229: Kris Wolfe: 10 Ways to Win a Woman’s Heart

Kris Wolfe is the founder of Good Guy Swag and author of “10 Ways to Win a Girls Heart“. Kris went from being a scrawny and unconfident teenager to a bodybuilder, and marrying a Miss USA.

Now, he helps other men do the same by embracing authenticity and becoming a real man.

Favorite Quote

“A real man is a man who is real”~Gordon Dalbey

Key Points

1. The People You Allow into Your Life will Shape Your Destiny

While this may be one of the oldest and most over used pieces of personal development advice, it is absolutely true and relevant in your life.

There is nothing that will have a bigger effect on your life than the people whom you surround yourself with. If you spend time around leaders and winners, you will naturally follow suit, however if you spend most of your time with low caliber individuals with no interest in personal growth, then your life will stagnate.

Because of this, finding excellent mentors who have the results that you want is incredibly important. If you can find people in your life to hold you accountable and keep you in check while they pour into you and help you grow, your life and success will accelerate rapidly.

And while many of you may not think you can find a mentor, it is important to realize that nearly every successful person wants to pour into an eager protege and you simply have to have a teachable spirit to build relationships that will last you a lifetime.

2. You Can’t Be a Gentleman until You Are a Man 

As you seek to find the woman of your dreams and win her heart, you have to realize that you cannot be the gentleman that she needs you to be until you are first the man that you need you to be.

You have to be real and confident in yourself, you must learn to love who you are while you build yourself into who you want to be and to be unashamed about your identity.

As soon as you become the grounded man who is going after his purpose in life, everything else will fall into place.

3. It’s the Basics that Count 

While it may not be anything flashy or exciting, if you want to win a woman’s heart, then do what men have been doing for generations!

Be intentional in your approach and tell her exactly how you feel and what your desired outcome is, be complimentary of her and her passions, and be romantic in your dating methods, constantly surprising her with new and creative ideas and activities.

The problem in America is that we always look for what is new instead of what works. Stick to the basics and win that girls heart.

Influential Books

1. Healing the Masculine Soul by Gordon Dalbey

2. No More Mr. Nice Guy by Dr. Robert Glover

3. Wild at Heart by John Eldridge

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