The Top 5 Things to Never Do on a Date

Wouldn’t it help to know what women do not want to see on a date? Things to never do on a date that  just make women tick or turn them off completely. I mean if you knew what things to absolutely 100% avoid on date then how could you possibly ever have a bad date..I know exactly what you’re thinking. Keep reading.

It’s plain and simple, the top five qualities NOT to show on a date, and ways to overcome them! Get those glasses out and pay close attention guys.

1 – Everyone has felt anxiety about a date.

It usually comes from being uncertain about the outcome. But does being anxious ever really make the situation better?  Rarely.

When a woman feels that anxiety in you, it can make her nervous or give her impression that you aren’t really interested in being there.

It’s hard to eliminate the anxiety altogether, but you can minimize it.  Set realistic expectations for the evening, and go into the date with an open mind for whatever may happen. Just relax, be happy and be yourself.

2 –  Ah, the green monster – jealousy

It usually stems from the anticipated loss of something that the person values. This usually happens when the guy feels threatened by another man talking or spending time with his woman.

When a woman sees jealousy on your face, it is not remotely attractive in any way. A jealous looking face actually screams i’m a needy and insecure man who lacks confidence. The date is ruined the moment any bit of jealousy is displayed on your face or in your actions.

[quote]It’s ok to feel jealous, but don’t show it! [/quote]  If you remain unaffected by other guys, her ex, or any other element that may take her attention away from you it can actually increase her attraction to you. It shows how confident you are in yourself the relationship you have built with her.

3 – Nervous goes hand-in-hand with the anxiety.

It’s not just being uncertain; it is uncertainty combined with discomfort. In a dating situation, it’s going to throw you off completely.

It’s going to make it hard to have fun, be spontaneous and hold stimulating conversation, and that’s what she’s really looking for in a date.

Women can sense this the moment they first see you. If you’re nervous, she’s going to be instantly bored, uninterested and ready to go home. She’s going to play with her phone and think, “when is this going to end”. Face it, this is not displaying a confident, fun and humorous man who is going to sweep her off her feet.

Just remember, she want’s to have fun with you, she wants to laugh with you and more importantly she wants to have a sensual kiss with you. You’ve just got to display the attractive qualities she’s looking for and lead the way. Let her come to you..

Refocus that nervousness into being excited about the possibilities and you can show her and

you are eager to spend time with her. 

4 –  Being indecisive is not the way to hold her attention.

The movies?  Miniature golf?  Steak?  Salad?  Scotch?  Beer? Always leave some of the choices up to her, but not showing decision-making capabilities isn’t attractive.  It will leave her wondering if you are indecisive in rest of your life as well.

Men must lead the way. And no, this does not mean you are some domineering man who controls every decision. Women don’t want this either. Women want to

[quote]Know where you are going and what you are doing, and give it direction.[/quote]

Spontaneous can be fun and exciting, but when you’re planning a date, she wants you to take charge.  All it takes is a little planning ahead in most situations. Show her the way to a great time, and let her think it all just happened.

5 – Shyness is the feeling of awkwardness experienced

when a person is in proximity to, approaching, or being approached by other people.

A shy guy can sometimes appear cute to girls, but ultimately it’s not sexy.  And it’s definitely not confident. If you are feeling shy about an upcoming date, try to remember that you’re already one step ahead – you have a date with her. She already likes something about you!

The last thing you want to do is be on the date and the shyness spell has fallen upon you and you can’t think of anything to say to her. This kills attraction. If she isn’t laughing, smiling, gigling, or talking than she’s not really having a good time.

[quote]Women want a man who is comfortable in his own skin.[/quote]

All of it boils down to confidence and self-esteem. Build your confidence in yourself through constant practice and repetition to overcome these qualities. Build your own value in yourself as a man and become comfortable with who you are. It’s ok to fail just as long as you learn from it and keep moving forward.

You must love yourself and be happy with who you are because their is nobody else like you in the world. You’re truly one of a kind so embrace it and watch people flock to you.

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