How Life Coaching Can Help Men Discover and Become the Strongest Versions of Themselves

Life coaching is one of the most powerful “secret weapons” high-performing men use to go from “good” to “great” and unlock their full potential in every area of life.

And inside of the chaos and confusion of modern life, it’s more important now than ever before for men to get the raw masculine support and insight life coaching can offer.

Just consider that…

  • The rate at which men commit suicide is 3.5x higher than that of women (and this is even true of men who surpass society’s definition of “success”–like Robin Williams, Anthony Bourdain, Avicci, Chester Bennington, Mac Miller, and Heath Ledger)
  • The divorce rate in the U.S hovers above 51% (and the rate of sexless and unhappy marriages where men are wasting the best years of their life with someone who is little more than a roommate is likely even higher than that).
  • Men are 3x more likely to suffer from substance abuse (not to mention porn addiction–which is at an all-time high) – masking the problems in their mental health instead of getting the support they need to solve them.

But as startling as these statistics are, they aren’t surprising.

Because when you look around at the masses of men, they are leading lives of quiet and agonizing desperation.

They grew up with big hopes and dreams. Believing in their power to create a magnificent world for themselves and the people they loved…

  • Traveling the world and witnessing the full depth and excitement this planet has to offer. Seeing new cultures, going on adrenaline-filled adventures, and fully experiencing this place we call home.
  • Discovering a mission so powerful and profound that he’s willing to give everything he has to see it realized
  • Achieving an abundant epic life filled with gorgeous women. Effortlessly playing and sharing magnificent experiences with the feminine until selecting his dream partner from a place of abundance.
  • Sculpting his body into a powerful vessel to explore life. Feeling strong, powerful, and alive.
  • Deepening his sense of connection with himself and his purpose inside of the cosmos. Not merely “finding himself” but creating himself into the man he always wanted to be.

But instead?

We live in a generation of men where these things are little more than a pipe dream. Something for other men to have… “But not me.”

  • Instead of traveling, he’s chained to his laptop. Working harder and harder to achieve “freedom” so that one day, and convincing himself that “One more promotion” or “One more sprint” is all he needs to do before he’ll be ‘enough’ to live fully.
  • Instead of a mission, he’s trapped in a career that doesn’t excite or engage him. Doing work he hates with people he hates, even more, to make someone else rich and earn just enough so he can numb out his pain with an endless stream of consumption.
  • Instead of abundant dating life, he settles out of fear and loneliness. Dating or marrying a woman who doesn’t excite and inspire him (and likely losing half of everything he worked so hard to create when she inevitably divorces him in his 40s and leaves him for another man).
  • Instead of knowing what his body is capable of, he allows himself to atrophy. Using food, alcohol, and drugs to sedate the pain of his unlived life and going into middle age overweight, exhausted, and riddled with dis-ease.
  • Instead of sculpting himself into the man he wants to be, he settles for the man society told him that he should be. He has no masculine power, no backbone, no fire in the belly–and he knows it.

Now, whether you resonate with the picture painted here or not, the fact remains.

Most men aren’t living, they’re merely waiting to die.

And every man, regardless of where they are in their life today, needs help and support to reach the pinnacles of their potential.

So before we go any further, let me clear something up…

Investing in coaching does not mean that you’re weak or incapable of solving your own problems.

It means you’re humble enough to acknowledge that you don’t have all the answers (because no one does), and you’re willing to get support to find them.

And that puts you in good company.

  • Warren Buffet wouldn’t be the greatest investor of our time without Benjamin Graham…
  • Marcus Aurelius wouldn’t be one of the greatest philosophers in history, the Emperor of Rome, and one of the most successful generals in military history without Epictetus…
  • Michael Jordan wouldn’t be the greatest basketball player and (arguably) the greatest athlete of our time without Phil Jackson…

Even Hugh Jackman, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Connor McGregor had life coaches to help them get to the next level in their lives and careers!

Whether you’re struggling or thriving, working with a life coach is how you can go from where you are to where you want to be.

And in this article, I’m going to explain exactly how life coaching for men works, how much it costs, what to expect, and how to know if you’re ready.

Let’s dive in.

What Do Life Coaches Do?

Every life coach is unique and brings a different set of tools and strategies to their program.

However, here at Knowledge for Men, our life coaching program is focused on three general “principles”

1. They’ll Offer Objective Reflections to Increase Your Self Awareness

One of the common misconceptions about life coaching for men is that you’re just hiring someone to give you advice.

And while there are many “coaches” who operate this way, effective life coaching isn’t about telling you what to do. Rather, the goal is to share reflections, insights, and questions to help you think about problems and challenges in a new way.

