpha Game and Unleash Your Potential

alpha male coaching

Have you ever wondered what sets successful men apart from burger flippers? Bill Gates become a world-changing phenom with Microsoft and not just another tech geek slaving away in the soul-sucking cubicles of Seattle. Gandhi had the power to sway the minds of all of humanity and irreversibly alter modern political philosophy. Michael Jordan became … Read more

12 Questions to Ask a Woman to Get to Know Her Better

questions to ask to a woman to get to know her better

Do you find yourself at a loss for words whenever you go on a first date? Starting a conversation can be difficult, especially when you know nothing about the woman sitting across from you.  At the same time, it can be a prime opportunity to open up and talk about damn near anything. Since you … Read more

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