Matched, Now What? How a Dating App Coach Helps Turn Matches into Meet-ups

Make no mistake about it — dating is hard. Hookups are one thing, but serious dating is another matter entirely, and it’s something that many men out there struggle with. 

It should be no surprise that many men are turning to dating apps for help. 

Today, dating apps are some of the most widely used, widely downloaded apps on the market. Over 59 million people used dating apps in 2023, and that number is only expected to increase in the coming years. 

The problem is that so many men out there are using these apps the wrong way. How do I know they’re using the apps incorrectly? Well, they’re still using the apps

If a dating app works, you stop using it. And this is what most people don’t understand… 

Dating apps are a business, plain and simple. They need to do just enough to convince you that they work without working so well that you instantly find your soulmate and log off indefinitely. 

The longer you use them, the more money they make off of you. And even if you’re not a paid subscriber, ad revenue still makes these apps money. 

Put another way: your time is their money. You’re an unknowing profit machine working for a boss you didn’t even know you had. 

So, how do you make a dating app work for you? Simple — you enlist the help of someone who knows how the dating app game is played: a professional dating app coach. 

Because trust me, as much as dating in general can be a pain in the ass, dating apps can make the process even more brutal. 

I’ve encountered plenty of men who, after spending months, if not years, on dating apps, felt utterly defeated by the process. 

If that’s you, know that you’re not alone. And if you feel like you’re headed down that path, my goal is to stop you before it progresses to that point. 

What Does A Dating App Coach Actually Do? 

Let me ask you: Have you ever gone on a date, or a string of dates, that left you feeling exhausted? Did you go into these meetings with the highest expectations, only to have something go wrong that completely threw the chemistry off? 

Have you ever found yourself at the bar, surrounded by the boys, and declared that you’re just going to stay single for the rest of your life? And did part of you actually mean it

If you feel hopeless, you’re not alone. Conventional wisdom would tell you that it’s harder for a woman to find a suitable partner than a man, but new data shows it might be the opposite. 

In today’s society, men are actually the ones who are likely to be single. And it’s no secret that more men than ever report feeling lonely and isolated in today’s society. 

This is where a dating app coach comes in. A professional coach can provide insight into the dating game you simply can’t find anywhere else. 

Here’s the cold, hard truth: if your dates aren’t working out how you’d like, you’re doing something wrong. And your boys? They haven’t got the first clue what that is. 

Sure, they can buy you a round, tell you to shrug it off, and drag you to the strip club, but they can’t solve the underlying problem. A professional coach can. 

Here’s how…

1. A Coach Can Help You Figure Out Who You Are

I’m going to tell you something that may be hard to hear: your opinion of yourself doesn’t matter — not when it comes to online dating, at least. 

You might think you come off as charming, outgoing, fun-loving, interesting, and look sexy as all hell… but if the women viewing your profile don’t see you that way, your opinion doesn’t mean shit.  

A professional dating coach can help you take a step back and give you an objective assessment of yourself. 

Because the fact is, most of us do not know ourselves, even if we’d like to believe we do. 

If your relationships continue to fail, there’s a reason why they continue to fail. There is some underlying pattern at play that you are not aware of. 

This could be the type of woman you’re going after…

It could be the subtle communication cues you’re giving off… 

It could be how you present yourself — your clothes or poor personal grooming habits… 

It could be a dozen different things, but the point is (assuming the women you date aren’t going to come right out and tell you) you have no way of knowing what your problem is until someone tells you. 

A coach, however, can guide you through the dating process. An impartial, objective opinion can help you tackle your real issues once and for all. 

2. And Help You Figure Out Who You Should Date… 

Dating is all about subtlety. It’s about reading between the lines and seeing what is and isn’t important. 

For example, I can tell you right now that you’re probably not analyzing dating profiles correctly. Many of you probably aren’t even looking at them for more than five seconds. 

You master the art of the one-liner, send out messages in bulk, and then try and reel in the first girl that responds to you.

And when the time comes actually to meet up, you’re shocked that you completely misread her. She’s nothing like you thought she would be, and it becomes immediately apparent that she’s not your type. 

And what do you do? Complain that she wasted your time… 

Well, here is some more tough love: You wasted your time. By failing to put in the effort, you picked someone unsuitable for you. 

This is why you need a dating coach to help you understand and clarify the situation. 

See, as humans, we are all somewhat tainted by past experiences. And the older you get, the more this becomes apparent.  

Science shows that people tend to choose the same characteristics in a romantic partner — a certain ‘type,’ if you will. 

This is why some men tend to have one bad relationship after another; it’s because our subconscious minds are conditioning us to make the same mistakes over and over. 

But what if there was a way to see logically and put your internal emotions aside? What if you could have a strong, supportive outside influence that can help you recondition yourself to stop repeating the same mistakes you have in the past?

That’s where a coach comes in. Believe it or not, you can actually learn to master your subconscious. 

Your past mistakes result from conditioning, and just as they were learned, they can just as easily be unlearned. All it takes is a little guidance. 

