86: Steve Harvey: What Makes a Man in Today’s World

Steve Harvey is a media conglomerate personified in a man whose career began doing stand-up comedy in the mid-1980s. His success as a stand-up comedian eventually led to a long stint as host of It’s Showtime at the Apollo.

His stand-up success has also led to multiple TV shows and movies, serving various roles on some projects acting, hosting, writing and producing, and his career has continued to flourish, becoming a top-rated radio host, fashion entrepreneur, best-selling author, popular game show host on Family Feud, and 2013 People’s Choice Award winner as “Favorite New Talk Show Host” for his new daytime show Steve Harvey. Harvey just recently renewed deals in January 2013 for his daytime show and radio show.

1. Real Men handle their Responsibilities

Being a man is simple.

No, you don’t have to ride a motorcycle, hunt wild bears, or shoot bad guys in the face.

All that you have to do to be a real man is to take care of your responsibilities.

If you can do that, then you are a man.

If you wake up every morning, go into the world and earn your living, and then come home and provide for your wife and children then you are a man.

If you are single, then it is your responsibility to prepare for the family that you will one day have.

This isn’t rocket science.

Just do the work and handle your responsibilities.

That’s it.

2. Men Need More Mentors and Fathers 

One of the most pervasive diseases that is facing the modern man is the disease of the absent father.

Men are growing up without a clue, wondering what it means to be a man and getting all of their guidance from rappers, movie stars, and friends.

This is a tragedy.

If more men grew up with fathers who loved them, supported them, and taught them what it truly meant to be a man, how much better would the world be?

What would that do for society?

As a man, it is your responsibility to be there for your children, no matter what.

3. You Are Ready for a Relationship When You Are Tired of the Revolving Door 

Have you ever woken up next to a beautiful woman after a one night stand and thought to yourself “Is this it?”

If so, then you are ready for a relationship.

Most men are not ready for monogamy and commitment until they have been stuck in the revolving door for quite some time.

We need to get it out of our systems.

We need to experience different women, to figure out what we want, and to learn about how the fairer sex works.

Once this becomes a chore, once you no longer get excited at the prospect of being with another girl and instead you fantasize about building a life with someone… then you are ready for a real relationship.

4. Men Need Love, Loyalty, and Support 

As a man, you must look for three qualities in your woman.

You need a woman who will love you, a woman who is loyal to you, and a woman who will support you.

That’s it.

If your woman truly loves you, remains loyal to you when times are hard, and she is willing to support your dreams and ambitions, then you have found a woman worth keeping.

But if she lacks even one of these qualities, then you must cut your losses and move on, because you will not be able to force what isn’t there.

5. Provide, Protect, and Profess 

As a man, your job is simple.

You must provide, protect, and profess your love for your woman.

That’s it.

If you are providing her with everything that she needs to have her needs met.

If you are protecting her physically and emotionally from the danger of the world.

And if you are professing your love for her on a regular basis, then you have done your job as a man.

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