002: Ross Jeffries: The Godfather of the Seduction Community Shares All

Ross Jeffries is the founder, creator and Master Teacher of the worldwide seduction community.

Featured as the mentor to Neil Strauss in the best selling book, “The Game”, RJ has taught, coached, and mentored thousands of men around the world, since 1991, guiding them to the success with women they truly desire and deserve.

His system, Speed Seduction®, shows you how to succeed with the women you really want, predictably and reliably, without guess work or games, respecting yourself and the women you enjoy.

Favorite Success Quote

“If you want results that are different from the results you are used to having than you have to turn to ways of thinking, feeling and believing than the ones you are used to doing.”

“What you resist persists, but what you dwell on you create hell on.”

Key Points

1. Authenticity is the Key to Great Seduction

All men who are great with women are great because of their unwavering commitment to authenticity.

These men show up in the world, unafraid of what others think and unmoved by what others expect of them.

They live life on their terms and by their rules.

And women can sense it.

These men have no problem expressing love, sexual desire, or disapproval with a woman because at the end of the day, her response to him doesn’t make a damn’s worth of a difference.

He is just as happy going home by himself as he is taking home a beautiful woman… as long as he remains true to himself and his values and does not sugar coat his desires and truth for the approval of others.

2. Focus on Processes and Activities

So often today we get caught up in feelings and complications instead of focusing on the basics of all success.

Processes and activities.

Want to be great with women?

What is the process that is required for you to achieve this goal? And what are the activities that are needed to go through that process?

Want to be rich? What is the process that you need to follow and the activities that you need to prioritize?

All success essentially boils down to these two concepts.

Figure out the process and then complete the activities required to actualize it.

Leave the complicated crap to the rest of the world.

3. Learn to Take Control of Your Language Patterns

Words have power.

And if you can learn to take control of your words and your language patterns you will uncover a myriad of ways that you can ethically persuade and seduce those around you.

One of the most powerful language patterns is to invoke the power of imagination.

Especially with women.

Ask them vague and open ended questions where their imaginations are forced to fill in the gap.

Paint vivid pictures and scenarios while leaving out key details.

Learn to cast grand stories that capture and control their imagination and focus it in the direction that you want it to go.

Once you do, your life will never be the same.

4. Remember Your Mortality


We are all ultimately headed to the same place.

Six feet under ground with the worms.

Religious beliefs aside, the only things we know beyond a shadow of a doubt is that all life ends in death.

So why do we act like we are going to live forever?

Why do we pretend that we are not like everyone else who has come before us?

Spend time each day meditating on the reality of your own mortality and your limited time here on earth.

You are going to die.

I am going to die.

Everyone you love and admire will one day die.

And this is not a bad thing.

It is liberating.

Because it gives you the freedom to cast off the bullshit in life and truly go for what you want.

If you are a dead man anyways… Then why the hell shouldn’t you take a chance and go for your dreams?

5. Forget the 6 B’s of Attraction

Society has tried to program us into believing the 6 B’s of attraction.


We are told that by following the above 6 B’s we are guaranteed a life of success with women.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

Real success with women comes from authenticity and not the grade A+ Bullshit listed out above.

Does having a nice body and a fast car help?


But rarely with the kind of woman that you want to attract.

Focus on yourself and on authenticity and the above list becomes superfluous.

Most Influential Book

Breakthrough Pain by Shinzen Young

Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson

Monsters & Magical Sticks: There’s No Such Thing As Hypnosis? by Stephen Heller

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