40: William Shaker: Get Uncomfortable and Chase Freedom Now

William Shaker is a thirteen year online business veteran and life coach. He is here to inspire you with his podcast and blog on the subjects of entrepreneurship, motivation and success.

Favorite Success Quote

“When it looks impossible and you’re ready to quit then victory is near.” – Anthony Robbins

Key Points

1. You Don’t Have to Work the Rest of Your Life 

Despite what society tells you, you don’t have to work for the rest of your life.

You don’t have to subject yourself to the golden handcuffs and work 40 years at a job you hate until you earn a pension.

You can learn to leverage other people’s time and your own money to grow income streams and businesses that will pay you passively.

By using this leverage you will set yourself free from the shackles of society and live a life that is meaningful to you. 

But you must first educate yourself.

You need to learn how money works and how you can make it work for you (instead of the other way around).

Once you have this power, the world opens up to you.

2. Freedom is the Ability to Select Your Responsibilities

You are never going to be free from all responsibility.

A life free of any responsibility is a life free of love and joy.

But when you live a life of freedom, you get to choose which responsibilities you take on.

Maybe you value your health and your family more than your business.

Freedom means that you can choose to spend less time on your business, and spend more time at your yoga classes, playing with your kids, or going on dates with your wife.

Whatever your goals are, freedom is the ability to select which responsibilities you want to take on and which ones you don’t.

Once you can achieve this goal, even in small ways, your life will never be the same.

3. You Have Never “Arrived” 

The reality of life is that there is no “arrival” you will never “reach” all of your goals, and you will never “finish” until the day you die.

Life is just a never ending stream of new problems and challenges that you get to overcome.

And if you want those problems and challenges to improve as you continue your life (for example the problem of figuring out where to park your Ferrari instead of wondering how you can pay off your Honda), then you must continue to grow and improve yourself on a daily basis.

You need to constantly push yourself to be better and get more uncomfortable on a daily basis.

You will never arrive so you need to make sure that you enjoy and optimize the journey.

Because the journey is all there is.

4. How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything

Most men think that they can get away with little compromises of character, with little breaks in their integrity.

But what they do not realize is that each one of these lapses in judgement chinks away at your identity and changes you as a person.

Because internally we are wired to be congruent beings, meaning how we do anything is how we do everything.

If you take an honest look at your life, you will likely see that there are very clear patterns in every area of life.

Maybe its procrastination, maybe its a passive aggressive attitude, or maybe it’s a jest and a joy for life that is totally contagious.

Whatever your patterns are, they will permeate every area of your life and create your reality over the coming years.

So guard your character and realize that how you are doing anything is how you will do everything.

5. Embrace Masculinity and Live on the Edge

If you want to live a full life.

If you want to live a life of joy and heroism and passion.

Then you need to embrace your masculine nature and live life on the edge.

All great creators and conquerors of history were at one point or another put in a dire situation where there back was against the wall.

And what did they do?

If history remembers their names, then they rose to the occasion and overcame massive adversity.

And if you want to be a man who is remembered and who is worth writing about, then you are going to have to put yourself in situations where you don’t know the outcome.

Situations that scare you, the make you want to run away.

And ultimately situations like these will push you to be a better man.

They will present you with opportunities to rise to the challenges and overcome the adversity, proving yourself and growing your confidence.

So get uncomfortable and jump into life.

Influential Books

Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

The Laws of Success by Napoleon Hill


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