23: Joshua Becker: Becoming a Minimalist to Do What Matters in Life


Joshua Becker is a writer, blogger, speaker, pastor, husband, father… And he lives his life inspiring and encouraging others to find more life by owning fewer possessions. His story has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS, the Guardian and many more publications. Joshua Becker is the author of Simplify, Living with Less and Clutterfree with Kids.

Favorite Success Quote

“In every encounter we either give life or we drain it; there is no neutral exchange. ” – Brennan Manning

Early Challenge

Joshua owned a lot of “things” and felt that he was working for the things he owned which meant the “things” owned him.

Ah-Hah Moment

During Memorial Day weekend in 2008, Joshua and his family were cleaning the house. Joshua was cleaning out the garage and realized how much “stuff” he really owned. Joshua’s neighbor was walking by and lightly said “oh the joy’s of home ownership” which caught Joshua’s attention and he said “oh the more stuff you own the more it owns you”. The neighbor said, “that’s why my daughters a minimalist” which was Joshua’s light bulb moment into the world of a minimalist lifestyle.

Influential Books

The Catcher in the Rye by J.D Salinger

More or Less Choosing a Lifestyle of Generosity by Jeff Shinaburger

The Holy Bible


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Joshua’s Books: Simplify, Living with Less and ClutterFree Kids

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