The Rules of Entrepreneurship Have Changed

As I browsed the Internet for the keyword “entrepreneur” I realized that Forbes and had articles regarding Entrepreneurship today, compared to a few years ago and how much easier it is today for younger folks to succeed in the art of Entrepreneurship.

They brought up point such as access to resources technology and global reach as the primary reasons why no one should have any excuses to not pursue their dreams.

While I agree that no one should have any excuses to not pursue their dreams, I have a different vie on the ease of Entrepreneurship as a whole today vs what it was years ago. The rules of entrepreneurship have changed and as a matter of fact, I actually did a video on the very same topic a few months back.

How Likely are Entrepreneurs to Succeed Today?

I agree that resources, free information and global access are helpful to any new Entrepreneur but I also believe that these things highly complicate the industry and actually make it much harder for someone who is not as experienced to come in the game and fairly compete.

While accessibility, global access and free resources may seem like a dream, it also makes it so much easier for more experienced Entrepreneurs to quickly take over their industry while new people struggle to figure out where to start.

The rules of entrepreneurship have certainly come a long way and has been streamlined quite a bit but it has also lost its meaning through technology and saturated markets. 1 out of 7 people who start a business do so for the right reason, rather than to simply make a few bucks.

What is Entrepreneurship and How has it Changed Today?

I will agree that it is now easier than ever for an Entrepreneur to take their ideas from the drawing board to the final product or service, but it now takes that same person 5 times more effort marketing that product and getting it noticed, and it is 5 times more likely someone will duplicate your efforts quickly and overtake your spotlight.

Entrepreneurship may have gotten easier over the years from a creation standpoint but it seems like the skill set needed shifted from the Art of Creation to the Art of Marketing, which that by itself goes back to the core concept that regardless of which period of life you can relate to the most, Entrepreneurship was never easy and never will be. The rules of entrepreneurship have changed..

Is Entrepreneurship for Everyone?

– Pejman Ghadimi, Founder of the Third Circle Theory

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