(Is It Worth It?) My Honest Review of the Art of Charm Attraction Bootcamp

A few years ago, after having Jordan Harbinger on the podcast (for the first of three interviews), I became interested in the Art of Charm Bootcamp Program.

At the time, I was just beginning my forays back into the dating world (after a serious break up that left me depressed for months), and I knew I still had a lot to learn.

But I’d always been skeptical of these so-called “Dating Bootcamps”.

At first, I wrote the idea off.

I assumed that the Bootcamp would be nothing more than an expensive six-day retreat where the Art of Charm instructors would tell me to “Talk to girls” and maybe give me a few simple pickup lines to make my life easier.

However, after talking with Jordan, AJ, and Johnny, I decided to bite the bullet and invest.

Even if the program was a waste of my time, I knew that it was better to invest in myself than waste my money on a new car, watch, or wardrobe.

If the Bootcamp was able to deliver on its promises, I knew that I would be one step closer to living the life I wanted.

And to my delight and surprise, the experience was everything I could have hoped for and more.


It’s not for everyone. If you’re thinking about investing with The Art of Charm and want to know what you can expect from the experience and what you’ll take away from it, I’m going to reveal everything inside of this article.

This is my unbiased review on the Art of Charm 6 Day Attraction Bootcamp.

*Note: I am not affiliated with the Art of Charm and received no financial compensation for this review.

A Quick Note: Where Did Jordan Harbinger Go and Has it Affected the Art of Charm Bootcamp

Before we dive into the brunt of this review, we need to address the elephant in the room.

As many of you know, early in 2019, Jordan Harbinger parted ways with the Art of Charm and has since moved on to start his own brand and business (The Jordan Harbinger Show).

And many of you might be wondering, “How will this affect the quality of the Bootcamp?”

The simple answer is: It doesn’t.

Even when I first attended the Bootcamp, Jordan’s primary role inside of the company was marketing, strategy, and branding. He was absent from the majority of the Bootcamp and although his departure has affected the company at large, it has no impact on the integrity or quality of the Bootcamp itself.

So with that out of the way, let’s dive into the review.

Where is the Art of Charm Bootcamp Located?

The Art of Charm Bootcamp operates in a prime location right on Hollywood Blvd. The second you step outside the building you’ll find yourself standing on the Hollywood Stars…Chuck Norris and Walt Disney to be exact.

You’ll be across the street from a CVS, L.A. Fitness, Fresh & Easy, and countless coffee shops allowing you to make the most of the experience without having to worry about all of the logistics. The one challenge you should anticipate, however, is parking.

If you plan on driving to the event (something which I would advise against), you’ll have to pay for your own parking. Luckily, you can find free parking for the entire duration of your stay if you’re willing to park a few blocks south on DeLong Pre Avenue. Otherwise, expect to pay between $30 and $40 a day to store your vehicle in one of the nearby parking garages.


Outside of this mild inconvenience, the location for this event is spectacular.

Amazing restaurants, lively night clubs, crazy Californians and a plethora of beautiful women make Hollywood Blvd the perfect place to practice your networking and attraction skills. The location is truly inspiring and there’s nothing quite like looking out the windows during an instruction session to see the famous Hollywood Sign (and dozens of beautiful L.A. women).

Although I probably wasn’t supposed to do this, I would regularly spend my mornings on the rooftop of the building listening to motivational YouTube videos while working out with a perfect view of Los Angeles.

How Are the Accommodations?

Having attended dozens of boot camps, retreat, and live events in the past, I fully expected to spend the duration of the event in a cramped and dirty hostel, fighting with fellow attendees for hot water and clean towels.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the building where the Bootcamp is hosted is clean, modern, and well-stocked.

There is a large kitchen with an island, a living room with three full-sized leather couches, and comfortable bunk beds that make for a great night of sleep. Unfortunately, there was only one bathroom which made it challenging to get ready when it was time to go out (but it certainly wasn’t a deal-breaker).

The lessons for the Bootcamp are all delivered in a large living room with a whiteboard and LED TV, making for a comfortable and welcome divergence from the expected conference room (filled with uncomfortable chairs).

