50: Andrew Ferebee: My Journey to Episode 50 and the Lessons I’ve Learned

We made it to episode 50!

And it all started with a simple idea. To bring together the greatest minds in a quick and straight to the point format that would empower men to live better.

It worked and it changed the direction of Knowledge For Men forever. The impact has touched over half a million lives from over 100 countries. Yet, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows, and that’s what this episode is about.

The lessons i’ve learned come from the pain of the journey. My life savings nearly depleted, thousands of rejections, failures day after day, but just holding onto a dream for something better.

You see, when you’re committed to the journey then when something bad happens to you it will benefit you. These have been the greatest lessons i’ve learned thus far.

Major Lessons Learned

1. Write your own story or someone else will. You can live your life or you can live for someone else. I want to make it clear that i’m not encouraging you to quit your job and build a business, i’m encouraging you to live the life you were meant to live.

2. No one is going to come to your rescue. No one cares about your linked in updates and recommendations from your best friends. No one is watching you or cares about your wins and successes. If you want something, you simply have to go out and get it.

3. Accept full responsibility for your life. Stop pointing fingers at your mother, father, siblings, friends, employer, circumstances and just accept where you are so you can begin to go where you want. That’s it. The moment you appreciate where you are and what you have and acknowledge that “this is it” then you can begin to take significant strides forward. Otherwise, you may be blaming others for your shortcomings for the rest of your life.

4. Choose Yourself. If you want to do or be something then go be or do it. You don’t need a degree, certification or someone of authority to tell you that you’re “ready” to do something. If you want to build a business go do it, if you want to talk to that girl go do it, if you want to go on a trip then go do it. Just be what you want and you will get what you want.

5. Time is going to pass anyway. Going after your dreams is hard. No, it’s actually painful and you’ll question your sanity, so many don’t want to go through that process to get to where they really want to be. Yet, the time is going to pass anyways so no matter what you minus well go through the tough times. You can start now and be where you want to be years from now, or years from now you can be in the exact same position and wonder when things are going to get better. Start now.

6. You were born an entrepreneur. You are not your job. You are not an accountant, lawyer, doctor, teacher…No no, you are you. You are doing what you must to survive just as an entrepreneur does. You are simply trading your time for value and this is only temporary. At any point in time, you can do something else to earn money.

Listen to the episode above to hear the journey of Andrew Ferebee to episode 50!

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