How Confidence Coaching Can Help You Boost Self-esteem, Build Confidence, and Improve Relationships

If you’re struggling with low self-esteem, self-worth, or self doubt you might be wondering if confidence coaching can help you reclaim your sense of power and the “fire in the belly” that you once had.

Through a combination of conversation and exercises, confidence coaches help their clients develop greater self-awareness, learn new skills, and set goals for personal growth.

Confidence coaching can be an effective tool for anyone who feels stuck in a negative mindset. If you’re ready to make a change in your life, confidence coaching may be just what you need to get started on the path to success.

In this article, I’ll walk you through exactly what confidence coaching is, how much it costs, what it’s like, and help you decide for yourself whether or not it’s right for you.

What Confidence Really Means (And How It’s Developed)

Before we can explore how confidence coaching works, it’s important that we establish a common understanding of what confidence is and how it’s developed.

Confidence is defined simply as:

The certainty that one’s skills and abilities can produce a desired outcome.

And this is important to understand.

Because it shifts confidence from an innate trait that you either have or don’t and turns it into a skill that can be developed.

For example:

I’m confident in my ability to coach other men and help them improve their lives (because I’ve done it with thousands of clients).

I’m confident in my ability to walk up to any woman and have an engaging conversation–because I’ve practiced that ability for more than a decade.

But, I’m not confident that I can walk into a UFC ring and win a fight against Connor McGregor or Khabib (however you spell his last name).

And I’m not confident that I can shred down a black diamond snowboarding slope without breaking my neck.

Is it because I’m not a confident man?


It’s because I haven’t developed the skills of mixed martial arts or snowboarding and therefore I don’t have any certainty that my skills will help me achieve a specific outcome.

The same is true for you.

Whether you realize it or not, you’re already confident about many things.

And if you’re struggling with low self-esteem and self-belief, it isn’t because you’re an unconfident man.

It’s because you haven’t developed the life skills necessary to feel confident in the domains of life that matter to you.

It doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong with you as a man. Only that you haven’t yet gone on the journey to develop confidence.

Thankfully, with the help of the right coach, you can change this for good.

If you’re looking for help with self-esteem, confidence, or relationships, watch my client orientation to learn more about how confidence coaching can benefit you. 

What Does a Confidence Coach Do?

Just like life coaching or relationship coaching, the specific tools and resources used in confidence coaching vary from coach to coach.

However, even though the practices they use to help their clients might differ, the core problems they solve and the results they deliver tend to share a few key similarities.

1. They’ll Help You Identify Your Limiting Beliefs

One of the primary sources of low confidence in men is the (inaccurate) beliefs they’ve developed about themselves, the world, and their potential.

Every time a parent, teacher, or authority figure told us “You can’t do that,” or “That’s not realistic,” or “Be more realistic,” it dampened our innate confidence and conditioned us to play small, keep quiet, and do as we were told.

The goal of a confidence coach is first and foremost to help you unravel the stories that are causing you to lack confidence.

Although I just addressed one of the foundational beliefs that keep men stuck, it’s just one of the many stories that are likely holding you back.

With the help of the right confidence coach, you can learn to identify the self-defeating stories and beliefs holding you back and turn them into a more empowering narrative

But, unlike conventional therapists, the right coach won’t focus only on the past.

They’ll help you get clear on the stories from the past that are impacting you today.

But their primary focus is on helping you move forward into a more exciting and positive future today.

2. They’ll Help You Develop Core Confidence Competencies

In many ways, confidence is like fitness.

Even though being a bodybuilder doesn’t automatically make you a great swimmer or being a black belt in jujitsu doesn’t make you a great boxer, there are “meta” competencies and skills that carry over from one skill to another.

And even though the only way to feel confident in a specific skill is to practice that skill, there are other practices and traits you can develop that will increase your self-belief as a man.

For example, learning how to sell doesn’t necessarily make you good with women.

But the skills you develop while selling–like active listening, objection handling, and vocal tonality–will make you more confident that you can master the journey of dating and relationships.

The right confidence coach will understand this.

And after the first few coaching sessions, they’ll understand the specific competencies and habits you need to develop to increase your “meta” confidence in life.

Whether it’s transforming your body, asking for a raise at work, overcoming a specific fear, or confronting someone who crossed a boundary, they’ll be able to identify the most important action steps you need to take to gain confidence fast.

3. They’ll Teach You to Reframe Your Relationship with Fear

At the end of the day, all unconfident and ungrounded behavior comes down to fear.

Because you aren’t certain in your skills and abilities, you aren’t confident–and you fear what failure would mean.

In some cases, this is a good thing.

If you’ve never touched a surfboard, you should be afraid of jumping in the ocean and trying to ride a fifteen-foot wave.

But in most areas where it really matters, fear is nothing more than an illusion.

We create vivid mental images of a worst-case scenario that will rarely–if ever–actually happen.

You aren’t going to die if that side hustle fails or that beautiful woman rejects you or you decide to take that job in a new city.

