172: Bob Proctor: The ABCs of Success

To millions of people across the globe, the name Bob Proctor is synonymous with success.  Long before his role in the movie The Secret sent him into the realm of superstardom, he was already a legendary figure in the world of personal development.

His insights, inspiration, ideas, systems, and strategies are the dimes on which countless lives have spun —  the sparks that have ignited career transformations, personal epiphanies, inner awakenings, and the creation of million-dollar fortunes the world over.

As a speaker, author, consultant, coach, and mentor, Bob Proctor works with business entities and individuals around the world, instilling within them not only the mental foundations of success and the motivation to achieve, but also the actionable strategies that will empower them to grow, improve, and thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

Favorite Success Quote

“Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal”~Earl Nightingale

Key Points

1. You Must Apply What You Learn 

During Bob’s journey of personal growth, one of his greatest strengths was that he was an implementer. Like Bob,  most people on this site, have read “Think and Grow Rich” and have mentors investing into the  and giving them advice.

The reason for Bob’s success?

He actually applied everything he learned. He followed the action steps from “Think and Grow Rich,” when a successful person told him to do something, he went out and did it.

If you want to achieve success in your own life, you must be a massive action taker and rapid implementer. Don’t just read success books, live them. Don’t just listen to advice, follow it. It is only by action that you will achieve the success you desire.

2. Mentors Are One of The Most Important Aspects to Success

Throughout Bob’s journey he had some of the most prolific and successful individuals in the personal growth world as mentors. And the fact is, almost every successful person has had someone pouring into them and helping them on their path to the top.

If you want to be a top level achiever, it is imperative that you surround yourself with the kind of people who will help you get there. Become friends with individuals who make you uncomfortable, who are so far ahead of you that they intimidate you, and make you push yourself to achieve new levels of success.

No man is an island, and the quickest way to the top is to find people who are already there willing to give you a hand.

3. You Can Build Yourself an Incredible Education 

Like many successful individuals, Bob had no formal education, in fact he never finished high school. However, the education he was able to receive through experience and mentors was worth far more than any degree or letters after his name.

If you want to be successful, you must become a self educator. Read as many books as you can take action on, go to as many seminars and courses as you can afford, and surround yourself with as many high achievers as you can find.

Through self education, belief, and massive action taking, success is all but inevitable.

4. You Don’t Decide on a Purpose; You Discover It 

Bob’s advice for anyone feeling lost or unsure, is to spend time alone, writing about the legacy you want to leave, and the way you want to live your life.

It is his belief that we are all guided by something bigger than ourselves and that we all have a higher purpose to achieve. And while we may not be able to alter that purpose, if we discover and follow it, we will set ourselves up for a life of fulfillment and success.

5. Forget Yourself Into Immortality 

One of Bob’s core beliefs is that we must focus on others to become true successes. As the quote from Emerson states above, we must, “Forget ourselves into immortality.”

Because it is only by focusing on others and leaving legacy of selflessness that we can become truly great.

Influential Books

1. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

2. As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

3. You^2 by Price Pritchett


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