Follow Corey Wadden on his Mission to Make $1,000,000 by Age 25 to Retire his Mother

Meet Corey Wadden.

High school drop out. Broke. No car.

However, Corey Wadden isn’t your average 24 year old. He isn’t playing xbox or chasing girls at the local bar scene. Corey’s doing something bigger…much bigger.

Over the past 2 years he’s been on a mission to make a million dollars to retire his mother.

He’s 19 months in and he’s read 70 business books, interviewed 20 millionaires, started 3 businesses and has earned $80,000 to date.

And the interesting thing is he’s only getting started..

 Here we go:

Watch the video to learn: 

  • The power of a vision book
  • Why creating your personal life trailer will motivate you every morning
  • How to kill anxiety and find your center
  • The power of knowing your why
  • The common themes of advice from the 20 millionaires Corey interviewed
  • Why doing the opposite can open up a new realm of possibilities
  • Corey’s key piece of advice on starting your first business
  • The best business advice Corey has ever received
  • The power of goal setting and why making your goals public will propel you into action
  • Corey’s #1 book recommendation
  • What Corey would do if he woke up at age 20 and had only $1000
  • The importance of taking advantage of every moment
  • and much more!

He has 5 months left to make $920,000. Can he do it?

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