My Experience at The Art of Charm 6 Day Bootcamp

After having Jordan Harbinger on the podcast (Episode 13) in December 2013 I became interested in the Art of Charm Programs. I’ve always been kind of skeptical of what a “bootcamp” on dating and attraction would be like and frankly if it was even worth the money.

I decided to give it a shot and see what would happen because at the end of the day the best investment you can make is one the in yourself. What would I do with a new car, a new place or wardrobe vs having an awesome life..

This is my review on the Art of Charm 6 Day Attraction bootcamp.


First, it’s at a prime location right on Hollywood Blvd. The second you step outside the building you’re on the Hollywood stars Chuck Norris and Walt Disney to be exact.

You’re across the street from a CVS, LA Fitness gym, Fresh and Easy (healthy grocery store) and multiple coffee shops. You don’t need to worry about bringing every little thing because it’s all within walking distance at a low price. You have to find your own parking so if you park about 4 blocks south on DeLong Pre Ave and an off street you can find free parking for the duration of the entire 6 days vs paying $24 a day at nearby parking garages.


Food, bars, clubs crazy people, beautiful women. There is A LOT going on around Hollywood BLVD it’s pretty cool that you’re so close to all of the action. You’ll see hollywood films or tv shows being filmed throughout the week.

It’s awesome you can see so much from this location like the infamous Hollywood sign from the windows in the living room while the instructors are teaching. I would occasionally just look out the window and you’ll see beautiful LA women walking around every second. Probably not supposed to do this but I would go on the roof of the building and listen to motivational music and workout while looking over all of Los Angeles.

Living Accommodations

I was surprised at how clean, nice and modern the actual building and room I was staying was. There is a large kitchen with an island and living room with 3 full size leather couches. There was only 1 full size bathroom so this could be a challenge when it’s time to go out but this gets worked out very easily. There are 2 bunk beds with comfortable bedding and sheets and if there’s more than 4 people then the couches turn into beds.

The instruction is delivered in the living room area with a large whiteboard on the wall and lcd television for video work. You’re basically sitting back on a comfy leather couch with coffee, great weather and world class instruction.


The instructor writes on the board and you take notes and ask questions as you go along. It’s very well structured by the minute yet feels very open and the instructors will often stop to ask and clarify if you have any questions. It’s easy to take the instructor off topic when you ask questions because they are so excited to really explore and go deep with their answers.

They would bring in beautiful LA women that you practice your approaching, flirting and social interactions with. The instructor films all of this and deconstructs everything with you in a positive light, then you repeat this process over and over helping you fine tune your skills. It’s not just education but implementation in real time minutes after you learn something on the board.


Towards the end of the week you even do a 30 minute mock date with a woman who gives you a report card with helpful feedback about the date. The lead instructor will breakdown the feedback from the woman and answer all of your questions about the date and give you advice going forward.

I liked all the instructors and felt that I wanted to hang out with them after the instruction which we all got to do. Most of the time the instructor just goes out to lunch with you and at the end the program instructor Justin paid for everyone’s lunch at Wings n Things.

The Art of Charm instructors are really cool guys and girls that showed a genuine interest in our personal development. All of the instructors ask that you add them on their own personal Facebook pages which i’ve done and really shows their willingness to connect and guide you beyond the program.


There is a strong focus on the fundamentals of approaching and attracting women. It’s very simple yet very powerful. I think even advanced guys would find this content useful since a lot of guys tend to overlook a lot of the fundamentals and go straight to advanced material that really isn’t even necessary to get significant results.

I’ve trained Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for a few years and the best fighters I know are the ones who have mastered the fundamentals and make each technique uniquely their own. This is similar to what the Art of Charm stresses which is having a strong foundation beneath you then bringing out your authentic self to make the fundamentals uniquley your own.

They spend a great deal of time on body language. I’ve been going out aggressively (3-5x week for the last year), and I’ve been to many other dating or men’s programs for over a year and i’ve never seen the breakdown on how positive and negative body language works. Basically, there were a lot of little things I wasn’t paying attention to yet have significant results in social interactions with women.


Again, you do video exercises with women who actually come in and you get to approach, banter and touch these girls on camera, then review the footage and get instant feedback from the lead instructor and woman.

I found this to be very helpful since I’ve never seen myself on video before while talking to women. You look very different from how you think you look so the smallest tweaks in your body language can make or break your interaction. All of this is covered and all of your questions are answered by both the male and female instructors.

An eye opener for me was low value vs high value behaviors and how to eliminate the low value and take on more high value behaviors is something all men should go through. By acknowledging the low value behaviors you can them remove them and start doing more high value behaviors thus, helping you become a high value man.

The activities and missions you have to do throughout the week are all really fun and are designed to help you put everything you’re learning into action. I actually ended up meeting a very beautiful woman during one of these exercises and have been on 3 dates with her so far. This just shows that when you really implement what you’re learning at AoC you’ll get results.

