Why You Aren’t Making Money Online and What to Do About it

Are you struggling to make money online?

Yes, I’ve been there for years actually. I know what it’s like so I want to share with you this very important concept that can catapult you from reading the “Top 20 Ways to blah blah blah” or reading “The Secret” and using that latest positive thinking technique so money magically appears underneath your pillow to getting passive income deposits directly into your checking account every month.

Which one do you prefer? Read on if you’re still interested in making money online.

When it comes down to it, the biggest reason that people aren’t making money online is because they are consuming soo much damn information, and not taking the necessary action steps to start selling things.

 it doesn’t matter how much information you know it matters how much information you applied.

When you buy things money goes out of your pocket. When you sell things money goes into your pocket. Pretty simple right? If you want more money, sell more things. It’s pretty hard to become wealthy when money is always leaving your pocket! Or worse you spend all of your time (more valuable than money) reading forums and trying to google your way to success.

Don’t get me wrong I use forums and online communities to assist me when I need it, but I have learned that you cannot plan the perfect business for months and years on end. You have to jump in the hot seat and figure it out as you go.

Stop Consuming Information and Start Selling Information!

If all you are doing is buying things then how the hell do you expect to make any money? You’ve got to be selling something to make any money online.

If you are constantly consuming information, buying information products from the “gurus”, reading sales pages and blog posts, YouTube videos, surfing the warrior forum, or the latest SEO Moz article – all you are going to do is completely overwhelm yourself and you won’t be able to take any action. INFORMATION OVERLOAD will kill any hope of making money online!!!

Yes, it’s great to be informed and knowledgeable of latest trends, but at the end of the day it doesn’t matter how much information you know it matters how much information you applied in the real world.

Can you simplify an easy to use business model in 3 steps?

1. *Do work you are passionate about or generally interested in.

2. Create something of value in the market. If it already exists, then market it better.

3. Find out how you are going to reach your potential audience.

You don’t need to write out a full business plan to make money online. Just implement those 3 steps and learn as you go. Don’t be afraid of failure just do it, learn and move forward.

* Please keep in mind that passion alone will not make you money. Your passion or idea must solve a market need in order for someone to exchange cash for your service or product.

Selling 101 -AIDA

AIDA is the old-school selling method but it works! And it works well. It’s such a simple concept to implement in any sales communication – face to face, email, websites, blog posts.. whatever.

Attention – grab the person’s attention. You can use a catchy headline, an interesting tweet or Facebook post or maybe just a solid offer.

Interest – build the interest of the reader by describing benefits and leading with curiosity and intrigue. People also love things other people are doing so social proof works well

Desire – you must increase the desire of your client so high that the must take a look now. Use strong benefit driven points, meet their biggest wants and needs or simply solve the most annoying problems and the desire for your product or service will be high

Action – this is the easy part. Simply make a call to action and give clear instructions how to move forward. It can be as simple as ‘click here to purchase now’ or as elaborate as is needed.

How To Be Massively Productive Super-Fast

Once you figure out that you have to be selling things to make money online and build wealth, and you know what to sell and how to sell it (by the way, if you have nothing to sell, simply sell other peoples products that you can find aka affiliate marketing)…. the biggest factor to your success is how much action you take. And for that, you need to be productive.

Productivity is easy if you know how. There is pretty much two sides to the coin – 1) what to do and 2) what not to do. We’ll start with the latter.

What Not To Do – Don’t Get Distracted

Distractions are the biggest reason why you will fail online. Checking email, Facebook, twitter, reading forums and blogs, watching YouTube videos (and then 12 other videos… damn YouTube) are simply all distractions.

What are your three distractions? Write them down now! What are the 3 things you tend to waste the most time on? Is it reading emails? Television? Facebook? Browsing on your favorite niche forums? Or getting distracted by the phone or Skype?

In order to focus on the things you need to do you’ll need to completely remove all of the things you don’t need to do, including TV, video games and maybe even watching sport if you are doing it too much!

What To Do – Get Focused

Now you need to get totally focused on the most important tasks that you need to do next. These will constantly change as you go along your business, so instead of telling you what to do I’m going to give you a big secret on how to do it easily.

Introducing… The 60 Minute Power Session!

A 60 minute power session is a very easy technique you can use to get massively productive very fast. In 60 minutes you will probably get more work done than you do all day using this technique.

It’s simple, all you need to do is absolutely turn off and remove all your distractions. Close your email. Logout of twitter. Turn off your phone. If you really have to, disconnect the internet! (you will survive, I promise).

Once you get rid of all your distractions, set a timer or countdown like bombcountdown.com to 60 minutes and start working. You aren’t allowed to do anything else in these 60 minutes – that means if you suddenly get hungry you can’t go get a snack, because it is just a distraction.

Once you pump out your first 60 minutes of work and see how much you have done and that you are actually moving forward to building wealth you will feel so good you’ll want to do it again and again. Just follow the simple process; turn off all distractions and get to work for 60 minutes without stopping!

Stop Buying and Start Selling

In order for you to be truly successful at making money online you are going to have to cover off the main bases.

First, you make money when you sell things so you need to get online with the focus of selling things. Create offers and link to products for sale.

Second, stop buying things because this is depleting your money. You probably know enough to at least make a move forward now.

When it comes to taking action, get rid of all distractions. This are really what is holding you back – they are sucking up your time and attention. Then simply get to work, and you can use focused power sessions to make this happen.

By applying and reapplying this process you’ll start to get more work done and actually get some sales material online, and you will inevitable make some money and you’ll be on your way to creating wealth for yourself!


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