Does She Love Me? 11 Clear Signs She’s In Love With You

Romantic relationships make the world go ’round and make for amazing stories. A woman who loves a man can make his life a million times better.

But real love is hard to find. The fear of being with someone who’s only faking their affection is real—and not only real but valid. 

Of course, everyone can say they love someone, but how can you tell if she loves you or if she’s putting up a front? When there’s smoke, there’s fire, meaning the evidence of her caring should be straightforward if you look for it.

More often than not, some clues show where you truly stand with the woman you’re seeing. Here are 11 clear signs she’s in love with you.

1. She always makes sure you’re included in her future plans.

A woman in love with you will act like you’re more than a friend. She’ll act like you are a future family.

If she includes you in invitations to friends and family, chances are that this is a sign that she loves you–or she wants to have a future with you.

A person who doesn’t want you in their life will make a point of separating you from the rest of her life.

If she’s introducing you to every friend and talking about your relationship in the future tense, she hopes you’re as serious as she is with you.

2. She’s acting like you’re best friends but also flirts with you

It’s often said that friendship is the first step to love, and there’s truth in that. This is particularly true if you are talking about women. However, we all know (or have been) the guy who has a female best friend that they thought would turn into a relationship.

The big divider between a friend and a girl who is low-key in love with you is whether she’s touching you and flirting with you.

When she’s grabbing you, hugging you, telling you how lonely she is in the bedroom, those are generally signs she may want to date you or even marry you.

If you are unsure whether she harbors feelings for you, check out how she reacts when you mention that you’re potentially seeing someone. She probably likes you if she always shows signs of jealousy or finds a reason to hate who you’re dating.

3. No matter what you do, she’s rooting for you

If nothing else, women are masters when lifting men with their words. A woman who truly loves you doesn’t tear you down or make you question if she’s into you. Instead, she’ll be your biggest cheerleader and may even invest time to see your dreams come true.

When women do this, it’s because they want to have a long-term relationship with you. It’s their way of showing that they are a perfect match for you and that they’re the first person you should be able to rely on.

A woman who loves a man will always come up with positive things to say about him, even when things would look dubious to most others. If she’s constantly praising you or telling others how great you are, you’re probably the one she loves.

4. It seems like she always wants your input

Women tend to seek reassurance or guidance from the people they are attracted to. This is especially true if they try to impress or earn your approval.

That’s why a girl who keeps asking for advice or information about your likes. She’s trying to figure out how to get on your good side.

Check to see if she’s asking about the small details of things you find fun and interesting. For example, she might start asking things like your favorite meal or the outfit that you like most about her.

If you mention a specific food or color you like, keep an eye out to see if she starts wearing it or preparing it around you.

5. You’re the first person she goes to when she wants to share any news

When a person cares for someone deeply, they immediately run to that person to tell them news of significant events. The more important that person is, the sooner they’ll get news from that person. This is especially true when you’re talking about a girl.

Think about some of the more critical events in her life–perhaps a new job or a layoff. Were you the first one she called up? This is a good sign that the girl loves you profoundly and views you as the most important person in her life.

People with a romantic relationship will generally be in constant communication with their partners, even if that means a few minutes of chatting daily. If you always have an easy time calling her up, she may be into you.

6. She’s always down to spend time with you

This is a rule I like to call the Beyonce Rule.

Beyonce is a billionairess who is a pop star, a designer, and a business owner. She’s also a mom. That is an entire platter of work and chores that would eat up most people’s time in life. While she’s super busy, she still always finds a way to spend time with Jay-Z.

In other words, if you hold an essential role in her life, a woman will always find time to spend with you. Does she always find a way to squeeze in an hour a day, or at least make a point of hanging out with you despite a packed schedule? If so, she’s in love with you.

On the other hand, if you struggle to see her regularly, it’s time to stop asking, “Does she love me?” She probably sees you as an option in her personal life.

7. She tries to look good for you and engage with you

There isn’t a girl alive who doesn’t try to dress up and freshen up for the man she loves. If she’s spending time putting extra effort into her looks when you’re around, it’s a pretty obvious sign that she wants you to notice her.