The simple truth is… you probably know what you need to do.

The problem for most men is that they don’t do what they know.

And that’s where life coaching comes in.

The right life coach will help you identify the limiting beliefs, stories, and internal scripts that are stopping you from taking action.

They’ll help you increase your level of self-awareness by reflecting back on the beliefs and behaviors you share and providing a different lens through which you can view them.

For example, many men come into our life coaching program with the goal of taking their career or business to the next level.

But after a few sessions, they quickly realize that the real source of their pain and frustration is inside of their relationships.

They were chasing money and pursuing “success” to escape from the discomfort of ending a relationship or overcoming their social anxiety on the path to the dating life they want.

And they likely would have wasted years chasing the wrong goals without the reflections and insights offered by coaching.

2. They’ll Help You Identify the “Next Right Thing”

One of the biggest challenges facing men today is abundance.

I know this sounds paradoxical, but it’s true.

We live in a world with so many options and so much potential that it can feel impossible to overcome “analysis paralysis” and simply move forward on one thing.

There are a million things we could do. But because we don’t know which one to pick, we end up doing nothing.

  • We have thousands of business ideas, but no businesses
  • We buy dozens of workout programs but never actually follow them
  • We have a long list of habits we want to change, but we try to change all of them at once–and as a result we fail to change any of them at all.
  • We have a huge stack of books, but never finish any of them–let alone implement the lessons they teach.

Life coaching allows men to cut through the noise and the overwhelm and get clarity on what author Gary Keller calls, “The next right thing.”

Because the truth is…

You can’t do everything–and you don’t need to.

All you need to do is the next right thing.

In most men’s lives, there are 3-5 core actions that, if taken, result in a massive ripple effect that improves every area of their lives.

For some men, it’s getting out of a toxic relationship (which immediately frees up their energy to expand their career, build a thriving social circle, and experience more aliveness).

For others, it’s improving their physical health (so they actually have the physical energy to show up to their relationship and career as an attractive and powerful man).

Whatever it is for you, the right life coach will help you identify the most important action you need to take, and then…

3. They’ll Equip You With the Tools You Need to Take Action

Finally and most importantly, the purpose of life coaching for men is to drive the right actions.

Again, most men know what they need to do–but they don’t do it.

And the goal of a life coach is to help a man create systems for guaranteeing action (and therefore results).

Although this starts with reflection and self-awareness, it doesn’t end there.

Because simply being aware of the limiting beliefs holding you back isn’t enough.

You need proven tools, psychological frameworks, and practical strategies to move forward and take the actions required to get the results you’re after.

And this is where life coaching becomes a man’s “secret weapon.”

Because the right coach will be able to equip you with step-by-step strategies and tools to move forward and take action no matter what.

No matter what you’re struggling with or what you’re trying to achieve, there are frameworks and tools that have been proven by thousands of men.

And once you apply them in your life. Taking action can quickly become effortless.

You’ll show up and do what you said you would do on time, every time.

And that is when the magic really starts to happen.

Professional Therapy vs Life Coaching for Men

Before we dive into the nuances of coaching for men, I want to briefly address the differences between therapy and life coaching.

Therapy can be great. And for some men–especially men struggling with mental health issues–necessary. But oftentimes, it’s not enough.

While I believe in therapy as an important tool for many men, it can also become a trap.

Because the core focus of therapy is untangling your past, not moving forward into a bigger and bolder future.

Therapists myopically focused on the trauma (real or perceived) of the past in hopes that somehow–by realizing that their anger issues stem from their broken relationship with their father–they magically heal themselves and fix the problems with how they were showing up in the present.

More importantly, therapy is focused on talk, not action.

You’ll talk about your relationships.

You’ll talk about your traumas.

You’ll talk about your feelings.

But you aren’t given the tools you need to actually act and change them!

Coaching addresses and acknowledges the impact of your past (especially how past experiences created present beliefs), but it’s focused on the future.

It’s about creating a bigger life, unlocking your full potential, and reclaiming your sense of masculine power and purpose.

For some men, therapy can be a powerful tool to get out of their heads and begin the healing process.

But in my own experience, it isn’t enough to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Should You Consider Life Coaching for Men?

I’m a big believer that every man needs coaching.

That’s the entire reason I started Knowledge for Men!

No matter what level of the game you’re at, coaching can help you evolve and grow into a stronger, more powerful, and more grounded version of yourself.

And if you resonate with anything I’m about to share, it’s a surefire sign that it’s time for you to pull the trigger and get the support of a coach to go from good to great.

