78: Remington: Living Life on the Edge

Remington is the founding member of the Dallas Stunt Riders, a renowned motorcycle group that travels the country performing death-defying stunts, while also thriving as a successful singer & songwriter whose original music can be heard as the soundtrack to his group’s breathtaking stunt shows. Performing motorcycle stunts alongside death-defying plane tricks.

Favorite Success Quote

“Get busy living or get busy dying because you can’t stay the same it’s impossible.” – Remington’s mother

“You can pray all you want but God put you in this ocean called life so if you don’t swim he’s going to let you drown.” – Anonymous

“Don’t accept failure and be a champion.” – Remington

Key Points

1. If You Are Not Living Life to the Fullest You Are Dying

There are only two paths in life, the path of life and the path of death.

Each and every day, you are either choosing to live life, to embrace your fears, and boldly chart your own path, or you are choosing to let life happen to you, to live in reaction, and to allow others to dictate your reality.

Our time on this earth is finite, so stop wasting it and start living life.

Every day, you need to wake up with a fire and a zest for life because you get to live and breathe for one more day.

There is someone out there who was not so lucky this morning.

Make the most of your time and get busy living.

2. Forget Failure 

Failure is just a part of life.

We often forget that failure is just about the only guarantee on the path to success.

We think that failure is the end of the road when in reality, it is just an opportunity to learn and grow.

So forget about failure.

Stop worrying about it and realize that it will happen at some point.

If you are not failing, you are not living and you are not pushing yourself far enough.

So get over your fear of failure and just embrace it.

3. Find a Way to Combine Your Passions

Remmington is looking to combine his love of singing and songwriting, with tricking and motorcycle stunts.

Two seemingly unrelated passions that could result in a massively disruptive and lucrative career path.

In your own life, look for ways that your passions could overlap to create something entirely new and groundbreaking for your industry.

How can you find a way to link seemingly disparate activities together to create something that has never been done before?

4. Live Like You Only Have 5 Years Left 

We are often told to live each day like it’s your last.

This is terrible advice.

If people truly took it to heart, we would see rampant drug use, perverse public displays, and some mind-bogglingly wild (and stupid) stunts.

Instead of living like you are going to die tomorrow, live as if you only have 5 years left.

How would the knowledge that you are going to die exactly five years from today change your life?

What would you do differently?

By adopting this timeline, you are able to take more intelligent risks, give love to the people who matter most and still embrace the life that you truly want to be living.

If you had five years left, what would you do? How would you change? Who would you love? What gifts would you shower onto the world? How would you seek to express yourself and be all that you could be for those precious five years?

Do you have an answer?


Now go and live it.

5. Act Your Way into a Feeling 

Most people believe that you need to have a certain feeling before you can act.

But the complete opposite is true.

You act your way into a feeling.

No one feels like leaving the comfort of their bedsheets at 4:30 a.m. to go and hustle on a business that isn’t providing an ROI yet.

But once they get up and do it, the motivation is a byproduct and they win the morning.

You probably don’t feel like going to the gym.

But once you have your sneakers on, your music blaring, protein shake in hand, and you begin lifting weights, you start to feel like exercising and actually begin to enjoy it.

You must understand that action is the mother of motivation, not the other way around.

So if you don’t feel like doing something, then I dare you to just do it… Then tell me how you feel.

Influential Books

The Life by Michael Jordan

Millionaire Mentor by Paul Browning

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki


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