And a good confidence coach will help you understand the truth about your fears and give you the practical tools you need to overcome them.

Three Signs You’re Ready to Work with a Men’s Confidence Coach

We’ve helped clients from all walks transform their lives and unlock the self-confidence they needed to enter the next level of growth as a man.

From successful entrepreneurs who were terrified to shut down their soul-sucking business and pursue something they loved…

To men who were were struggling in a relationship that wasn’t serving them (and feeling confident that they could find the woman of their dreams)…

To average guys who felt lost and unsure of their purpose.

Every man on the planet can benefit from working with a confidence coach.

No matter how successful you are or what you’ve achieved, chances are there’s at least one area of your life where you lack the confidence to move forward and achieve the success you desire.

But there are four surefire signs that working with a men’s confidence coach is the missing link you’ve been looking for.

1. You Struggle With Low Self Esteem

Like I said earlier, it’s normal to lack confidence in skills and abilities that you haven’t developed.

But it’s not normal to struggle with crippling self-esteem issues that make you question your value as a man.

To achieve long-term success in any area of life, you first need to develop a strong sense of self-belief and self-worth.

Without this, you will chronically sabotage yourself even when you’re more than capable of achieving the goals you’ve set.

As Henry Ford said,

“Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.”

Unbreakable self-belief and a strong sense of self-confidence is often the only difference between failure and success.

Because when you believe that you have what it takes, you’ll be more resilient to failures and more willing to persist when things get hard.

But if you’re trapped by imposter syndrome and self-doubt, every setback and bump along the road will just be another piece of evidence your mind uses to prove that you aren’t good enough.

2. You’re Struggling to Reach Your Full Potential

Maybe life is “good.”

Your career is progressing, your relationships are enjoyable, you’re in good health, and you feel like things are going well.

But you feel like no matter what you do, something is holding you back.

You know there’s another level you could reach.

But you don’t know how to reach it.

After working with thousands of clients, I’ve found that the reason many men struggle isn’t that they don’t know what to do.

It’s that they subconsciously lack the confidence to escape from their comfort zone and take the next step.

Their “good life” becomes the enemy of the life they truly want.

But I can tell you from personal experience, you’ll never feel fulfilled and fully alive until you move out of the comfortable known and into the uncomfortable limits of your skills and abilities.

3. You Need Support to Make a Bold Move in Your Life

Maybe you’re considering a breakup or a career change or moving to a new city.

Whatever it is, you’re facing a BIG decision.

And you aren’t confident that you’re making the right decision… because you’ve never had to make a decision like this before.

The truth is, there are no easy answers when it comes to the big questions in life.

Sometimes we need to leave a relationship because deep down, we know we’re settling.

Other times, we’re trying to hide from intimacy and run away from a good thing because we’re scared we’re going to fuck it up.

Sometimes, we grow out of a specific job or career and need to embrace something new.

But other times, we’re simply worried that we aren’t good enough to handle the demands of a life changing opportunity.

Thankfully, confidence coaching can offer a lifeline.

Because if you’re working with the right confidence coach, you’ll have access to someone who has “been there, done that.”

Someone who has already achieved the type of life you want to achieve and can look at your situation objectively to help you make sense of your options and what to do next.

They’ve worked with hundreds of other clients who have been in your shoes and they’ll be able to offer insights and advice from experience, not theory.

How Knowledge for Men’s Confidence Coaching Program Can Help

I hope you’re starting to feel excited by what’s possible in your life when you enlist the help of the right confidence coach.

And now, I want to share a little bit more about the unique confidence coaching program we offer here at Knowledge for Men and how we can help you reclaim your power, self-belief, and sense of self-esteem.

1. Providing Practical and Sequential Tools to Develop Real Confidence

When it comes to coaching, we aren’t fans of theory.

Everything we teach and everything you’ll learn from your confidence coach has been proven to work with thousands of men just like you.

The tools and tactics we use to help you feel empowered and build your confidence aren’t “nice ideas” or something we saw in a YouTube video.

They’re tools we’ve used and validated in our own lives.

And just as importantly, when you work with a Knowledge for Men coach, they’ll help you identify and implement the right tools in the right sequence.

Because oftentimes, the sequence matters just as much as the tools.

You can get in your car and press the pedal to the floor. But if you don’t turn on the ignition first, you aren’t going anywhere.

With the help of our coaches, you’ll learn how to build a foundation of confidence and self-respect to give you the quick wins and momentum you need to succeed on your journey.

2. Teaching You How to Reclaim Your Power and Passion in Life

Henry David Thoreau once said:

“The masses of men lead lives of quiet desperation.”

It was true then and it’s true today.

Most men aren’t leaders in their lives or the world. They aren’t a role model to their friends and family or a man with a strong sense of purpose and conviction.

And one of the reasons so many men struggle to feel confident is because somewhere along the lines, they settled for a life they didn’t want.

They gave their power away to their boss, their partner (they wish they’d never married), or their family who told them to “get a good job” and play it safe.