How Are the Lessons Structured?

The structure of the Art of Charm Bootcamp is impeccable.

Every day, the instructors go over detailed lessons, building on what you learned the day before and providing you with plenty of time to ask questions, get clarity, and do whatever you need to do to fully absorb the material.

More importantly, they give you the opportunity to practice what you are learning with real women. They’ll bring in beautiful local women with whom you get to practice approaching, flirting, and building rapport. The entire experience is filmed so that the instructors can go back later and deconstruct your interactions to help you improve.

They do this is a very positive and constructive manner, helping you fine tune your skills, notice subtle problems and opportunities, and immediately giving you the chance to implement what you’ve learned only minutes after the lesson is taught.

aoc bootcamp

At the end of the week, you even get have a 30-minute mock date with a woman who will give you a report card with helpful feedback to help you improve on your dates in the real world. The lead instructor will then breakdown this feedback and answer all of your questions about the date to help you shore up any problems moving forward.

One of the best parts of the experience is how friendly and easy-going the instructors are. They are easy to talk to, helpful, and will often spend time with you just hanging out and shooting the breeze after the instruction is over. Heck, Justin (one of the lead instructors during my Bootcamp) even bought us all lunch at Wings ‘n Things.

It’s clear that everyone at the Art of Charm has a genuine interest in your personal development and wants to see you succeed. They go the extra mile to help you out and provide invaluable insight into how you can improve and grow as a man.

What Can I Expect to Learn at the Art of Charm Bootcamp?

Since I first attended the Art of Charm Bootcamp, the curriculum has changed slightly to focus more heavily on personal development, networking, and professional social skills.

That said, after chatting with the instructors and more recent alumni, the core curriculum has remained unchanged.

The entire program is built around mastering the fundamentals of sociability, networking, and attraction. Although many of the lessons and strategies seem simple, they are incredibly powerful when applied correctly. You’ll learn what really works in the world of dating and networking without all of the nonsensical pickup garbage that confuses men and detriments their results.

In a way, the Bootcamp is almost like getting your Black Belt in social skills.

I’ve trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for a few years and the best fighters I know are the ones who have mastered the fundamentals and make each technique uniquely their own. This is similar to what the Art of Charm stresses which is having a strong foundation beneath you then bringing out your authentic self to make the fundamentals uniquely yours.

The instructors spend a significant amount of time discussing body language and helping you tweak the way that you show up and present yourself to the outside world. Even though I’d been going out aggressively (3-5X a week for more than a year) when I attended the boot camp, I didn’t realize how many subtle signals and queues I’d been ignoring and I was floored by how significantly they impacted my interactions with women.

One of the most helpful parts of the training was the video breakdown exercise I mentioned in the last section.

Having the ability to approach, banter with, touch, and flirt with women and then have it all played back on camera gives you unique and invaluable insights into how you are actually showing up in the social game and allows you to gain instant feedback in a way that few other exercises can.

I’d never seen myself on video while talking to a woman and I was shocked by how different I looked in the real world compared to how I looked in my head.

One of the biggest eye-openers for me was the discussion about eliminating low-value behaviors and improving high-value behaviors. Often times, men fail to identify the small mistakes they are making that destroy attraction, and this particular part of the curriculum is invaluable for any man.

The activities and “missions” you are assigned throughout the week are exciting and entertaining and give you the opportunity to put everything you’ve learned into action in the real world. I actually ended updating one of the women I met during the boot camp and this is a testament to the power of what you’ll learn with the Art of Charm.

The most powerful day for me, however, was the fourth day on Creating New Belief Systems. All too often, men continue to operate on the same shitty beliefs they’ve had since they were children and this module teaches you how to create a new reality for yourself and change your identity in a tangible and actionable way.

In addition to everything else, there are three field nights where you go out with a few of the instructors to a specific venue to approach and meet women. The instructors sit back and watch as you put what you’ve learned into practice, gauge your performance, and offer valuable feedback in real-time.

art of charm bootcamp cost

They review everything from the second they meet you at the AoC house to driving/walking to the venue to all of your approaches and how you handle rejection and continue to approach women throughout the night. Then the next day all the notes are compiled and given to you by one of the instructors to help you improve moving forward.