1. You Feel Lost in Life and Know You’re Living Below Your Full Potential

Maybe your life is “good.”

Good house. Good job. Good marriage. Good health.

But no matter how hard you try to escape it… you can’t shake the feeling that


is missing.

That there’s another level of joy, fulfillment, and aliveness you could reach… if only you knew how.

The challenge for most men is that we’ve been conditioned to think about life in a linear and depersonalized way.

Go to school. Get good grades. Graduate. Get a good job. Marry. Buy house. Retire. And die.

And most men defer to society, following this life plan without a second thought. But then, they wake up one day and ask themselves, “Is this it? Is this ALL there is?”

They did everything right–but it doesn’t feel right.

The things they were told would make them happy, only make them feel restless. Their path was supposed to lead to freedom… but they feel more trapped than ever before.

As men, we’re trained to be “reasonable.” To settle for the status quo. And to feel guilty for wanting more–for needing more.

But the truth is, all progress depends on unreasonable men.

Nothing truly great or remarkable was built by the men who played it safe and stayed in the confines of what they were “supposed to do.”

Throughout history, the men we remember and admire are always the rebels and the rejects who defied the status quo and said, “I’ll make my own way.”

So if you’ve been feeling like there’s another level to your life, you’re right.

By embarking on the journey of life coaching for men, you’ll be challenged to think and act bigger.

To stop settling for what you’ve been told you want and go after what you actually want.

You’ll learn how to get clear on what you want to experience and then work together to create a step-by-step plan for making that experience a reality.

And once you escape from the trap of the reasonable man, life will turn from a dead and soulless groundhog day into a daring adventure.

2. You’re Trapped by “Nice Guy Syndrome” and Need to Increase Your Sense of Value and Self Esteem

Most men in our generation were raised by “Nice Guys.”

Men who were doing their best, but because of the society they were raised in gave their power away, resigned themselves to a life they didn’t want, and then taught you to do the same.

Fathers who lacked the purpose, power, and drive we all crave.

Others were raised by “Bad Boys,” who inadvertently trained you to be a nice guy (because the pain their actions inflicted caused you to rebel and commit that you’d never be anything like him).

But few of us were raised by Grounded Men.

Men who were clear on their purpose, grounded in their power, and kind but assertive in their actions.

Now, this isn’t meant to denigrate your father (because all of us did the best we could with what was given to us).

But rather to acknowledge that most men were never taught how to be men!

And the results are obvious.

  • Most men struggle in relationships and give away their power to attractive women
  • Most men aren’t assertive and don’t know how to stand up for themselves and get their needs met.
  • Most men hide behind vices and distractions instead of embracing the conflict required to live the life they want (namely, disappointing other people).
  • Most men don’t value themselves. They’re “Nice Guys” who seek validation and approval from others.

We live in a society where healthy and authentic masculinity is dying.

We’ve been trained to be passive, submissive, and to water down our masculine edge. To fear disapproval and make sure that we keep quiet–because we don’t want to offend anyone.

But reclaiming your masculine energy and drive is the missing link required to get to the next level in your life (especially in your romantic life).

Too many men subvert their own needs and subconsciously make everyone else superior to them.

They don’t know how to set boundaries, how to get their own needs met, how to assert themselves in conflict, and how to prioritize their own lives and ambitions.

The end result?

A life filled with regret and resentment. A man who goes to the grave taking the best parts of himself and what he had to offer with him.

And the end result is always a life filled with regret, a decrease in the man’s value, and incognito resentment toward those who take advantage of you with little to no appreciation.

But when you leverage the power of life coaching for men and surround yourself with role models and masculine mentors, you can begin to unravel these tendencies in a healthy and grounded way.

You’ll learn how to develop healthy self-confidence, thrive in personal relationships, and get your needs met from a place of compassion and authenticity.

Ultimately, you’ll increase your value as a man and create an amazing life that serves as a beacon of possibility for other men.

Instead of feeling restless and lost in the world, you’ll find peace and confidence. Showing up to life and relationships like you never have before.

3. You’re Chasing Money but Crave a More Meaningful and Balanced Life

Whether they’re aware of it or not, most men define their worth through a singular dimension.

The amount of money in their bank account.

Their entire lives are centered around the never-ending pursuit for “more.” But few of them stop to define what the hell “more” means (or what benefits it brings to their life).

They work long hours, sacrifice their personal lives, and say “no” to the experiences and adventures they truly crave… for what?

A few extra square feet, a lifeless vacation (spent checking email), and a car with a German name.

We’ve been so thoroughly conditioned to define ourselves by our income that most men aren’t willing to challenge the status quo and ask themselves…

What do I REALLY want out of my life?

