60: Alex Morton: How I Made a Million Dollars Before Age 25


Alex Morton is 24 years old and is the youngest Royal Ambassador in the Health and Nutrition Company, Vemma, which is one of the top positions in the compensation plan.

He lives in Las Vegas, NV and his team has over 15,000 members in 25+ countries. Alex has over 50,000 social media followers and his monthly earnings are exceeding $100,000.

Favorite Success Quote

“Make it happen.” – Alex Morton

Key Points

1. Take Your Craft Seriously 

No matter what business or craft you are pursuing, you need to take it seriously.

Don’t treat your work like a hobby, treat it like a Fortune 500 business.

It doesn’t matter whether you are in social media, network marketing, freelancing, or building an influencer business.

The men who succeed at their chosen path are the ones who take their work seriously, who meet deadlines, eliminate the fluff, work their asses off, and give it 110% each and every day.

If you want to achieve success, then get serious.


2. Success Requires a Commitment to Delayed Gratification

One of the most difficult commitments that you must make is the commitment to delayed gratification.

Our brains are not wired to put off what is pleasurable now for an intangible reward later. 

But if you want to achieve success, you need to beat your brain and discipline yourself to delay gratification.

It might be easy to go out with your friends instead of working on your business, but it will ultimately lead to failure.

It might be easy to spend money that you don’t have because you want something now, but it will lead to bankruptcy.

It might be easy to procrastinate and goof off when you should be working, but it will lead to regret.

Be willing to delay gratification and get the work done now so that you can reap rewards that you can only dream of later. 

3. Just Make it Happen

On your journey to success, whether in business, in health, or in your relationships, you are going to have times where you want to quit.

There will be times where it all seem too damn hard and you just don’t want to put in the effort and keep going.

And it is in time like this that you need to man up and just make it happen.

If you quit, if you give in, then you are proving everyone else right and proving yourself wrong.

If you quit, then all of the haters, all of the naysayers, and all of the critics are proven right because you were too weak to keep going.

Do not let this be your legacy.

When the going gets rough, just make it happen.

It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.

4. You Need to Find Your Why

You must have a strong, burning “Why” behind any goal that you set.

If you want to achieve something worthwhile, then it is going to be hard, you will want to quit.

That’s just how the game works.

But if you have a strong enough reason why you are doing everything that you are doing.

If you have enough conviction backing up your goals, you will be able to push through any obstacle and achieve anything that you set your mind to.

5. Lead by Example

If you are an entrepreneur or business executive you must lead by example.

Your subordinates and employees do not follow what you say, they follow what you do.

If you expect your employees to show up to meetings on time but you are always 20 minutes late, then they will eventually start disregarding your requests and will lose respect for you.

If you expect your employees to work weekends, but you only show up 4 days a week, they will quickly follow suit and lose their hustle.

You must lead by example.

Expect more from yourself than you expect from any of your followers and you will quickly build lasting respect and loyalty.

Influential Books

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The Secret by Randa Byrne

The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone

Next Steps

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