Maneesh Sethi: Hacking Life

Maneesh Sethi is the CEO of Pavlok and Editor-in-Chief of Hack The System

He studied at Stanford University, authored 4 books (including an international bestseller, written when he was 14 yrs old), worked in Marketing, Psychology, and Information Technology.

For the last three years, he’s run the blog Hack the System — A guide to hacking fame, productivity, travel, languages, exercise, and business. Along the way, he’s run multiple projects to showcase what he’s learned and what anyone can do.

Favorite Success Quote

“You are what you do, excellence therefor is not an action but a habit”~Aristotle

Key Points

1. Negative Feedback is Beneficial 

One of the best ways to break bad habits is by using negative reinforcement. The core principle behind Maneesh’s latest project Pavlok is using negative reinforcement to rapidly break bad habits.

By using electric shocks that correspond to certain actions (e.g. self induced shock when you take a draw on a cigarette, or a shock that occurs every time you open a certain web page) you will rapidly retrain your brain to associate more pain with the bad habit than the pleasure that you had previously gained from it.

While you can use products like Pavlok, for those of you on a tighter budget , simply using a rubber band and smacking it against your wrist every time you do the habit that you want to stop will help you break the habit much more rapidly than just using raw will power.

2. One of the Best Ways to Improve Yourself is Travel 

One of Maneesh’s greatest catalysts for personal growth was his time traveling and studying abroad.

Travel opens your mind to new ways of thinking, living and being. It will help you to be more open minded on issues that matter, and develop opinions on the world based off of experience and not news media.

Travel also puts your life into perspective, you will realize how truly valuable life is as well as the true advantages and disadvantages of Western culture.

3. Do Epic Shit

Plain and simple. Life is for the living baby. Grab life by the balls, live dangerously, and do EPIC SHIT!

Never let society, family, or friends drag you down and cause you to doubt your dreams. Follow your heart, do things that scare the hell out of you and live life in search of epic adventure.

Influential Books

1. Willpower by Roy Bowmiester

2. Pitch Anything By Oren Klaff

3. The Four Hour Work Week by Tim Ferris


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