There’s nothing wrong with earning money or achieving material success.

But if you’re trapped on the hamster wheel of “more” and believe that an extra ‘0’ in the bank is the thing that will finally make you happy and fulfilled… you’re wrong.

I know men worth tens of millions of dollars who still don’t feel like they’re enough. Who thinks another acquisition or big deal will finally give them the satisfaction they’re after. Who is convinced that they can’t invest in their relationships, experiences, and happiness because they need “just a little bit more” to be truly happy?

The problem is…

There’s always “more” to be had.

The next big milestone is just that. A milestone. It isn’t a destination and you’ll never arrive.

Until you break free from this cycle and become a multi-dimensional grounded man living a balanced life.. the money will never be enough.

Because success and wealth are a part of a well-lived life, but they aren’t the only part.

And by plugging yourself into life coaching for men, you’ll be challenged to look beyond the bottom line.

To define yourself in new ways. To go on new journeys. To expand beyond the confines of your career and ask yourself, “What makes for a truly well-lived life?”

And ironically, it’s often when a man stops defining himself by his career and financial success that they reach new heights inside of them.

4. You’re Struggling in Your Relationships and Lose Your Power Around Attractive Women

Women crave real men. Now more than ever before.

In a generation of men terrified by their own masculinity and afraid of their own desires, women are crying out:

“Where have all the real men gone?”

Most modern men feel weak, spineless, and powerless. And women feel this form the men in their lives.

If he’s single, he struggles to be authentic in his interactions. Expressing his desires without fear, speaking his truth, and creating a container where the feminine can feel safe.

And if he’s in a committed relationship?

He gives away the very things that attracted her to him in the first place. He makes her the sole purpose of his life, allows his fear of her disapproval to strip him of his power, and shows up as little more than a walking ATM she occasionally sleeps with.

We’ve been conditioned to believe that this is what women want.

But the truth is, we’re wrong.

Women don’t want to “own” you. They want to respect you. To feel your presence, your energy, and aliveness.

To have you take her by the hand and say, “I’m going on an epic journey… will you come with me?”

What does she get instead?

A man who’s scared of his own shadow. Who struggles to say “no.” Who hangs his head and says “yes dear” no matter what the question.

When this happens, women, even faithful and loving women, become susceptible to the allure of infidelity.

Not because they are bad corrupt people. Because the man is not showing up the way he needs to and is incapable of doing the things he needs to do to keep a high-quality woman engaged and excited in his life.

She’ll begin treating you like a little boy because that’s how you’re asking to be treated.

And when she’s finally had enough of the weak and needy behavior? She’ll leave for another man who makes her feel the sense of aliveness and power she craves.

But here’s the catch.

Women are just as confused, frustrated, and exhausted by this behavior as men are!

They don’t want to be in a relationship with a doormat. They don’t want to terrify their partner. They don’t want an emasculated man who can’t hold space or challenge her or lead.

They want a man dammit!

A man who is fully alive, in touch with his power, and able to give her the butterflies and goosebumps she dreamed about as a little girl.

And life coaching for men can help you become that man.

You’ll learn how to reconnect with your power and aliveness. How to build true self-esteem and confidence. How to become the type of man who doesn’t need a woman for validation but instead can validate himself.

An amazing coach will give you the tools and strategies you need to become the man that women crave and the man you admire.

5. You Keep Doing the Same Things, Hoping They’ll Bring Different Results

Albert Einstein said:

“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”

And by this definition, most men are insane!

If you know there’s another level you could reach in your life and you haven’t yet reached that level…

What makes you think you’ll get there by doing more of what hasn’t worked in the past?

It’s like a football coach running the same play every time his team gets the ball…even though they go down within seconds.

If the strategies you’ve been following up until this point haven’t been working, something needs to change.

And if they are working? Well… you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now.

To get different results, you must take different actions. And to take different actions, you need to change your mindsets and beliefs to foster those actions.

Life coaching for men allows you to see the patterns and behaviors that have gotten you to this point in your life clearly and objectively.

And more importantly, it gives you the opportunity to challenge and change those behaviors moving forward.

The simple truth is…

If you could have reached the promised land in your life on your own, you would have done it already.

And if you haven’t?

Then it’s a sign that you need to change your approach and get help from someone who has “been there, done that.”

What Does Your Life Coaching for Men Program Include?

Our program, Project Grounded Man is unique from other coaching experiences in three specific ways.

1. World-Class Training

With Project Grounded Man, our goal is to create the premier coaching experience for men.

This is why we decided to go beyond the run-of-the-mill weekly call most companies offer.