Will you get results from the Art of Charm Bootcamp?

The simple answer? Yes.


You show up with an open mind, a growth mindset, and a willingness to embrace criticism and improve yourself.

The instructors at the Art of Charm deliver on all of their promises, but (as is the case with any investment) if you aren’t willing to uphold your end of the bargain, your results will be nominal.

the art of charm
Photo: eric.demarcq

Think of the AoC boot camp as Home Depot, you go there to buy good tools then go home and build stuff with those tools. If you are expecting to show up to the Bootcamp and then walk away only six days later as a bonafide Casanova, you will be disappointed. However, if your intention is to get the raw material and information you need to continually work on yourself and improve your social savvy, you will walk away feeling empowered and ready to commit to personal transformation.

Key Lessons For the Entrepreneur and Hustler

Although the primary focus of the program is attraction, the Bootcamp is ultimately about learning social dynamics and boosting your self-confidence. As an entrepreneur, I found the experience to be a powerful asset in my business as well as my romantic life.

As weird as it may sound, there aren’t many differences between business and seduction.

Sales is ultimately a non-sexual form of connection and seduction with another human being. You build rapport, establish value, and then escalate from there. The Bootcamp teaches you how to focus on the person in front of you and ethically persuade them to take action on what you have to offer.

You will discover the secrets of influence and persuasion and walk away with several powerful lessons that will help you grow your business or expand your career.

The same principles that will help you become a master of seduction and social dynamics will help you become a more powerful networker, influencer, and professional.

What is the Art of Charm Bootcamp Missing?

The most important thing missing from the Art of Charm Bootcamp is what to do after you have successfully approached and gained the interest of a beautiful woman.

Although they briefly touch on escalation, sex, and relationship maintenance, the program does leave men hanging after they’ve had the first date.

The curriculum does a great job of helping men establish attraction but does little to help them keep and escalate that attraction once it’s been established. I would have liked to see more content on dating and relationships to help men after the first few dates have run their course.

What Happens After the Bootcamp is Over?

One of the best parts of the Art of Charm Bootcamp is the community that you have after the Bootcamp is over.

If you put in the effort, you’ll have the opportunity to build an amazing network of like-minded men and create friendships that could last you a lifetime. The guys at the Art of Charm do a great job of putting together exclusive events and meetups for alumni and give you the opportunity to stay connected long after the Bootcamp is over.

As with everything, you get out what you put in. If you make an effort, you can use the Bootcamp as a springboard to build your network and create a social circle filled with high-status badasses who will push you to be your best self.

What’s Your Overall Opinion of the Art of Charm Bootcamp?

The bottom line is this.

If you decide to go to the Art of Charm boot camp, you will have a good time and learn a ton about women, dating, and social dynamics.

Honestly, it was like a mini-vacation where I got to learn about becoming a more attractive man and had access to an unprecedented amount of feedback and positive criticism to help me improve.

The instructors are amazing. Your fellow attendees will be awesome. And the Bootcamp itself is perfect for any man looking to take his social life to the next level.

There are a lot of programs out there for men to improve their dating life and this is one of those programs that can teach you the skills you need to meet, attract and date high-quality women. No, you’re not going to date Megan Fox after the program but yes you will have the skills to date the beautiful girls you like back home or reinvigorate an existing relationship.

How Much Does the Art of Charm Bootcamp Cost?

Before we conclude this review, we need to address one final point.

The price.

Let me be clear. This event is not right for you if you aren’t fully established financially.

The price of the event fluctuates based on availability, the time of year, and what offers AoC is running when you sign up. But no matter how you cut it, it isn’t cheap.

When I attended, the program ranged from $5,000 to $6,500 per attendee. However, considering that the company has grown and improved over the past few years, you should probably expect the event to cost even more before other expenses. 

If you can afford the price of admission, the results are worth it and you will have an amazing time.

However, if you don’t yet have the financial capacity to invest in something like the Art of Charm Bootcamp, (and a flight, and food, and drinks, and transportation, and time off from work) then I want to introduce you to an affordable alternative you can use from the comfort of your own home.

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