Robert Greene: Discover Yourself and Master Anything to Get the Life You Want

Robert Greene is the author of the New York Times bestsellers The 48 Laws of Power, The Art of Seduction, The 33 Strategies of War, the 50th Law and most recently Mastery.

Favorite Success Quote

“Never complain, never explain, just let your actions speak for themselves.” – Benjamin Disraeli

Key Points

1. Know Thyself and Know Your Desires 

The ultimate key to a successful and fulfilled life is that you know yourself and your desires.

Who are you?

What do you want?

Who do you want to become?

Without a real sense of clarity and vision, your life can become a paralyzing path of uncertainty and confusion.

However, when you get clear on who you are and what you want, the world becomes your oyster and you are able to take full advantage of every opportunity that is presented to you.

So I challenge you TODAY to give yourself the greatest gift you have the power to give…

The time to figure out who you really are and where you really want to go in life.

2. Power is Not Nice 

Often times people have the belief that life is a fairy tale where everyone plays nicely, follows the same rules, and gets along.

But this is far from the truth.

Life, and power, are not nice.

They are not fair and they are not always moral.

They are filled with betrayal, treachery, lies, and deception.

And while you do not have to take part in these realities or build your life and business on these principles, you must accept that the world is not a nice place and that powerful people rarely (if ever) attained their position by being nice.

Remove the rose colored glasses and see the world for what it really is.

Leave the naivety to the children who still want to believe in Santa Clause.

Accept life as it is and make decisions that are grounded in reality.

3.  Success Early On can Be the Worst Fate

Many young people are in such a hurry to become successful.

And while you most certainly want to take life seriously as young as possible and start working tirelessly to achieve your goals, do not rush the art of achievement.

Focus on mastery before you focus on success.

If you find a craft that you love and learn to master it, the money will come.

But becoming a wild success at an early age often leads us towards ultimate ruin.

It leads to arrogance and false expectations when the truth of the matter is that you got lucky.

So strive for success… yes.

But focus first and foremost on mastering a craft that you love.

The money will come later.

4.  Patience is the Key to Success 

Success requires patience.

It requires tenacity.

It requires the rare ability to meet failure after failure after failure with persistence and a smile.

With enough time on your side, you can achieve any level of success that you desire.

But you need to remember that the key phrase here is “with enough time.”

Success doesn’t happen overnight, and it oftentimes will take more than a decade before you get to the level that you truly desire.

Buckle down, be patient, and commit to mastery.

5. Mastery is the Ultimate Form of Achievement 

Mastery is the truest form of achievement.

Nothing else even comes close.

Because when you truly master something, you are one of the only people in the world with the level of skill and competence that you have at your craft.

You become an icon.

Even if all of your dealings were to fail in one night, a true master could quickly pick himself up and find a way to reclaim his losses in a matter of months.

While mastery will require years of practice, blood, sweat, and tears… It will be worth it.

Robert’s Books

1. The 33 Strategies of War

2. The 50th Law

3. Mastery

4. The Art of Seduction

5. The 48 Laws of Power

Influential Books

Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

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