3. A Coach Can Help You Be a Grounded Man 

This funny thing happens on dating apps… We put out this image of ourselves that’s more representative of who we’d like to be than who we actually are. 

This leads to a fascinating dynamic that develops in the days or weeks that lead to the actual meet-up… 

Since each of you is only seeing these idealized versions of each other, you become overly infatuated with the mental image of the other person. 

In other words, you think you know each other better than you do. You begin to feel a mutual attraction, even though you never met. The problem is that attraction isn’t based on reality. 

Plus, online dating apps have an element of gambling to them. As men, it’s our job to send out the first message and try to reel in women who are interested in us. So, when we do get a reply, it gives us a dopamine hit. 

This is the same reason so many people are addicted to social media. You take a picture, post it, then fish for likes. The more likes you get, the more dopamine hits you get. 

The problem is that this dopamine hit can cloud your judgment. 

So many men I speak to find themselves going on dates with women they aren’t even interested in. Why? Because that initial match makes them feel so good, they can’t force themselves to back off. 

It becomes less about genuine attraction and more about the thrill of the hunt. 

A dating coach can help keep you grounded in these situations so that you pick your dates based on what is best for you. 

Instead of forcing yourself to go on a date just for the sake of going, a coach can help keep you grounded and see the situation objectively. 

4. A Coach Can Help You Find The Right Words… And Avoid The Wrong Ones

Have you ever encountered a man or friend who “just has a way with women”? He always seems to know the right things to say and never stumbles over his words. 

Have you convinced yourself that you’ll never be one of those guys? That you don’t have the charm or the wit to compete? 

I encounter these limiting beliefs far too often, and they are usually the most significant factor holding men back. 

Pick-up lines, ice-breakers, firsts dates, dating — they’re all acquired skills. And like any other skill, just because you don’t have them today, it doesn’t mean you can’t master them tomorrow. 

More often than not, confidence gives certain guys a natural way with women. 

These guys aren’t saying or doing anything special. In fact, they’re probably not saying or doing anything different than you are. 

The only difference is how they say it and knowing when to open their mouths and when to keep them shut. 

As I said, dating is all about subtlety; if you can pick up on the nuances of conversation, everything else will fall into place. 

A dating app coach can teach you to pick up on these subtleties. You can learn to pay attention to the details to avoid eating your words during a conversation. 

5. A Coach Can Teach You How To Be A Memorable Man

When you’re looking at a dating app, what you see is drastically different than what a woman sees. 

If you have ten unread messages, she has well over 100. (Depending on her attractiveness, she may have 200, 300, or even more.) 

Do you think that anyone has the time to read every single message? Of course not. 

That’s why being intentional with every message you send is vitally important. Do you want to stand out in that sea of DMs? Put some effort into it. 

The same is true when it comes time to meet your date in real life. Where are you going to take her? For coffee? Drinks? To your favorite burger place? 

You don’t think a dozen other guys have already wined and dined her the exact same way? 

Again, you need to work hard at creating a unique dating experience. 

What that experience will look like depends on several factors: Where do you live? What are you into? What is she into? What’s your budget? What do you want to show her? 

The general rule is this: if you think the date has the potential to be a viable relationship, get it started on the right foot. Don’t send boring messages. Don’t go on boring dates. Be memorable. Stand out. Make yourself into a man who is hard to forget. 

Remember, in all but the rarest circumstances, you’re in direct competition with hundreds of other men out there, so you have to get creative.

A dedicated dating coach can teach you how to do that. From what you say to what you wear to where you take her — a coach can guide you through creating an experience she won’t easily forget. 

6. A Coach Can Calm You The F*%& Down 

Do you get nervous on dates? When you meet someone for the first time, are you usually sweating bullets? Do you walk in with a list of things you’d like to discuss, only to have them suddenly leave your mind the moment you sit down? 

Anxiety is a genuine issue that plagues many men — especially when meeting a woman for the first time. 

It isn’t uncommon for a man to be generally calm and collected in other aspects of life but frozen in fear when it comes to dating. 

What causes the fear? Well, it depends. Some men suffer from a general anxiety that overcomes them around all women. Some men are confident around certain types of women and nervous around others. 

In these situations, the anxiety almost always results from an underlying self-confidence issue. 

I’ve had clients who were extremely attractive but intimidated by women who were more educated than they were. At the same time, I’ve had lawyers who could kill it in the courtroom but stumbled in front of a beautiful woman. 

Whatever is causing your anxiety, a dedicated dating coach can give you specific techniques to boost your confidence and keep you calm in any romantic situation. 

7. A Coach Will Be Your Backup When Things Go South

No matter how prepared you are for anything in life, there will always be unforeseen circumstances that pop up and throw a wrench in your plans. 

When it comes to your love life, you can either let these setbacks debilitate you or make you stronger. 

A dedicated dating coach will stand in your corner so that whatever life throws your way, you won’t let it get the best of you. 

