255: Mitch Horowitz: The Miracle Power of Your Mind

A nationally known writer, speaker, and publisher in alternative spirituality, MITCH HOROWITZ is the author of “One Simple Idea: How Positive Thinking Reshaped Modern Life” and “Occult America,” winner of the 2010 PEN Oakland/ Josephine Miles Award for literary excellence. He is vice-president and editor-in-chief at Tarcher/Penguin, the division of Penguin books dedicated to metaphysical literature.

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Key Points

1. Just Persist

If you are struggling in life be it in your finances, relationships, or sense of meaning in life, just persist. Nothing good ever comes from people who can give up.

You have to be willing to take the hits and keep on moving, to put in the work whenever everyone else parties, to put your nose to the grindstone while others sleep. If you can persist and keep going, success will come, it may take years, but if you put in the work and push through the hard times, you will succeed in the end.

2. Don’t Ask How, Just Why

If you have to ask “how” odds are that you don’t really want to do something. If you came across a wild bear and had to get away, you wouldn’t ask how to get out of the way, you would just do it! And the same is true of success.

If you really want to do something and have a strong why, then you will be able to figure out the how no matter what.

3. You Have Nothing But Your Word

We have all heard that a man has nothing but his word. And as cliche as it may sound, this is true.

You have nothing but your word. If you cannot be trusted, if you have no integrity with others and yourself, then what do you really have to offer the world?


You have to be a man of your word, take your word and your integrity more seriously than you take your job, your relationships, your passions or anything because your word is the only measure of a man.

Influential Books

1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

2. The Jefferson Bible by Thomas Jefferson

3. Resurrection by Neville Goddard

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