In addition to the group coaching element (which we’ll talk about in a minute), Project Grounded Man includes a complete 12-month curriculum designed to help you reclaim your power and sharpen your masculine edge.

The program follows a sequential path to help you master the most important areas of your life..

From your health and energy to your career and bank account to your relationships and sex life.

We aren’t interested in a one-dimensional transformation.

We want to help you transform your entire life.

2. Group Coaching and Accountability

In addition to the core training and lessons, we offer weekly group coaching sessions with one of our elite-level coaches.

Every coach is required to have 5+ years of experience and 1,000+ hours of actual coaching on the record. And the men you’ll be learning from have worked with Fortune 500 CEOs, special forces operators, and everyone in between.

During these small group calls, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions and get direct feedback and accountability from the coaches and from the other men going through the journey with you.

The reason we decided to offer group coaching instead of a 1-on-1 coach is simple.

After more than 12 years in this industry, we’ve found that group coaching is far superior for most men.

Because you still get 1-on-1 accountability and feedback.

But it’s delivered inside of a tribe.

You’ll get to hear other men’s stories, see their journeys–and how they mirror your own–and feel like you aren’t alone on the path.

3. Elite Brotherhood

Finally and most importantly, inside of the Project Grounded Man experience, you’ll get to tap into the power of the tribe.

Having access to an elite brotherhood of like-minded men who are all going on the same journeys and embarking on similar experiences.

Instead of going it alone, you’ll have brothers inside the program with you to talk to, hold you accountable, and support you when things are hard.

The truth is… growth is painful.

But the pain is easier to bear when it’s shared.

Is Knowledge for Men Life Coaching Right for Me?

Now that you understand a little bit more about the purposes of our life coaching for men program…

The question is:

Are we a good fit to work together?

Here at Knowledge for Men, we’re big believers that every man needs a coach.

But we’re also believers that it’s our responsibility to be selective about who we work with.

Because we’re only interested in partnering with men we’re certain we can help.

So if you’re…

  • Highly coachable, willing to admit when you’re wrong, and ready to challenge your beliefs
  • Serious about your relationship and willing to invest significant amounts of time, money, and energy to solve the problems you’re facing
  • Looking to level up EVERY area of your life (not just your career)
  • Ready to take ACTION on what your coach shares (even when it scares you or feels uncomfortable)
  • Committed to the long game and understand that all change takes time and patience

Then you could be a good fit.

However, if you’re…

  • Stubborn and set in your ways and unwilling to be challenged on your behaviors and patterns
  • Looking for a “free and easy” solution to your problems
  • Prefer theory to action and would rather spend time talking about improving your relationship than actually doing the work
  • Solely focused on your career and earning more money (we can still help men earn more, but our approach is holistic)
  • Searching for a “quick fix” and expect years, potentially even decades of challenges to be fixed in a few short months

… These are not the droids you’re looking for.

Remember, any coach, no matter what their area of expertise, can only help you as much as you’re willing to be helped

How Much Does Life Coaching for Men Cost?

While our coaching is incredibly affordable (especially when compared to most other programs or the cost of a full year of therapy), it isn’t cheap.

And if you can’t afford to take a nice vacation without going into debt, I encourage you to use our free content here on the website until you’re in a more stable and comfortable place.

But a more important question to ask yourself is…

“What will it cost me if I don’t take action?”

You came to this article for a reason. You’re interested in coaching for a reason.

So what will it cost you if another year goes by where no progress is made?

If your relationship continues to struggle…

If you’re trapped by the same vices and bad behaviors…

If you’re EXACTLY where you are today?

The price of inaction often weighs tons while the price of action weighs ounces.

So the question is… what price are you going to pay?

What Are My Next Steps?

if you’re ready to get started, your next steps are simple.

Simply submit your application for the program and schedule a call with one of our client success specialists.

They’ll walk you through everything you need to know and help you decide whether or not this is the right fit for you.

I want to be clear, this isn’t a high-pressure sales call where we’ll guilt trip you into an investment that isn’t right for you.

It’s a fun, casual conversation where we’ll get to know you, your challenges, and your goals and then we decide together whether or not it makes sense to become a part of the Project Grounded Man brotherhood.

The Times Have Changed. This is the Way Forward in 2024.

Here’s how I can help in my new FREE training on becoming a stronger Grounded Man:

1. The new path for men that creates a purpose driven life and doesn’t require you to lose your personal power, put women on a pedestal or sacrifice your goals.

2. Why men consistently settle and ignore the most important areas of life like the quality of their intimate relationships, social life and happiness and how to optimize all three without sacrificing professional growth.

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