The key to achieving success with dating is the same as anything else in life: consistency. As long as you’re consistent with your dating game plan, it will eventually work for you. 

Some men get lucky and find their soulmate on the first date; some men have to date around for years — this is just the nature of the game. 

Your job is to keep pushing forward no matter what. Having a professional dating coach who won’t let you quit can help keep you focused on the goal at hand.  

Imagine if you could magically have the collective wisdom that only comes with decades of dating experience. Well, that’s exactly what my team and I can give you. 

We don’t pull this knowledge out of our asses. All the tips and advice we give you come from years of collective experience; we learned the hard way, so you don’t have to.  

So, instead of suffering through the same mistakes that we did, why not save yourself the stress, time, and money by consulting a professional?

Do I Really Need Someone To Teach Me How To Date?

The answer to that question is, “It depends.” Some mistakes are easy to learn from; others are more elusive. 

To help you decide, here are five reasons anyone should hire a dating coach. 

1. Your Dating Failures Are Affecting Your Self-Confidence 

If your lack of success in the dating world is causing you to question your abilities in other areas of your life, it may be time to seek professional help. 

There’s no denying that a man’s success with women is directly tied to his self-confidence. 

And if everyone in your social circle is in a long-term relationship, getting married, and having children while you’re still struggling just to find a girlfriend, you might understandably feel out of place. 

Remember, dating is a skill you can master, just like anything else. Just because things haven’t worked out in the past, that does not mean they won’t work out in the future. 

2. You Can’t Seem To Make It Past The Second Or Third Date

Some men find that while they have no problem finding dates, they can’t seem to get things to progress past the first few meet-ups. 

If this sounds like you, you need to acknowledge that you have a problem. 

If you’re intentionally breaking things off, that’s one thing, but if you keep getting dumped and are unsure why, it’s time to take a minute, regroup, and figure that out. 

3. You Desperately Want A More Meaningful Relationship 

There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you want companionship. Aside from one’s coworkers, most people spend more time with their partners than anyone else throughout their lives. 

If you’re longing for a deeper, more meaningful connection, go out there and find one. Enlist the help of a coach and get to work. 

Being strong and forcing yourself to suffer needlessly are two different things. Don’t think that refusing to ask for help makes you tough — it doesn’t. 

4. You’re Entering The Dating Scene After A Long Break 

You might feel oddly out of place if you’re entering the dating scene after ending a long-term relationship (or even a marriage). 

Not only is the dating scene constantly evolving, but dating itself requires a particular headspace. And if you’ve been out of the game for a while, it will take some time to get back in. 

If you want to make the process easier on yourself, a professional dating coach can significantly expedite the process by giving you the tips, knowledge, and know-how to find lasting relationships. 

5. Your Past Relationships All Failed For The Same Reason

Let’s say you’ve had several long-term, meaningful, loving relationships. Nevertheless, they all failed — and they failed for the same reason. 

While I’m all about maintaining an optimistic outlook, you should not assume that your next relationship will be any different than the others. 

If you want a fresh start and put your past mistakes behind you, enlist the help of someone who can give you a different perspective; hire a dating coach. 


The only obstacle standing in the way of you creating a fresh start for your dating life? 


If you’re ready to leave your past failures where they belong — in the past — you’re in the right place to do. 

Some coaching programs like to give you empty pep talks, hollow words of encouragement, and templated advice to solve your problems…

We don’t. 

We put time, effort, and intention into the things we teach. Our program was designed by men just like you for men just like you. 

We’re motivated by one thing: our past experiences. 

Trust me, my team, and I have gone through some shit, and our goal is to help other men who are now suffering through the same things we’ve been through. 

Most of us didn’t have a support network when we needed it the most. But you do. 

You can work with a team dedicated to helping its members become the absolute best version of themselves. 

These aren’t guys doing this just because they need a paycheck. These are men who live and breathe this stuff. And after you join us, we’ll become your brothers — for life. 

Just one thing, though — don’t waste my time if your heart isn’t in this. 

If you’re absolutely convinced that you’re ready for this, you can skip this part and scroll to the bottom. 

For those of you that may be on the fence, listen up. 

This isn’t a cheap or easy program with false flattery to inflate your ego… 

And it isn’t going to give you overnight success. That simply isn’t possible. If you want to believe some of the bullshit floating around from some of our competitors, you go right ahead. 

Real progress requires serious amounts of work. That’s just a fact. 

It’s your life, your decision, and you must do what you think is best for you. Yes, we can guide, motivate, and challenge you, but YOU have to want it. 

Jordan isn’t Jordan without Phil Jackson. But Phil Jackson isn’t Phil Jackson without Jordan.

That’s how coaching works; it’s a mutually beneficial agreement. And it only works when both sides give it their all. 

Are you ready to give it YOUR all? 

If so, take the next step. You can start by filling out this simple survey. 

Then, if you have what it takes, we’ll contact you and explain everything you need to know. 

It may just be the best decision you’ll ever make… 

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