The most powerful day for me was day 4 on Creating a New Belief System. This is really about creating a new reality for yourself based on your own core values. Stepping into the now and being who you want to be in this moment. It’s about identifying insecurities in ourselves and how to create new belief patterns to push through them.

There were 3 field nights on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday where you go out with 3-4 instructors to a specific venue. The instructors are basically watching out for you, assisting you if you approach a group of women, and are taking notes on you while you’re out.


Everything from the second they meet you at the AoC house to driving/walking to the venue to all of your approaches and how you handle rejection and continue to approach women throughout the night. Then the next day all the notes are compiled and given to you by one of the instructors to help you improve moving forward.

I mentioned only 3 field nights but you go out every night. You have 3 nights with instructors and 3 nights with the other guys in the program. The field nights tend to feel like there’s more pressure since you’re being watched and you want to perform well whereas the nights out with your boys are you guys just out doing your thing.

Will you get results?

If you come in with an open mind and embrace the content then yes. If you come in and are not willing to change like I did see one of the guys then you will waste your money. All of it seriously. However, keep in mind that you will not be superman once you leave the program. There will be transformation but what the AoC 6 day bootcamp does is give you the necessary tools so that you can go home and start practicing and continuing to grow.


Photo: eric.demarcq

Think of the AoC bootcamp as Home Depot, you go there to buy good tools then go home and build stuff with those tools. If you are expecting that in 6 days you become a casanova then you will be disappointed. The tools AoC gives you if practiced over a consistent period of time will get you significant results in your interactions and relationships with both men and women. This is fact.

Lessons For the Entrepreneur

Although the name of the program is Attraction this is really about learning social dynamics and boosting your self confidence. As an entrepreneur, I found this course equally helpful in sales and marketing. Let me explain.

Sales is really about connecting with another human being and presenting a solution that adds value to their life. In the bootcamp, you learn how to approach people, establish rapport, and have fun/banter with people. Often times in sales we go straight to the sell and spend a lot of time trying to think of ways to increase our conversion without even thinking about the person in front of us.

However, if you connect with someone like a human being before you sell then you more likely to reach the sale. In Robert Cialdini’s, Influence 1 of the 6 factors of Influence is “liking” which is just that, you’re more like to buy from someone you like. In fact that may be the only reason why you buy if you like the person or brand enough.

Marketing is about your perceived brand, messaging and value. In The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing by Al Ries and Jack Trout , number 6 is the Law of Exclusivity which states the more exclusive something is the higher perceived value it has.

In the bootcamp, you are taught how to use your body language in a positive and negative way to demonstrate exclusivity. The same principle applies if you appear needy then you will appear less valuable which is true in social dynamics as it is in business.

Think of the bootcamp as an investment not only in your dating life or existing relationship but also one in your business and career as well.

What is this course missing?

Well, the name of the bootcamp is Attraction so it does do that. They have completed what they said they would do. The description is on the website of what the program entails and yes they cover all of it. And you are left with the expectation that you can contact any of the instructors after the program with any questions you may have.

Yet, areas they could briefly touch on would be escalating to sex and relationship maintenance. It seems like the program can leave guys hanging after they approach the girl, attract the girl and maybe had a few dates. If guys are really scared to approach girls and have never had a thriving dating life then I would assume that escalating to sex would be an area they would also struggle in.

There is sufficient content on setting up the first 3 dates but that was all. I would like to have seen a more solid layout of what a guy can do to maintain a fun and thriving relationship after 3 dates since most relationships tend to fizzle out after about 9 months.

Overall Opinion

You will have an epic time and learn a ton about social dynamics and attracting women. Honestly, for me it was like a mini vacation where I got to learn about becoming a more attractive male with direct feedback from instructors with years of experience and females with video work.

And after all of this great content which is really building up to the night you get to implement all of it with instructors and other guys who just learned the same stuff. It’s fun, educational and results oriented.

You’re in Hollywood so you’re going to have a great time with an awesome group of guys. It was an epic experience and the instructors are honestly trying to help you grow to break out of the shell that society put you in. The Art of Charm guys have been doing this program for 8 years and to be honest it felt like they treated me like I was their first client.

There are a lot of programs out there for men to improve their dating life and this is one of those programs that can teach you the skills you need to meet, attract and date the women you want. No you’re not going to date Megan Fox after the program but yes you will have the skills to date the beautiful girls you like back home or reinvigorate an existing relationship.

* If you’re interested in learning more about our 3 day intensive training program here at Knowledge For Men go here.

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    Last but not least, not all our clients are single. In fact, 40% are married and looking to increase their relationship strength or looking to use these skills in a business environment to improve their career, business, friendships, etc.