105: Michael Anderson: Discover a Revolutionary Way to Manage Stress and Achieve Work-Life Balance

R. Michael Anderson, M.B.A., M.A., is an international speaker, radio show host, and author who specializes in leading competitive, driven people through the same transformation that he’s been through to bring joy and happiness into their lives.

Favorite Success Quote

“Nothing great is ever created when we’re in our comfort zone.” – Michael Anderson

Key Points

1. You Are Totally Worthy As You Are 

No matter where you are in life, no matter how far you might be from your goals, you are totally worthy just as you are.

You are not worth any less because you don’t have the 7-figure job, the big house, or the beautiful wife.

You are totally worthy just as you are.

You are enough.

You have everything that you need inside of you right now in this very moment.

So embrace this fact.

Embrace that you are enough and stop acting like you have to prove yourself to feel worthy.

2. Internal Peace Brings About Success 

One of the great ironies of life and business is that people tend to focus on drive, hustle, and grinding it out in order to achieve success.

But success almost always comes from a place of internal peace and alignment.

Success comes whenever you are on your path and purpose, when you eliminate fear and anxiety, and whenever you have the peace and harmony inside of yourself knowing that you are enough whether you “succeed” or not.

So before you focus on earning money, building a business, or achieving greatness, focus on becoming at peace with yourself and the world.

Take up a practice of meditation, learn to be grateful for the smallest things in life, figure out what you love and find ways that you can pursue it.

When you have the internal peace and confidence, the external accolades and achievements will come naturally.

3. Compete to Elevate 

Life is competition.

And while you cannot change the inevitability of competition, you can change the reason that you compete.

Some people compete to crush their opponents, to be the best, or to feel like they are worthy.

Other people compete so that they can have the resources and credibility to bring joy and life to others.

If you want to live a life of real success and fulfillment, compete to elevate others, not yourself.

When you are competing so that you can bring others up, so that you can provide a better life for the people that you love, and make a difference in the world, you will have more drive and willpower than all of the other self-centered competitors combined!

By seeking to elevate others, you are competing for something bigger than yourself and will have the internal fortitude and drive to overcome any obstacle.

4. Own the Emotions You Are Experiencing

We all experience a vast array of emotions in any given day.

But most of us do not own these emotions and take control of our state.

Whenever you feel an emotion like fear, anger, frustration or anxiety arising, ask yourself one simple question…

Is this serving me?

If the answer is no, then figure out how you can show up differently and live in a more empowered state.

If you are angry with your spouse, how can you curb your anger and show up differently?

If you are frustrated at work, how can you calm yourself and show up in a more empowered state?

The more you learn to own and control your emotions, the more empowering life you will be able to live.

5. Block the Things that Steal Your Time 

Succeeding at a high level will require you to become an absolute scrooge with your time and energy.

You can no longer permit activities and habits into your life that steal your time and drain your energy.

Whether it’s social media, TV, video games, porn, or even self-development without action.

Find your time vampires and drive a stake through their heart.

There is no other way to succeed.

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The Experiment: Discover a Revolutionary Way to Manage Stress and Achieve Work-life Balance


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