248: Dr. Tracy Thomas: Turn the Life You Live into the Life You Lead

Dr. Tracy Thomas is a licensed psychologist and a certified coach who works with executives, leaders, and celebrities who helps them go from the life they are living the life that they are leading.

Favorite Success Quote

“It’s one thing to realize the self, but it’s something else altogether to truly embody that realization, to the extent that there is no gap between inner revelation and it’s outer expression” Adayashanti

Key Points

1. Turn Your Existence into Your Career

You know the old saying that if you love what you do you will never work a day in your life?

Well imagine if the work that you did was in such alignment with who you are as a person and what you value in life that you felt that you were being paid simply to exist? That you were paid to just be you!

It is entirely possible, and more than that, entirely necessary.

Life is too damn short to live a life that is incongruent with who you are. If you are doing things that you love with people you love, you will wake up every day with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. You will have a deep sense of fulfillment and joy in each moment and will be able to show up in life more present and on purpose than you ever thought possible.

It is not an easy road, and it will require you to make changes, but it will be worth it.

2. Get out of the Negative Narratives in Your Life

It is so easy to get caught up in negative narratives in your day to day life that you may not even realize how much they are affecting you. You are in negative work environments, negative relationships, patterns of self talk, or ways of being that your health and well being is affected.

If you are able to remove the negative narratives from your life and surround yourself with positivity that is congruent with you and your mission, your life will improve, your health will improve, and your sense of peace and joy will shoot through the roof.

3. Get Real with Yourself

Success in life requires that you are honest with yourself, you cannot live a life of joy and peace if you are constantly lying to yourself.

You tell yourself that it is not that bad, that you will make a change, that things are worse for others without ever realizing that by lying to yourself you are blocking yourself from achieving the things you desire.

You have to be brutally honest with yourself and call it like it is in life before you can truly live a congruent and passionate life.

4. Take it Easy on Yourself

Especially as a man, it is easy to beat yourself up. Society puts so much pressure on you to achieve, to succeed, to figure out who the hell you are (not to mention to figure out how the hell to handle women) that it’s easy to see yourself as a failure if you are not a millionaire, casanova by age 21!

Take a deep breath and take it easy on yourself, you are doing better than you think you are. You don’t have a responsibility to conform to society’s expectations and the sooner you can realize this, the happier and more fulfilled you will be.

Influential Books

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle

The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra

Spiritual Partnerships by Gary Zukav

Falling into Grace by Adayashanti


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