Of course, this isn’t the only way women put in effort for the men they want. When a woman loves a man, she’ll also make sure you know through her body language.

She’ll always be touchy-feely with you, ask to walk hand in hand, her eye contact will always be there, and she may even blush when talking to you.

8. Her friends and family like you

Technically, this is not always a surefire sign that she’s in love with you, but it is a fairly good sign that she may be into you.

A woman loves a man when she’s gushing about him to her best friend, her parents, her siblings, and her gaggle of girlfriends.

If you’ve met everyone and they constantly mention how much she likes you, that’s a great sign. Her true feelings should be evident to them since she has probably told everyone around you that she has intense feelings for you.

Watch her friends closely, especially regarding what they tell you about her. If they warn you that she’s not what she appears to be or say you’re “the flavor of the week,” be careful. On the other hand, if they pressure you to stay with her, it’s a good sign.

9. She says that she loves you, and it feels real

Sure, every woman can lie, and words are cheap. However, you can usually tell when someone is giving you a sincere talk. If she truly sounds like she loves you when she says, “I love you,” it’s okay to believe her.

If she sounds passionate about her love for you and always has that warmth, chances are that she’s not lying. Of course, you also have to see if the actions she does match her words. If her actions make you feel loved, it’s safe to say your girl is telling the truth.

In some cultures, it’s rare to hear someone say “I love you,” to the point that saying it freely is considered suspicious. If your girlfriend or date comes from one of these cultures, watch what she does. Sometimes, love is just washing your dirty socks without complaint.

10. She isn’t interested in who you could be but who you are

An old adage says, “Women marry hoping their husbands will change. Men marry hoping their wives won’t.”

With many women, there is a grain of truth to this. That’s why it’s important to see whether the woman you’re with loves you for you or your potential.

We all often get hung up on what could have been. With love, this can prove to be a terrible mistake. It takes a very rare type of love to adore someone for who they are, flaws and all. If she accepts you for who you are right now, that’s a woman who loves you and wants a life with you.

On a similar note, if you notice that your partner keeps trying to push you to be someone you’re not, take a moment to question why. In other words, the woman who loves you for your comic book collection will not urge you to become a soccer star suddenly.

It’s important to note that not all urges to change are bad. If it’s a matter of self-improvement, such as eating healthy or cleaning up after yourself, that’s different. That’s just concern for your well-being.

11. She’s open with you about everything

“Sharing is caring” can mean more than one thing.

Women crave to have a relationship in which they can be themselves. That includes the idea that you could be with the person you’re dating and share details about yourself.

This is why women often start talking about their lives and the little bits of the stuff they like. She won’t open up about things with you if she doesn’t like you. She won’t mention things like the family dinner she didn’t want to go to or the dress shopping she did with her friend.

A woman who doesn’t care about you won’t tell you much about herself or her plans. This is because she doesn’t view you as part of her life or her world. On the other hand, women who are committed will share, share, share.


Believe it or not, even the manliest of men has questions about women. This is doubly true about the woman he loves. There isn’t a man alive who hasn’t asked, “Does she love me, or is this all fake?”

The problem is, you can’t tell a woman that you doubt her love. You also can’t be the guy who tries to get proof of love, since this can easily destroy a typical relationship if you are not careful. So, what’s a guy to do?

It’s simple. When you are feeling that lack of confidence in yourself, you have to channel yourself and lean into your masculinity. That’s where true confidence comes from, and that’s where you will find the strength it takes to lead a relationship.

When you can’t expect your wife or girlfriend to act as your confidence booster, you have to rely on yourself. That’s what makes a man a truly masculine man. Unfortunately, no one ever really discusses how a man can become the best version of himself.

Whether you’re just nervous to discuss this with your friends or you want someone who has been in your shoes doesn’t matter. What matters is that you can find a way to become more masculine, learn how to act as the leader women crave, and also talk about how you can become the star of your life.

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