160: Geoff Woods: How to Find High Level Mentors

Geoff Woods is a medical device salesman turned entrepreneur on his way to eliminating his 9-5 for good. After his compensation plan was altered and his income cut nearly in half, Geoff realized that he needed to make a change and needed to make it now.

Geoff is the host of the Mentee podcast where he brings in the top mentors in all areas of life to share their knowledge and pay it forward.

Favorite Success Quote

“You are the average of the five people that you spend the most time with” ~Jim Rohn

Key Points

1. You MUST Surround Yourself with High Achievers

One of the quickest accelerators to your personal and professional growth is to surround yourself with people who have already achieved what you want to achieve.

If you want to be a millionaire, hang out with millionaires. If you want to be good with women, hand out with friends who are good with women. If you want to be fit, spend time with friends who are fit. This rule applies to every area of your life.

You adopt the habits, traits, and mindsets of the people who you spend the most time with, make sure you are spending that time with the right people.

2. You Need Clarity on Your Vision

You must know exactly where you want to be to achieve success. If you do not have a roadmap, you will never reach your destination.

It is imperative to your success that you decide who you want to be and how you want to live. Determine the income you want to be making, the lifestyle you want to live and the relationships you want to have.

Put it in writing and look at it daily. If you do the work, this will become your reality far sooner than you ever imagined.

3. Share Your Vision with Others

In your attempt to network with other high achievers, you must remember to constantly share your vision, goals, and struggles with others. Even if they are unable to help, they may know someone else who can.

No one achieves success alone, it requires the help of others. Always seek to add value to others live’s and to create good will with those who may be of service at a later time.

4. You Need to Be More Interested than Interesting

If you seek to be interested in others rather than being interesting to others, you will be amazed at what will happen. The one thing people love more than anything is to talk about themselves, and when they find a person who not only allows them, but asks that they talk about themselves, you will stand out in a room of crowded self promoters.

5. Consistent Morning Routines Are a Habit of all High Achievers

One of the most common habits of nearly everyone that Geoff has interviewed is a powerful morning routine. Almost no high achiever ever became successful by sleeping in and having lazy mornings.

To create a powerful morning routine, you must include powerful habits. The three most important habits Geoff mentioned are:

  1. Rise early (5 am or earlier)
  2. Meditate
  3. Self education

If you begin to incorporate these habits into your days, you will find that you will begin building the life of your dreams at a rate you never thought possible.

6. Look for the Lessons in Everything

Everyone will face trying times at some point in their lives. Be it a bankruptcy, divorce, physical injury or loss of a loved one, an unfortunate fact of life is the inevitability of hardships.

One of the key differentiators between the successful and the mediocre is that the successful look for the lessons in the trying times. They ask what they could have done better, what they are grateful for, and how they will change going forward.

Pain is inevitable, you may as well learn from it and use those lessons to create a better tomorrow.

Influential Books

1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki

2. Three Feet from Gold by Greg Reid

3. Connected to Goodness Dave Meltzer


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