Do These 5 Things You DON’T WANT to Do Now, and Thank Yourself Later

Let me start off by saying – Successful people do what they need to do, even if they DON’T want to.

allow that some time to sink in. They do what they need to, EVEN if they DON’T want to. That statement is what separates those of us that are successful and those that are mediocre.

It in essence means the same as the more widely known saying “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”.

I am here to bring you both good and bad news.

Let’s start with the bad news, being successful doesn’t just come to you in your sleep. Nor does an audio book bring with it riches. The path to greatness is full of obstacles and hard climbs. If it were easy everyone would be successful.

Now for the good news! You can be successful, and you already know what you have to do, you have to work hard! And more importantly; you HAVE to be prepared to fail. another saying I love goes: “you have to fail your way to success”. We have all heard (Or if you haven’t you need to brush up on some history) that Thomas Edison tried and failed 1 THOUSAND times before he made the light bulb.

So we need to jump up and get started.

Here are 5 things I know you DON’T want to do, but if you do, you will thank yourself you did(and maybe me 😛 )

1. Hit The Gym.

‘I feel tired, I am going to skip the gym’ or ‘I have had such a long day, I deserve a break’ are some of the common EXCUSES I hear from those who are not successful.

Do you think if you went to the gym when you were tired you would lose out in the long run? Or at all? I highly doubt you would.

I feel tired – I go to uni all day – I work weekends but I sure don’t let myself believe for 1 minute that I am better off napping or watching YouTube videos will aid me on the journey I am taking to my goals.

hit the gym

The gym does not have to mean a literal place to work out, you can try plyometrics/bodyweight exercises or maybe even a home gym. The reason I urge you to spend the time working on your body is not just for a killer physique – but also for the everlasting confidence and self-belief.

When you lift something you thought you couldn’t you will understand the SELF CONFIDENCE I am talking about.

2. Go for a run

Damn this sounds just like the gym.

I made it a point to get them both here, after much thought I have realised that you need both of them.


I told you that the gym gives you self confidence, confidence, and belief. Which to me are in the top 20 personal traits leaders and successful people have.

Well running gives us a few more of these top 20.


If you have ran recently you will know what I mean when I say – Running will test you.

Running will ask your body if it has what it takes to overcome adversity and trek through your path to becoming great. It will shout in your ear, telling you to GIVE UP.

The feeling when you tell it NO and you finish your desired run, hopefully, press up a new personal best time.

Overcoming the odds is a trait I see it A LOT of Hollywood blockbusters when the underdog comes up and wins. They did push through the pain easily. They fought their way through. Fighting your way through running will set your successful mindset in concrete.

3. PUT DOWN THAT REMOTE and pick up a BOOK

Too long have you squandered your time in front of that box. Watching some sitcom about someone with a better life. Then the ads come on and tell you what you don’t have. Tell you that you aren’t good enough.

I simply don’t watch television(you can just limit your consumption).

It is mighty easy to sit on the couch and turn your brain off and rely on the television gods to guide you through the hours of the day.

You know what SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE are doing while you are sitting on the couch?

They are working they but off.

Something amazing will happen when you turn off the T.V. and start to read a book. Magically there will be more hours in the day. I don’t mean this literally (although that would be pretty great). What I mean is time flies when you watch T.V. then when you go to do something BAM it is time for work or time for sleep.

I have seen (and sure have myself) people sit and watch T.V. for upwards of 4 hours at a time. I would like to see you try and read for that long without becoming so smart that you explode.

Incredible things will happen when you trade the T.V. for the books. Your brain will stop being so cloudy, you will expand your vocabulary and you will talk with more clarity; articulating your sentences in such a magical way.

Have you seen a successful person not know what to say? Or do you hear them stumble for words all that time?

I will leave those questions for you to ponder.

4. Put down that CANDY bar and pick up something HEALTHY

I am not trying to assume you are eating a CANDY bar while you read my article, nor do I disband all candy bars from your life. I am telling you that you should go for the healthy option.

‘but healthy food tastes bad’ I have heard this way to many times. It is simply false.

You have been RAMMED with sugar and preservatives for so long that you simply cannot taste the beautiful flavors nature has to offer.

I come with a challenge. Something I have tried myself and NEVER turned back.

Don’t add extras. By this I mean, don’t dump salt all over that beautiful juicy tomato, stop loading your plate with sauce. Again, something magical will happen. You will stop wanting to load up your mouth with salt and preservatives.


Flavours will start to tickle your desensitised taste buds.

The funny thing is, I had some chips the other day(oops, but hey we need to live!) and I reached for the salt without a second thought. Then I dip in and start eating my chips and to my surprise, it was SO bitter. I was not used to the salt.

I digress.

Healthy options seem weird and not your STYLE, but give it a go.

Treating your body with respect allows us to grow. Respecting one’s body feeds the mind.

Would you rather a taste fix(that will come back in no time) or getting back to some good healthy food that keeps you full, satisfy’s your taste buds and benefits your body and mind?

To me, that seems like an easy answer.

5. Get out of bed EARLY (without an Alarm!)

Now, this step can actually ADD hours to your day (MAGIC!). Getting up at a nice early time (I recommend 5-8am) does wonders for the body. The good thing about this step is, our body clocks change SO easily. You will find after 2-3 mornings you will be used to it.

Let’s talk about why getting up early is SO good.

Suddenly you have a few more hours in the morning (before work or other commitments). You can get to all those things you wanted to. Meditation, preparing food for the day (HEALTHY FOOD, of course, haha!), go for a RUN (now that we know how good RUNS are for us!) and something I love to do EARLY in the morning. I go down to the beach and jump in.

Given I live close to the beach :P.

Not only do we have all this extra time in the morning we also have more time at night. WAIT, how does that work?

Do you spend hours tossing and turning? Maybe you are a self-confessed Laptop HOG and stay up punching keys or watching people fall over on YouTube(or was that just me?).

We only need 6-8hours of sleep a night. anymore is not necessarily better. That means we can go to bed at 9pm-12 and get the hours in.

Now we have all this Free time, Look up something that interests you. Put in some work into a side project. Do what successful people do and work hard. You have the extra time!!


Let me end with a little reasoning behind WHY we DON’T want to do these things.

We have something called a ‘comfort zone’ many of you may have heard of this before. We create a zone around our everyday lives and neurologically try and keep it the same. Creatures of habit as I often hear it mentioned.

When we push through this boundary, our mind says “that is a bad idea” and tries to give you reasons to turn back. It is a fear of the unknown. But if you keep pushing you will break your comfort zone, which will allow your mind to forge a new more improved one.

So – do the same things, be the same person. If you want to be successful (and you are not already) then start by doing new things. Pushing the comfort zone. When you get the feeling of NOT wanting to do something, think “is this just my comfort zone?”

If you implement all of these steps I will guarantee you will be HAPPIER, HEALTHIER and READY for LIFE!

All the building blocks for success.

Good Luck.

Mike signing off.

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  1. Artur April 30, 2014 at 12:27 pm #

    GOLD as always Andrew!