4 Steps to Get Rid of Your Employer

“How to get rid of your employer” is the search I used in google.  Know what I got back?  Nothing!

I kid you not.  While there were several links to how an employer can get rid of an employee, ten things to look at to know if your employer is trying to get rid of you and even a plea : « my employer is trying to get rid of me please help! »

What is this!?

Are we so caught up in the corporate world that we, consciously or not, assume the role of the victim by default? Are we the ones who always have to have the Damocles sword over our head?  How could it be any how else? Would you say?  They provide the jobs.  They provide the mean of subsistence.  Don’t they?

The corporate world knows that.  They take advantage of it.  Everyone I’m sure have encountered semi-admitted sentences from the boss that goes more or less like this: « if you’re not happy you can go elsewhere… if you can find anything… », «If you want to go up the ladder in this company one has to put the hours/efforts …», or my favorite: « here you know, we don’t count our hours… » Meaning « expect to make a lot of overtime that we are not going to pay you for».  This is the equivalent of saying «here we are going to rob you.  And if you are not happy with that you can go elsewhere… »

I hate this job

You know guys; it’s a simple number’s game.  There are too much jobs seekers for the number of jobs available out there.  Thus the simple law of demand and supply in economics dictates that whenever supply (job seekers) is great with a short demand (job openings), therefore the price must go down.  In other words, the value of the job seekers goes down.  There is plenty of fish to choose from.  And this leads to all kinds of abuses that, I’m sure, anyone of you can relate with a story or two.

Well what can we do?  One needs to pay the bills.

True that.  But there is a way out of it.  It takes efforts.  But it can be done.  And once done, one lives ever after with a total sense of freedom.

Here are the principles to follow.

Important: The following principles absolutely do not mean that one MUST quit his/her job in the process.

If you want to quit your job in the process that is possible.  It may become preferable at one point to quit. But that is not a prerequisite in the following steps.

1. Get Rid of Your Resume

Yes you’ve read it right.  I shredded mine in hundreds of little pieces.  Then I bought a framework and I put the pieces into it and nailed it on the wall in my home office.  This is to remember myself that I have to work toward never to have to use this tool anymore again for the remaining of my professional life.

How is that possible?  Wait until upcoming fourth principle.

2. Practice the 5 minutes Principle.

Have you seen the cubicles of the people around you?  For some of them it’s like a second home with pictures of relatives, plants and flowers and all kind of personal stuff.  If you would have come by my cubicle you would have thought that it’s an empty space that no body works in.  That is because I practiced the 5 minutes principle.  I had close to nothing in my cubicle.  So if ever my boss would have told me to get lost.  It would have taken me about 5 minutes from the time I get out of my boss’ office to the door for good.

See if you work in a cozy environment, you get comfortable.  And when you are comfortable you don’t feel the golden handcuffs anymore.  So you don’t feel the need and the urge to get rid of your debts and ensure your economic perenity by yourself.  You remain… a corporate slave.   In your cubicle cell.

3. Get Rid of All Your Debts.  How Soon? As Fast as Possible.

If this means that you have to skip going on vacation for a year or two, buy a used car for cash and throw all your money at your debts.  So be it, help me God!  Period!  The best way a company can control you is when you don’t have a choice but to do the job because you need the money to make ends meet.  Never, never, never!  Ever!  Put yourself in a position where you have no choice but to do the job, make the hours because you absolutely need the pay check.


Now if it’s too late, you’re already having the hand in the bag.  Don’t worry.  It’s normal.  Few of us don’t get caught in time.  I’ve been there believe me.  Don’t beat yourself up.  Roll your sleeves and get to work.  I suggest you use the Dave Ramsey’s debt snowball’s baby steps method.  As he says, attack you debt with gazelle intensity.  Reimburse debts with a vengeance.

4. Replace Your Salary. Get Multiple Streams of Revenues.

Once I went to a seminar.  The speaker asked the audience: “What is the difference between an employee and an entrepreneur?”  The audience went on with several answers.  Then the speaker told the audience what the answer is: “The difference between an employee and an entrepreneur is that, the employee has only one customer.  The boss. Don’t lose it.”

Make sure that if ever your customer leaves your services (aka your employer gets rid of you), you have at least one mean of income in place that will mitigate the impact of that lost revenue.

Don’t you ever, ever!  Depend on one sole source of income for the rest of your life.  Less ever if it’s from an employer.  This is the equivalent of leaving the driver’s economical seat of your life to somebody else.  And you don’t want to do that.  Let’s face it.  The role of an employer is not to ensure that you have a job.  The role of an employer is to maximize profits to the shareholders.  If this means that you’re in the way to accomplish that.  You better be sure that you are going to be tossed aside.

Now how can I do that?  Let’s say I make 2000$ per month and that is what is required of me to pay all my monthly expenses.  Your next move should be to have a way to replace your monthly salary by at least one other stream of revenue.  This can take mainly two forms: a part time job or start a little business.

A part time job is good when you are in the first phases of the Dave Ramsey debt snowball.  It accomplishes wonders.  But I ill advise using this method for the long run.  I don’t want you to work 80 hours per week for the next ten years.  You could not physically support it anyway.  So the idea, when you’re debt free except the home mortgage, is to start a business.  But don’t get me wrong here.



I am not talking about a bricks and mortar business that require 400 000$ investment from your part before even seeing the shadow of the nose of your first customer. I am talking about a TTB (aka Thiny Thin Business).  You see.  If you require 2000$ per month for your monthly obligations this means you need 100$ per day (2000$ ÷ 20 working days = 100$).  Do you really think that it’s absolutely impossible for you to put some gig up that would generate an average of 100$ per day?

So now imagine this.  Imagine that you followed Dave Ramsey debt snowball.  This means that you are debt free except for the house.  You’ve accumulated three to six months’ salary in an emergency fund.  Then you moved your effort in putting together a small business that require a few hours per week which generates 2000$ per month.

This means not only you are debt free and have money on the side for the rainy days.  But also you do generate the amount of your salary on your own.  In this situation, what kind of edge does your boss has on you?  Not much really.  In fact, he has none!  Welcome to the wonderful world of true freedom!

Ok pause now.  That is enough to swallow on a first bite.  Re read this last paragraph.  And try to visualize it.  Let the ideas and principles sink.  You’ll see the light.

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  1. Shevar July 16, 2014 at 6:37 pm #

    This is pretty insightful stuff,useful for getting rid of corporate chains…even though I don’t have them on yet,nice to know how to prevent it.