251: Christine Hassler: Overcoming Disappointment in Work, Love, and Life

As a professional speaker, Christine leads seminars and workshops to audiences around the country. She has spoken to over 100,000 people at colleges, personal growth events, conferences, and corporations.

Christine has appeared as an expert on The Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, FOX, E!, Style and PBS, as well as various local television and radio shows, speaking about life issues and “Expectation Hangovers®” – a phenomenon she identified and trademarked or generational diversity. She is also a frequent contributor to The Huffington Post and Cosmo.

She is the author of many books including the Expectation Hangover

Favorite Success Quote

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom” ~Victor Frankl

“Don’t ask why did this happen to me, ask what am I learning” ~ Christine Hassler

Key Points

1. Become an Inside Out Person

So often, we get tied up in achieving success, in getting the girl, getting the six pack, and making the million dollars, that we tie all of our value and recieve all of our validation from the outside in.

This is completely backwards. If you want to be a happy fulfilled person who lives their lives with a sense of joy and completion, you have to first become a person who works from the inside out. You work on giving yourself to the world just as you are, because you know that you have everything inside of you that you need to feel complete and be loved.

You don’t need any external validation for happiness, you simply need to be who you are, and more importantly love who you are.

2. Get Over Your Insecurities

What many people do not realize is that whenever they wait to act until they are ready because they are insecure, it’s not themselves that they are robbing, they are robbing the world of their gifts as well.

Every second that you spend wallowing in insecurity is a second that is spent selfishly depriving the world of your gifts and talents, get over yourself and get over your insecurities, and just act!

3. Another Person Can Never Be Your Purpose

As men, we often times get tied up in women who we consider to be projects. We get all of our validation from fixing and saving them without realizing that what is really happening is that their brokenness is what we are using to try and save ourselves.

A relationship should be two whole people, holding hands and looking in the same direction. Two people who love themselves and love each other who have their own individual paths and purposes which are aligned.

Never allow someone else to become your purpose, because as soon as you do, you doom the relationship to failure.

Influential Books

1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

2. Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl

3. Authentic Success by Robert Holden


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