83: Bryan Bayer: Stepping Into Your Authentic Self


Bryan Bayer, a personal coach and a co-founder of AuthenticSF, has coached hundreds of people to success in the areas of communications, business and relationship. Drawing from an extensive study of integral theory, developmental psychology and man/woman dynamics.

Early Challenge

The women that Bryan was most inspired to be with never wanted to be with him. Bryan eventually met this incredible ballet dancer that he fell for yet this woman was drawn to Bryan’s best friend Decker.

Ah-hah Moment

Bryan worked up the courage to ask this woman simply, “What was it that had you not want to be with me.?” She responded, “It feels like there is something you’re trying to get from me when we’re together.”

There was some form of validation seeking that Bryan was operating from probably since an early age. Bryan then went on a journey of personal development and started enriching his life so that it would be so great that women were not priority in his life anymore.

What Would You Tell Your 20 Year Old Self?

Relax and enjoy the ride. You’re developing into the most incredible man ever. You’re going to create amazing things. Just keep following your desire and just enjoy the process. Enjoy the experience of being here and having a body, an intellect, a skill set and the ability to create and interact.

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Action Item

Play the curiosity game with someone you want to connect with on a deeper level.

Rules: Relax and be genuinely curious about your partner. Ask questions and dive deeper for about 5 minutes then ask these questions.

1. My first impression of you was…

2. The moment I felt you the most was when…

3. What I really get about you is…

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