93: Mastin Kipp: Lessons Learned on a Journey From Crisis To Grace

Mastin Kipp is the founder of TheDailyLove.com – a website, daily email and twitter account that serves soulful inspiration to a new generation. Started as a feed of quotes sent to Mastin’s friends, The Daily Love shot to fame after a tweet from Kim Kardashian. And a love monster was born.

Hosting Mastin on her weekly show Super Soul Sunday, Oprah dubbed him an “up and coming thought leader of the next generation of spiritual thinkers.” Both an honor, and a mouthful.

Mastin’s mission is to connect people back to what makes them happy. Happy people make better choices, and better choices make for a better planet.

Favorite Success Quote

“Follow your bliss and doors will open where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell

Key Points

1. You Don’t Need to Have it All Figured Out

In our comparison driven society, it is far too easy to feel like everyone else has it figured out.

We see the guy with the fast car, the beautiful woman, and the big house and think “He’s got it made”, “Why does he know what he’s doing but I don’t.”

But the truth of the matter is, you don’t need to have it all figured out.

The joy of life is found in the journey.

It’s found in discovery, in learning, and in growing.

Don’t try and figure everything out.

Learn to enjoy the ride and allow things to fall into place as you work towards your bigger purpose.

2. Give Away More than is Expected

If you want to become truly successful in your life and business, then you must make a habit of giving away more than is expected of you.

In your business, this means giving away extra value for free.

Give away 99% of your work and then charge for the top 1% of what you release.

When you do this, not only do you provide more value to your audience, but you allow yourself to charge higher prices for the content that isn’t free because you are giving away so much.

Always give more than is expected, and more than you expect will be given to you.

3. Take Care of Yourself First

To truly serve others, you must first serve yourself.

While this statement often sounds contradictory at first glance, when you delve deeper you will understand what it truly means.

Think about it.

Just like you can only give financial support from your own overflow and excess, you can only give emotional and spiritual support when your proverbial cup is overflowing.

If you are not taking time for yourself, if you are not recharging regularly, if you are not following your passions and pursuing things that light you on fire, then you will have no energy and joy to pour into the world!

Make a conscious effort to take good care of yourself this week.

Sleep in, get a massage, take an afternoon off and read your favorite book.

Do what you need to do to fully pour into yourself so that you can pour into others.

4. Purpose is an Emotion

Purpose is nothing more than an emotion.

It is the feeling that you felt when you were your happiest, when you were giving something to the world, when you were making an impact in alignment with your deepest values.

There is no such thing as “Your purpose”.

Your purpose is to do whatever fills you up, to do what inspires you, to do what you feel you can do better than 99% of the world.

When you realize that purpose is nothing more than an emotion, you are free from the stress and anxiety of trying to find what you were meant to do and simply focus on doing what you love.

You can focus on building up and giving away the best and most positive emotions that you possibly can.

When you live life in this way, everything will start to change.

5. Follow Your Bliss

This is the key to life.

Follow your bliss.

Do what you love, do what excites you, do what makes you curious.

Do the things that you want to do with your life.

Follow your bliss.

Relentlessly pursue that which gives you a feeling of purpose and calm.

Because at the end of the day, the world doesn’t need more cookie cutter individuals doing what society tells them to do.

It needs more people who have come alive and are living their highest passions, and following their bliss.

Influential Books

The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell

Launch by Jeff Walker

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle



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