Interview with Billy Murphy: Poker Champion, Entrepreneur and E-Commerce Expert

I’m thrilled to introduce my guest Billy Murphy.

Billy was a professional poker player for 4 years. He launched his first business BlueFirePoker in 2009 and challenged the President to a game of cards which ended up on Fox News and many other news outlets. Blue Fire Poker quickly became one of the largest poker training sites with just viral and word of mouth marketing.

In early 2011 Billy bought 1 niche e-commerce store. Scaled quickly and by the end of 2011 was running 15-20 e-commerce stores. He is an avid blogger at ForeverJobless and is launching EcomLab an E-Commerce training site which helps entrepreneurs build e-commerce sites from the ground up.

Here we go:

Inside you’ll learn:

  • Billy’s biggest entrepreneurial lesson with his first business BlueFirePoker
  • How you can make a living with this simple poker strategy that most poker players will never know
  • Why you should pay 3x more for top talent
  • Billy’s major “aha” moment where he realized he could scale e-commerce sites
  • Why E-Commerce sites can be better investments than real estate investments
  • How to buy and sell an e commerce site
  • How to flip an e-commerce site and make a quick profit if you do these two simple things to a website
  • What Billy is working on now may be the key to your next million dollar e-commerce site
  • Billy’s biggest obstacle when he first started his businesses and how he overcame it
  • Why having a job is extremely risky and puts a ceiling on your opportunities in life
  • Who to listen to in the business world
  • The two best websites for entrepreneurs
  • The best business advice you will hear all year
  • Why money is irrelevant and knowledge is everything

Learn more about Billy’s projects at:

Ecomlab | Forever Jobless | BlueFire Poker

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