But the thing is, no matter how much success you achieve, you’ll never feel proud and confident if it isn’t your success.

By working with a Knowledge for Men confidence coach, you’ll confront the parts of your life that are out of alignment–and go on a journey to transform them one by one.

Our program isn’t just about self-esteem confidence, but about reclaiming your sense of power as a man and your passion in life.

3. We Deliver Kick-in-the-Pants Raw Masculine Accountability that Drives Action

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your confidence coach won’t simply tell you what to do.

They’ll hold you accountable for following through and doing everything it takes to help you be a man and develop masculinity.

Here’s the thing…

One of the fastest ways to build your self-confidence is by keeping the promises you make.

The challenge is, it’s easy to break promises to ourselves. To give into our excuses, our momentary feelings, and our stories.

After all… who else is going to know?

But when you’re being held accountable by someone you respect and admire, your excuses and self-defeating stories won’t matter.

You’ll be forced to take action because you gave your word.

Every time you give your word and follow-through, you reinforce a positive identity as a man.

Showing yourself through ACTION that, “I can do this. I’ve got what it takes.”

What Does a Knowledge for Men Confidence Coaching Session Entail?

Our program, Project Grounded Man relies on three key tools to help you achieve your goals inside of your confidence and life:

1. World-Class Training

First and most importantly, is the training component of the Project Grounded Man experience.

Unlike most confidence coaches who simply show up to a call once a week and go on their way, we’ve created the premier personal development curriculum for men on the planet.

It’s a comprehensive 12-month system designed to help you assess and improve every area of life.

From the internal game of success to your social life, relationships, career, and health. We’ll walk you through a comprehensive transformation experience step-by-step.

As like I mentioned earlier, our curriculum is designed with a specific sequence to help you achieve quick victories that will increase your self-confidence fast.

Meaning that every new lesson you complete and an action step you take will build on the last until, at the end of the experience, you’ll barely recognize the man staring back at you in the mirror.

2. Group Coaching and Accountability

In addition to the core training and lessons, we offer weekly group coaching sessions with one of our elite-level coaches.

And at Knowledge for Men, we have a very high bar for the coaches we allow inside of our community.

Every coach is required to have 5+ years of experience and 1,000+ hours of actual coaching on the record. And the men you’ll be learning from have worked with Fortune 500 CEOs, special forces operators, and everyone in between.

During these small group calls, you’ll have the opportunity to ask your questions and get direct feedback and accountability from the coaches.

Just as importantly, you’ll get to learn from your brothers inside of the experience and see how their own journey mirrors yours.

If you’re wondering why the sessions are done in a group setting and not 1-on-1, the answer is simple.

After more than a decade in the industry, we’ve found that group coaching is superior in every way.

Because not only do you still get access to 1-on-1 accountability and feedback, but you get to learn from other men going through the experience with you.

By seeing their journey and the challenges they experience, you’ll gain a more objective understanding of your own reality (and have the opportunity to share in your new journey so you don’t feel alone in whatever pain you’re experiencing).

3. Elite Brotherhood

Finally and most importantly, you’ll have access to an elite brotherhood of other men going through the same experience.

For many men, the experience is so powerful that they’re still showing up to the community and weekly calls years after graduating,

You’ll get to work through your problems together, being supported and held accountable by other men you admire and respect.

The truth is… growth is painful.

But the pain is easier to bear when it’s shared.

How Much Does Confidence Coaching with Knowledge for Men Cost?

I want to be transparent here…

If you’re living paycheck to paycheck and can’t afford to take a nice vacation without going into debt, this program probably isn’t for you (but we have a ton of free content on the site to help you in the meantime!)

While our program is very affordable–especially when compared to a year of therapy or many of the other coaching programs out there–it isn’t cheap.

We believe in the importance of having skin in the game and I can tell you from personal experience… when you pay, you pay attention.

But if you understand the value of confidence coaching and want to learn more about our different payment options, I encourage you to submit an application and schedule a call with one of our client success specialists.

They’ll walk you through all of the details of the program, how it works, what you’ll get, and what the investment is.

How Quickly Can I Expect to See Results?

It depends on your level of commitment.

We’ve had men come into the Project Grounded Man experience and report life-changing results after just a few months.

While others struggled to make any progress for more than a year.

The difference?

Commitment and persistence.

The men who show up to the calls, watch the training, complete the weekly action steps, and engage in the community all experience life-changing results.

So the results you see are up to you.

If you sit on the sidelines and hide behind excuses and alibis… nothing will change.

But if you play all out and commit fully to this journey, you can expect big things.

What Are My Next Steps?

Simply submit your application for the program and schedule a call with one of our client success specialists.

They’ll walk you through everything you need to know and help you decide whether or not this is the right fit for you.

This isn’t a high-pressure sales call. It’s a fun, casual conversation where we’ll get to know you, your challenges and your goals and then we decide together whether or not it makes sense to become a part of the Project Grounded Man brotherhood.

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