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Paul Jaminet, Ph.D. Paul was an astrophysicist at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, became a software entrepreneur during the Internet boom, and provides strategic advice to entrepreneurial companies while pursuing research in economics Paul’s experience overcoming a chronic illness has been key to our views of aging and disease. He is the coauthor of The Perfect Health Diet: Regain Health and Lose Weight by Eating the Way You Were Meant to Eat.

Success Quotes

“Seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you.” – Jesus, The Bible

“Live like an animal and you can’t go wrong.” – Paul Jaminet

Key Points

1. Prescriptions Aren’t the Key to Health 

We live in a drug obsessed society.

But when I say drugs, I don’t mean cocaine or heroin.

I mean prescription drugs designed to cure every possible malady and disease that we have.

But there’s a problem.

Not only do most prescription drugs focus on sedating or mitigating the problems instead of providing a lasting cure, many times, these drugs are more harmful to our bodies then the problems they were created to fix.

The key to health isn’t to prescribe more Adderral or Prozac.

The key to health is to take a holistic approach that brings environmental factors under control and helps you to live a healthy life from the outside in.

2. The Majority of Your Health Comes from Your Diet 

Something that most people do not realize is just how important diet is.

Sure everyone knows that it’s one of the keys to a healthy lifestyle, but most people don’t understand just how essential it is to fuel your body properly.

Exercise and sleep are important, but the biggest factor in your energy levels, productivity, and overall well being is how you eat.

Luckily, following a healthy diet that will optimize your performance in all areas of life is not particularly complicated.

You need to start by eliminating processed foods, eating organic and all natural produce and meats whenever you can, and cooking your meals in a way that does not promote the build up of toxins in the body (avoid high heat cooking methods).

If you follow these simple steps, your health will immediately improve and you will feel and perform in a way that you have never experienced before.

3. Pay Attention to Micro-Nutrients 

One of the biggest mistakes that dieters make is focusing only on macro nutrient intake.

What most people do not realize is that due to our modern agriculture methods, the majority of the foods we consume are poor in micro nutrient levels.

Essential vitamins and minerals that once abounded in our fruits and vegetables are no longer present.

This makes it essential that you start an intentional supplementation regimen to ensure that you are receiving all of the nutrients you need to perform at the highest levels.

This process can be tedious and a bit time consuming since everyone’s body and diet is different, but once you can find your deficiencies and plug the holes that your diet cannot feel, your health will soar and you will notice a drastic improvement in your day to day well being.

4. Understand the Role That Toxins Play in Chronic Health Issues

Toxins are the silent killer of modern health.

Most people do not realize just how polluted our lives really are.

Toxins abound in everything from our foods to our cleaning products to our shampoo and conditioner.

If you want to have truly age defying health and live with a level 10 out of 10 health, then you need to consciously eradicate toxins from your environment.

Start with your foods, then move on to your hygiene products (opt for all natural soaps and cleansers), and then to the air your are breathing and products that you use to clean your home.

The less toxic your environment, the less susceptible you will be to chronic health issues and an early death.

5. Realize the Evolutionary Mismatches at Play In Life

To achieve truly perfect health, you need to understand the role of evolutionary mismatch in your day to day life.

The world is not what it once was.

From the erosion of minerals in our soil, the treatment of the water we drink, to the simple fact that we sit down inside for most of the day, our lives are entirely mismatched from the way we evolved to live.

Once you can understand some of these mismatches and how you can change them to improve your health, your life will never be the same.

From supplementing with Vitamin D to compensate for our lack of exposure to sunlight to investing in a stand up desk that mimics the exercise patterns of our ancestors, the more you understand about where we came from and how we are designed to live, the better equipped you will be to live with an unprecedented level of health and vitality.

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